Control Freak Zack

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This story is about a boy that grows up damaged. The world around him is cruel except for his best friend Jay. He is the best thing that ever happened to him. But does this justify his obsession for the girlfriend of his best friend? Does his past justify his future actions? You may be the judge of that!

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1 Four Years Old

Author’s note:

Hey everyone this is going to be book 2 in the series Control! This book is about the character Zack from the first book. It’s a thriller and you get to see why Zack turned out the way he is. It broke my heart to write the first chapter! I hope you enjoy it and please don’t forget to like and leave comments/reviews!

Big warning...a lot of abuse and traumatic events take place in this book! Don’t read if this might trigger something!

I’m four years old and sitting in my room. My father told me to stay here until he comes and gets me. My father is an angry man so I better listen. If I don’t, he hurts me and I don’t want that. The screams in the other room are getting louder. I should hug my fluffy tight. Fluffy is my rabbit stuffed animal, mommy gave this to me and told me that he would keep me safe. Why can’t mommy be safe? Maybe I should give fluffy to her and she will stop screaming? But I can’t go to mommy, daddy told me not to go.

I see red and orange lights coming through my window. There is a sound, the same sound that my Nanny told me a police car makes. My mother isn’t screaming anymore. I hope dad will be here soon, I’m hungry and haven’t had dinner yet. Maybe if I behave, I get to have some ice cream.

I hear people walking in the corridor. My door opens and a policeman walks in. He looks like the figure I got for my birthday; he’s wearing a uniform with a blue cap on.

Hey boy, are you alright?” he asks me.

“Yes sir, I need to wait for my father,” I tell him.

The policeman looks at me and I see a tear falling from his eyes. Why is he so sad? Maybe I should give him fluffy he cheers me up.

“Sir, here you go whenever I’m sad I hold fluffy, it helps!” I tell him while nodding my head. The policeman cries even harder. He must be very sad.

“Sir, do you know where my father is?” I ask.

“He was supposed to get me, I can’t leave my room before he comes to get me!” I tell him sternly. “Or else daddy will be very mad!”

“Your father went away, boy. What is your name?”

“My name is Zack. Zack Creed sir”

“Zack, my name is Joe the policeman. There will be someone here in a moment to help you!” He tells me.

Help me? Maybe someone will bring me food. I’m hungry. But dad said to wait for him, strange that he left me here with this policeman.

Another lady walks in. She looks nice like my mother; she has curly hair and brown eyes.

“Hey Buddy, how are you?” she says.

“Good Miss, I’m waiting for my father,” I tell her. I don’t know why he left me with so many people?

“Would you like to play a game with me?” the lady asks me.

“I love to play games,” I tell her with a smile on my face. I like her she wants to play with me. I don’t get to play often.

We play memory because I just got that for my fourth birthday. Esmeralda the Nanny gave that to me. I’m very good at memory cards, the lady not so much. I win from her.

“I win, can I please eat something?” I ask the lady.

“Of course, you can Zack,” she tells me with a soft smile. She comes back with a jelly sandwich. I like jelly and peanut butter.

“Can we go and see mom and dad now?” I ask the lady.

“I’m sorry buddy, but your dad has to be with the police for a while and your mommy is in the hospital,” the lady tells me.

“The hospital? But I want my mommy” I tell the lady.

“I know honey, I tell you what I will stay with you today. And in the morning, we can go see your mother”

“Okay, would you read me a bedtime story?” I ask. “My mommy always reads me a bedtime story.”

Sure, grab a book”

I run towards my bookcase and grab my favorite book The Lion And The Deer. It’s about a lion that helps the deer. The deer’s foot got stuck in a bush. The lion passes by and helps the deer by freeing him. The lion’s friend tells him that he has to eat the dear but the Lion refuses and says that the deer is his friend. The deer’s friends don’t want to be around him anymore because they are scared of the Lion. But together they figure out that their differences can’t keep them apart, but brings them even closer together. I like to have a friend like that someday.

The lady reads my book and I fall asleep. Dreaming about the lion and his friend the deer.


I wake up in my room and walk towards the living room. The lady is sitting at the dining table. She looks at me with a sad face.

“What’s a wrong miss?” I ask her.

“Zack, come sit over here I need to tell you something,” she tells me.

“Okay, miss” I walk over and sit in the chair next to her.

“Have you ever heard about heaven? That’s a place that people go when they die?” she tells me.

“Yes, my grandpa died and went there. My mommy told me that.” I tell her.

“You are a very smart boy!” she tells me.

“Thank you miss” I say proud.

“Well, about heaven. Your mommy is there with your grandpa and she’s not coming back” she tells me.

“But-t I want my mommy!”

“I know, I wish I could bring her back for you. But I can’t!” the lady tells me.

“Where’s my daddy? I want my daddy!” I yell.

“Your daddy is going to be somewhere he has to be for a long time” the lady tells me.

“He can’t take care of you anymore, so I’m going to find a new family for you. But in the mean time you get to stay with a lot of kids in a big house. And you can play all together” the lady tells me.

“I don’t want that. I just want my mommy” I cry out. Why did mommy leave me? I loved her so much! Did I do something wrong? And I was a good boy, daddy please I was a good boy why aren’t you coming back for me?


I’m in a big house and there’s a lot of children in my room. I don’t have my own room. There are 2 girls and 2 boys in my room. I don’t want to play because I’m sad. The girl tells me that I need to get used to being here. I don’t want to be here. I just lie on my bed and cry. Maybe if I behave mommy and daddy will pick me up?

There’s a woman she’s called sister Nancy. She’s the boss of the house she tells me. I have to obey and do what she says then maybe a nice family will pick me up and take me home with them. I can have a new mommy and daddy then. So, I’ll be nice to but Jason keeps pulling my clothes and hitting me. I don’t like Jason he is angry all the time.

We are eating and all the kids are sitting next to each other. There’s a new mommy and daddy coming over. Maybe they will pick me this time! I have been good maybe they can see that I make my bed and brush my teeth every day. And I help Nancy with chores. They pick Katy the girl that sleeps in my room. She’s nice she deserves a new mommy and daddy too. Maybe next time they will pick me.

“Sister Nancy can I help you with any chores?” I ask her.

“Hi, Zack no thank you just go and have fun” she tells me.

But If I have too much fun will someone want me than? If I play to much at home daddy gets angry. I should just sit on my bed and read a book. I grab my favourite book!

Jason is pulling my book. “Stop it Jason” I yell. He pushes me and I push him back. My book rips. “No, look what you did” I cry very hard. I love my book and Jason ripped it. I hate Jason.


There’s a mommy and daddy they want to take my home. His name is Dan and her name is Gia. Dan and Gia are nice to me. She tells me that I’m a good boy and that I will have a sister and brother living with me. My sisters name is Rachel and my brother’s name is Jake. We will be one big happy family. Finally, I have a family. Sister Nancy tells my new mommy and daddy that I’m sweet. I’m going to miss sister Nancy.


Rachel and Jake are very nice. I share a room with Jake. Jake is six years old and is very nice to me. Rachel doesn’t talk to me but she ruffled my hair when I came in. Rachel is the oldest of us two, she is nine years old. I love that I have siblings to play with. Dan walks in our room and he hits Jake. Why did he do that? Jake is crying and I’m scared.

“You don’t steal cookies from the cookie jar” he tells Jake.

Jake just sits her crying. I need to behave and be a god boy so my new daddy won’t hit me. Dan left the room and I stroke Jake’s hair. He’s lying on the bed. Rachel hugs him and I hug them too. We have school in the morning so I better go to sleep. I’m hungry and Jason gives me half of his cookie. I give my half to Rachel. We eat and go to bed.


I’m in school and the teachers name is Miss Lilly. Lilly is very nice to me. In my class there is a boy called Jay. He is so nice to me. He gave me his fluffy to play with, it’s has the same color as mine but his is a bear. Jay and I are friends he plays with me the whole day. He tells me that I’m his friend and we both play tag all day.

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