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Chapter 50


After spending the most amazing night with Melena, we finally completed our mate bond and I felt like I was walking on clouds.

Everything around me seems better, brighter and more exquisite than ever.

I was completely content with my life, having found my perfect mate and claiming her as mine for all eternity.

“Ready to go?” I heard Melena ask as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom. We were meeting the rest of the pack, along with Malice Creek’s members for breakfast to get informed about the vampire problem we had on our hands.

“Yip,” I answered cheerfully and lovingly pecked her on her forehead. She smiled shyly and shook her head while intertwining our fingers and dragging me out into the hall.

Everything smelled of crisp bacon and coffee as we made our way down the halls towards the dining hall. Loud chatter and the clinking of cutlery could be heard even before we stepped in the door, which made my stomach growl in response.

“Mel, Conner, over here!” Fran called out and waved us over. She and Anthony had kept two spaces open for us at their table, which I was very grateful for because the hall was completely packed with wolves, eating, chatting and catching up with old friends.

Melena and Fran hugged, and Anthony directed us towards the buffet to fill our plates before joining them once again. As soon as we left, they continued their breakfast and their conversation as if we weren’t even there at all.

“Boy, they really make a cute couple, don’t they?” Melena asked as we walked towards the serving area.

“Not as cute as us,” I teased and nipped at her ear with my lips. She squealed and ran a few steps away from me with the most beautiful, brightest smile on her face.

We filled up our plates quickly and made some brief conversation with our Alpha, which mostly consisted of him congratulating us yet again and welcoming Melena back into the pack.

When we finally made it back to Fran and Anthony’s table, Malice Creek’s Alpha stood up and lifted his arms, signalling for everyone to calm down so that he could speak. I didn’t miss the disappointed look both Mel and Fran exchanged since they probably wanted to do some girl-talk about last night’s events, but I guess that would have to wait for now.

“Good morning Malice Creek and welcome Feral Grove,” a few wolves were cheering and making noises, so the Alpha had to wait for everyone to settle down again, “as you know, we have had a few run-ins with vampires these last few days, which resulted in some of Feral Grove’s warriors coming to help us clear our forest out. Before we do that, however, there are a few practical arrangements we have to run through first to ensure a successful purge and avoid injury as far as possible.”

We sat quietly and listened to the Alpha give out instructions. Some of the wolves continued their breakfast as they listened, while others nodded in agreement, giving the Alpha their full attention.

After about ten minutes and probably halfway through the Alpha’s speech, people started looking around anxiously and a few warriors ran towards the doors to look outside. All the noise inside the hall died down immediately as everyone perked their ears up, trying to figure out what was happening. Then I heard it too.

Voices. Yelling to be more exact, and it was coming from somewhere inside the forest.

I exchanged a quick look with Melena, as wolf after wolf started running out of the hall, ready for a seemingly approaching battle. Feral stirred inside of me and I felt my canines elongating in the back of my mouth. He was agitated and very possessive of our newfound mate, not that I could blame him.

Mel dragged me out with her and both packs gathered outside, in front of the packhouse, listening.

In the distance, we could hear multiple screams, howls and screeches reverberating all throughout the forest. Oh, there was a fight alright, but we weren’t part of it, yet.

“That is on Malice Creek’s grounds,” one of their warriors off to our right suddenly said and I saw Alpha Julian waving Melena over to his side.

She squeezed my hand reassuringly and we weaved through the mass to get to him.

“Stay with Marcus, he is your number one priority now,” Alpha Julian said in a hurried voice as soon as we were close enough, “I have ordered someone to bring your backpack.”

I searched the crowd for Marcus and his mate while the Alpha spoke, “Catalina is also part of the family now, so keep an eye on her too.”

Melena nodded as a younger wolf came running up to her with her medical backpack in his hands. She thanked him briefly and swung the bag onto her back, fastening the clips in front and tugging on it to make sure it was tight enough.


“Yes, Alpha?”

“Stay close, the storm is about to hit us,” Alpha said as he gestured towards the forest.

“ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP!” Malice Creek’s Alpha ordered loudly, and everyone turned to face him. “According to my scouts, there is another pack out there, herding the vampires our way! They are chasing them south, which means that they are heading directly towards us and has already crossed our northeastern border about five minutes ago!”

As the Alpha was talking, a loud ear-piercing screech rang from somewhere in the crowd, only a few feet away from us. Instinctively I pulled Melena behind me as everyone moved away from the source of the scream.

My eyes widened as a clearing formed around Catalina. She sat on her knees, eyes clamped shut and clutching her ears so tightly that her fingertips were turning white. Marcus was crouched in front of her, trying to pry her hands away so that he could see what was wrong.

As he managed to pull her hands away, Catalina’s eyes snapped open, revealing bright red, glowing eyes. It was vibrant and unearthly looking, much more intense than I have ever seen them.

She scanned the horrified faces surrounding her and focused her gaze onto a very worried Marcus, “he is here,” she said in a raspy, almost broken voice, “Pierce is here to get me.”

Melena was peering around me and quickly came forward when she saw Catalina’s tears starting to spill out. Fran was by their side instantly and the two women helped Catalina up as she kept her eyes focused on Marcus’s, whose eyes were glazed over as he barked orders into our mind-links.

Right on cue, a large, almost tribal looking man came strolling out of the forest, wearing heavy black combat boots, black leather pants and nothing else. His torso was covered in tribal tattoos and his chocolate brown hair was braided from the front to the back but shaved short, almost military-style along the sides. He was walking with such arrogance; one might have thought that he owned the place as he swept his eyes over us with a sinister smirk on his face.

His bright red glowing eyes found Catalina’s quite quickly and a deep chuckle escaped his lips.

“Come out, little sister, time to pay your dues,” he said in a deep, almost unearthly voice.

Fran stood up slowly from next to Catalina and stared at Pierce with a shocked expression on her face. She suddenly looked incredibly pale and when I looked back, Pierce had his eyes fixed on her as well. A pregnant silence fell over us as the two stared at each other for another second.

Fran was the first to speak and only one, almost inaudible word came out.


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