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Chapter 49


That evening, Conner and I decided to take our dinner up to our room so that we could spend some time together.

My guest room had a tiny balcony big enough for a small table and two chairs, which seemed perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

The conversation flowed effortlessly, and I found myself staring at his strong jawline and the slight stubble covering his chin as he spoke. His voice was enchanting and his smell alluring even more so than the delicious food on our plates.

Conner told me all about his transition and how he got to know his wolf, whom he had decided to name Feral. Apparently, because he had a wild, unpredictable nature and because he had already bitten two of our own pack members on the way here. Conner looked a little embarrassed when he told me the story, but I found it very amusing and, in the end, he also chuckled at the whole ordeal.

Throughout dinner, our hands kept meeting and our knees touched underneath the table, which sent the pleasant tingles of the mate bond travelling up and down my leg. It was strange but extremely pleasing to the senses.

By the end of dessert, I was ready to give in to anything he asked. My soul yearned for him and my wolf was begging me to reinforce our mark.

I had seen flickers of his wolf underneath the surface from time to time all throughout dinner, indicating his presence. He seemed to be pushing to get out, but Conner managed to keep him at bay just fine. At first, I noticed him gazing at Maxwell’s mark on my neck, which was obviously a trigger for him, so I decided to let my hair loose and cover the mark with it. His wolf seemed to calm down after that and dinner went by smoothly.

“So, my boss asked me to hand in a medical certificate for my absence from the zoo these past few days,” Conner said reluctantly while piling our finished plates up onto a heap, “I figured you could probably help me with that?”

He looked a bit reluctant to ask, but he also gave me the most adorable puppy eyes I could not refuse. My smile tugged upwards as I answered him with ease, “sure, I will draw it up as soon as we get back.”

“Thanks,” he replied truthfully as he got up and walked around the table to where I was sitting, “I really don’t want to lose my job.”

I understood immediately. It wasn’t so much his job that he cared for, but rather the animals he had worked with. Each of them had a special place in his heart, from the tiniest monkey to the largest bear. He loved them all and from what I have seen, they loved him too.

“You won’t, I will write out a doctor’s report explaining the reasons for your absence.”

“You are too kind, Melena, what did I ever do to deserve you?”

I felt exactly the same way, but about him. “Please claim me back,” I blurted out as the atmosphere around us grew thick with desire.

Feral’s eyes came forward instantly and I found him staring at me in expectation, although Conner was still in control, mostly.

“Are you sure? I don’t really know how this works,” Conner admitted while studying my face closely. We were so close now that our lips were mere inches apart and I felt my body slightly start to tremble in anticipation.

“Feral knows,” I quickly answered and heard a low, satisfied rumble resonate from deep inside his chest.

“I guess he does,” Conner stated as he captured my lips in a passionate, deep kiss.

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and the space around us quickly became too small and constricted. When I licked sensually over the faded mark I had left in Conner’s neck, his eyes rolled back in ecstasy and Feral jumped to take over.

He was still in human form, but I could tell by his actions that Feral was now in control. His movements were more desperate and hungrier, almost like that of a possessive animal’s and his touch was firmer and slightly rougher than Conner’s gentle nature.

Feral didn’t like playing games and without wasting any more time, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I yelled in surprise but didn’t feel frightened at all. Feral was just as much my mate as Conner was and I accepted his dominant nature with ease because I knew that he loved me too, he just didn’t really know how to show it, yet.

He walked us back into the room and flung me down onto the bed roughly.

“Whoa! Feral, easy now,” I tried to soothe him in the gentlest voice I could muster.

He was breathing harshly, and his yellow eyes stared right into my soul. I sat up and slowly pulled him closer by the collar of his shirt. He obeyed at once and climbed onto the bed with me, but this time with slower, more controlled movement.

“There you go, see, slowly,” I said and smiled warmly as he hovered over me, “can Conner come back for a little while?” I asked reluctantly.

Within seconds, his eyes changed into the green orbs I had grown to love, “sorry, Mel, I am still trying to,” he started to say but I shushed him.

“I know, he didn’t hurt me.”

Conner smiled down at me in relief, “you know, he made me eat a bat the other night.”

My brows shot up in surprise, “did he now?”

“Yeah, it was disgusting! And he did NOT listen to a word I said!”

I was full out giggling at that stage and Conner couldn’t help but laugh in return.

After a while, both of us calmed down a bit and Conner stared back at me with a strange look on his face.

“What are you thinking?” I asked as I drew my fingers over the coarse contours of his face.

“I am thinking that I should probably claim you as mine before someone else tries to take you away from me again.”

He was trying to sound humoristic, but I knew that he was being very serious.

“Well, go ahead, I am all yours,” I replied in a sultry voice and moved my head to the side to expose my neck to him.

He let out an involuntary groan of satisfaction as his eyes scanned eagerly over my smooth skin and leaned down to trail soft kisses down my neck and over my shoulders. My body answered to his touch immediately as tingles and goosebumps spread from one area to the next, infecting me with its trail of desire.

Conner seemed to be taking his sweet time as he nipped, licked at sucked at all the sensitive spots in my neck and around my ears. The intensity was gradually building, and I found myself clawing desperately at the bedsheets underneath me awaiting his piercing claim.

“P, p, please!” I finally moaned out in a raspy voice, which in turn sent his wolf over the edge and he sunk his canines deep into the crook of my neck with intention.

My body curled off the bed just as an agonizing, mournful howl echoed through the forest.


I recognized his sorrowful howl instantly but focused all my energy on forcing my mind open for Conner’s wolf to push through, establishing the link between us once again.

Finally, I was free from Maxwell’s bond, yet I still felt incredibly sorry for him.

Conner kept his teeth buried inside my neck for a few seconds before he slowly pulled them out and lapped up the tiny amount of blood that had seeped out. Luckily, because of our healing abilities, the wound closed up almost instantly and I felt the warm sensation of our bond pleasantly pulsing through me.

I was overjoyed to be able to feel his emotions again and saw in his eyes that he was astounded by the wonderful new abilities the mate bond brought.

“I love you,” I whispered as he was still busy studying my face.

He stared back into my eyes in awe and replied, “I love you too my Raven.”


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