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Two siblings grew up on the run from its enemies until one day they had to stop running and fight. Will they withstand the war that is taking place or will they be forced to vanish?

Thriller / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

"Run!!!! Run!!!!" Briana yells to Alex who is falling a little behind, "Hurry we must go now!!!!" They scramble through the woods trying to back to safety.

"I can't, I can't breathe!" He calls back. Briana stops running and runs back for him. She grabs his hand and pulls him on her back and begins taking off, "Can't let them catch us you know they come in packs."

"That's why we have to be smarter than that. Up head is the cabin, in a minute I'm going to let you down and you're going to head for it okay. I'm going to hold them off." Briana tells him brushing bushes out her way and jumping over snow covered branches.

"You can't do that, they will kill you." Alex cries to her.

She lets him down, "Go! I'm not going to tell you again. I'll be alright."She pushes him ahead and he takes off, "Go!"

She pulls out a long 6 inch knife from her little holster in her leg. She cracks her neck ready for a fight. "Let's get this over with I know you're here." She looks around surrounding by trees and bushes. Disadvantage of being in the woods at night, you can't see a thing. She hears growls and soon sees red bright eyes appear. "Hit me with your best shot."

She turns and one wolf jumps at her she slides to the side and clips him in the leg. Another one charges next knocks her down, she grabs his mouth fighting him off. Her knife on the side of her she puts her arm in his mouth letting it bite her while she grabs her knife and stabs it in the head. She pushes it off her jumps back on her feet ignoring her bleeding arm. With wolves you must not show weakness they prey on the weak. She notices who is the alpha and goes straight to him charging knife in hand. After a few moments fighting with the wolves she manages to stab it in his eye she rips the knife out as all the flood pours out. "Now Go! Or you're next!" She shouts to the rest of the wolves.

They look at her showing their teeth but back up slowly retreating. For a further push she grabs the Alpha's head pulls him up showing them what will happen if they continue the attack. They turn and run off. She drops the head feeling weakened but still stand talk in case some were still watching. Blood still leaking down her arm she takes her shirt off wraps it around her arm as tight as she can. She begins walking to meet her brother in the cabin but the cold is getting the best of her. The wind is strong blowing against her body she falls to the ground. Seconds later her body hits the ground eyes closed.

A native from upside sees a body lying on the ground as he's hunting. Not sure of what's taking place he slowly approaches the lifeless body. Once he sees its a girl and she's not awake he runs to her aid. He spots the snow surrounding her left arm is covered in blood. "What happened to you?" He asks. He placed two fingers on her throat then picks her up carries her to his village.

She wakes up and he stares at her she becomes confused and unaware of her surroundings. Wanting to ease her before she completely freaks out, he had his hands up in surrender, "You're safe, no harm."

She looks around, "where am I? My brother Alex!" She jumps out the bed. She looks for her shoes.

The boy grabs her, "Hold on, you're not in any condition to leave I found you passed out in the woods."

Searching in her pockets and her holster for her knife, "Who's gonna stop me huh?"

He goes into his wooden dresser and pulls out the knife she is looking for, "Looking for this?"

"If you know what's good for you, you'll give me that back."

Confused at her gratitude, "Well that's not a way to say thank you."

"Thank you for what?"

"Saving your life."

"You want a damn trophy? Listen I just fought off a pack of wolves okay and my brother is waiting for me in our cabin. I need to get back." She steps in her ripped up shoes which now looks like sandals.

Grabbing a pair of socks and closed shoes, "Take these, your feet will freeze in that."

She takes it, "You're nice for a funny looking guy. What do you want in return?"

He chuckles.

"Now my knife. I need to get to my brother before something happens or before he comes out looking for me." She extends her hand.

"Okay but I'm coming with you." He grabs his brown heavy leather coat and hands her fairly warm jacket. "My name is Jason by the way."

Not really lying him any mind in a rush to get back to her brother, all she manages to say, "okay."

She wacks the leaves with her knife. Breaking the silence, "It's pretty brave taking on a pack of wolves."

"It was me or them. Guess you know which one I chose." She responds.

"It's pretty late why were ya out so late?" He asks

She stops and puts the knife to his neck, "You ask questions you think you should the answers to. I'm not in the talking mood so please hush."

Putting his hands up, "Fine."

They arrive she puts her finger by her mouth to shush Jason. She knocks 3 times signaling it was her. She slowly enters and whispers, "Tinka bam." She says their code word.

"Briana?" She hears her brother's voice.

"Yes it's me." He comes out of hiding. He rushes her for a hug. "I was so worried about you."

"Told you I'll be alright."

He steps back to look at her, ""Your arm."

"Don't worry about it it's fine see." She says showing her bandaged arm. It's not the work she did.

"Who is this guy with you? Should he even be here?" Alex asks looking at a tall native with shoulder length hair.

"I'm Jason, I found her passed out-"

"I ran into him after you ran. He was a help." She cuts him off not being honest with her younger brother.


"He was leaving. Thank you Jason for the help, you have to go now." She pushes him out the door.

She turns to Alex, "We have to leave for a few days okay. You know to a routine. Grab your back pack and things we need."

"Got it." He says.

They rushed out the cabin and made their way west for a few days until it was cleared.
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