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Kat and her two sisters, Alex and Crissy, never guessed that they would become victims of abduction. Being ripped away from family and friends, these girls are in the home of a madman and hardly have one solution. To escape. But will they escape?

Thriller / Mystery
J. Lashay
Age Rating:

Just A Reminder

I just wanted to put a disclaimer so here we go!

This is a Mystery/Thriller Story!
There are some disturbing topics such as rape, depression, and things in that manner. If you are uncomfortable with these topics then I would advise you not to read this story.
Everything in this story is made up from the top of my brain. All the characters in this story are not real, but the concept of the story is very real.
Viewers Discretion is advised.
Enjoy Escape!
Your Author, J. Lashay
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