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Chapter 25 Triangulation

David stared into the bottom of the glass. A tiny piece of red sediment settled into the bottom of the drop of red wine he had left. It had been a long week. In fact it had been a long summer so far. Not for the first time in his life, David recognised in himself a fatigue, a laziness. The issue of the cop in the hospital hadn’t gone away with the certainty he’d hoped for. The doctor had proved surprisingly duplicitous in the end. And now the FBI were still involved if that was an agent by the elevator in the hospital.

The last of the evening sun was still warm even though now it was 8:27pm. Another cloudless night, perfect for embracing the universe through a lens. Tonight he would rest. He would have a few more glasses of wine and he would wonder and celebrate at the heavens. And tomorrow, he would accelerate his prospects in Dayton. What he had seen was the required build and size.

David got up and walked down the steps from his viewing platform in the barn. He made his way through to the main open living space in the house. Inside the lounge it was darkening now, in the shade, at that point where you would consider putting on a light just in case you wanted to read. He had left the tv on a news channel to see if the doctor’s murder had been reported.

He looked again at the screen. His name was flashed on the screen. And then one of his old military pictures, him a much younger man, 22 at most. The volume on the television was muted, but the FBI logo and a picture of the Miller boy and the cop woman was enough. His name again came on, and this time beside it “Stargazer”.

David smiled. He had always been in control. He had always been the fulcrum. They had maybe been lucky. He had maybe been unlucky. But really he knew there was no such thing as luck. This now was not really a completely random event. This was what was supposed to happen.

He grabbed the bottle of wine and walked back into the barn, and opened the entrance to the storage unit below. It was always a little stuffy from the heat exchangers of the refrigerated units if it hadn’t been opened there in a while. He left the trapdoor open and descended into the harshly lit room. The Colt .45 was on the table. He began with the smallest, placing each head slowly face up on the refrigerated unit he took it out. He sat down on the edge of the table and filled his glass and put the bottle down on table.

He heard them first, sirens wailing, it sounded like an army outside. Voices in the yard, voices in house further away now. A small sliver of barn roof on the inside was visible from where he sat and now it was reflecting the harsh blue and red lights which were blinking incessantly. Voices above now, in the barn. He always had control and he would always have. This would be his last site, this would be his last attempt. He put the Colt .45 in his mouth and squeezed the trigger.



Lewis pressed incessantly on the remote button to get the tv off the travel channel. The bloody batteries had gone again and nursing handover was well over but he still hadn’t seen his nurse all evening and it was now nearly 11:30pm. The Unit seemed to be busy with doctors and nurses going up and down next door all the time. He guessed he was the healthy one now.

But still the channel was stuck and it was maddening. He’d go to Mexico, Argentina, Florida, Canada even. Anywhere, just please, no more travel show infomercials parroting on about great deals. Listening to these commercials was the downside now he could understand more spoken word. He didn’t notice Ware was in the room until he saw him going over to the tv, turning up the volume and switching it to a local news channel.

He sat down beside Lewis and grabbed his left hand and looked up at the screen. He could put it together with the pictures on screen, the news banner at the bottom of the screen and some of the audio. The female presenter announced the discovery of a grim scene this evening just outside Trenton, Ohio in connection with the ongoing investigation into a serial killer known to the FBI as The Stargazer File. One male adult and four children were found dead. Pictures of Marcella and the Miller boy flashed up as well as himself. A injured policeman recovering in hospital had been vital in the manhunt she told the audience. The news announcer then put up the Stargazer himself, a younger picture of him no doubt, but definitely him and his name, a David Rawluc. The tv piece cut to live footage at the scene where another reporter excitedly told them from the police cordon that the wanted man was apparently amongst the dead. Lewis looked at Ware who had turned around to face him, a tear rolling down his face, smiling ear to ear.

“It’s over Tom. It was him. He shot himself”. Lewis stared back for 10 seconds disbelievingly before lying back and closing his eyes, the crooked smile his stroke had left him with spreading across his face.

Maybe it was only just beginning again for him.

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