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Chapter 6


When I finally got into my car, I was shaking like a leaf. Not only had I just met my mate, but I also found out that he was a human and knew nothing about our kind or the special connection we had just shared.

How would I even begin to explain to him what we were, and if I could, would he be able to find it in himself to accept me? All of me?

In a matter of minutes, my life had gone from cloud nine to extremely complicated.

It was not uncommon for wolves to be mated with humans, but it was usually a male wolf mated to a female human. In our case, it was the other way around, which meant that if we should ever have kids, our children would turn out to be human, since it was the were-males who carried the dominant wolf gene and not the females. Females only carried a recessive gene, which would be passed on to the next generation, but all wolf traits would consequently remain dormant.

With a deep sigh, I started the engine to back out of the zoo’s parking lot. The reality of the situation was starting to drain me, and I suddenly felt incredibly tired. To say that I was conflicted would definitely be the understatement of the year.

On the one hand, I had finally found this amazing mate bond, calling to me, wanting to draw me closer to Conner, but on the other hand, my mind kept screaming for me to keep my distance. Getting involved with him would mean a lot of changes and sacrifices from both of us, which I was not entirely sure I was ready to make.

Truth be told, I had always wanted a mate and have dreamt of the day I would finally find him many times before, but somehow discovering that he was a human really threw me off. I didn’t know what to think or what to feel anymore. In my dreams, I usually just gave in to the bond and let it run its course, but now that I have come face to face with it, I felt utterly confused.

Why? Why should MY mate turn out to be human? Everything else about him screamed ’just my type’. From the way he played with that bear, his slightly messy hairstyle and those mischievous emerald eyes, everything drew me to him like a moth to a flame. An extremely dangerous flame which would probably get me burned in the worst possible ways.

In my eyes, he was the epitome of perfect, everything I have ever wanted in a man. Well except for the fact that he was human and that we would probably never have kids since I was bonded to the pack and all the pups in the pack were wolves. Our kids would forever be looked down upon. Other, stronger pups would surely bully them endlessly until their fragile human spirits were broken. I could not allow that.

All the way back home, I desperately tried to convince myself that he was not what I was looking for. I tried to persuade myself that I should stay away from him, that a relationship with him would only end up in heartache, but every cell in my body screamed otherwise.

My limbs already yearning to hold him. My fangs already itched to dig into the depths of his neck and claim him as mine. And my tongue already wanted to-

I groaned in frustration and shook the thought from my mind.

Against all rational thought, I wanted him, and I wanted him badly.

I needed advice; I needed my best friend; she would know exactly what to do.


“Jeez, I don’t know, are you sure he is your mate?” Fran asked looking very flustered.

I groaned in response and banged my forehead onto my desk, “yes, of course, I am sure.”

“Didn’t you just smell like a wild wolf in there or something?” She asked again sounding way too serious for my liking.

I lifted my face off the table to look at her in disgust, “did you just imply that I am mated to a wild, freaking feral wolf and couldn’t tell the difference between it and a human?”

“Well, if you say it like THAT,” she grumbled while rolling her eyes, “no one said he had to be feral either,” she mumbled again under her breath.

“Are you kidding me right now!?” I almost yelled out as Fran got up from the edge of my bed and poured us both a tall glass of red wine from her secret stash in the back of her messy wardrobe.

“Here Babe, you need this,” she said while propping the glass down in front of me.

I sighed deeply and grabbed the cool, hard stem in my hand while slowly laying back into my slightly uncomfortable wooden desk chair.

“Is that?” I suddenly asked, drawing my brows together and staring through our tiny bathroom into Fran’s bedroom.

“Yip,” she replied while casually taking a sip of wine.

In the distance, laying on her bed, I could see the exposed behind and hairy legs of a sleeping man.

“Told you we were on a date,” she said while crossing her leg nonchalantly over the other, not being bothered at all by the very naked Anthony lying just a room away in clear view for anyone to see.

I scanned her over skeptically and pulled my eyes into thin lines, “you call that a date?” I asked, gesturing with my wine glass towards her room.

She didn’t look fazed by my reaction at all and merely shrugged.

“You have got to admit that he has a cute butt though?” She suddenly asked with a mischievous glint in her eyes. I gazed at the sleeping man again while she let out a playful giggle, “look at it, it is so squishable and plump!”

“Yeah, you just described the perfect monkey butt!” I teased.

Fran’s mouth fell open, but she quickly retorted with, “a monkey butt is better than a human butt!”

A second later we were both giggling and tickling each other with wine spewing all over the place. In between our playful scuffle, a loud, manly groan interrupted us, and we stopped instantly to listen. Slowly we turned our heads to face Tony but found him still peacefully asleep. Fran clamped her hands to her mouth and let out another giggle when Tony’s light snores began to reverberate throughout the tiny space.

I wiggled my brows at her playfully and she lightly slapped me on the shoulder, “oh, shut up,” she grumbled.

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