The Devils Queen

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Chapter nine: investigation

"Alright, how do we get up there without killing ourselves?" Megan asked while crossing her arms and leaning against one hip.

"Hudson and Charlie can float up and I can fly."

"You can fly?"


Mason transformed into his devil form, wings all ready. Shocked face, Megan stared at him in disbelief.

"Ready?" Mason asks as he lifts off the ground.

"Right you are," Hudson smirks as he and Charlie disappears to the light. He flew up to the light.

"Now it's just you and me," Ryder exclaims.

"Why can't I go up there?" Megan whined, Mason stopped mid air and spoke, "because we only need the three of us. Plus you don't know what you're looking for."

"Yeah I do!"

"What are we looking for then?"

"Something that can lead to this shadow idiot!"

"You're still not coming."


Mason flew up ignoring her then stopped for an idea. "Why don't you two find any clues down there?"

"Sure thing!" Ryder exclaims as he drags Megan towards the spot where the light dropped. Mason flew up meeting Charlie and Hudson. Landing on the light he transformed back to human.

"Oh good you're here."

"This is sturdy," Hudson comments.

"I know. I don't know why it broke."

All three investigated the light and the rope that held the light in place. The ropes are sturdy enough for and weight on the lights.

"Hey guys, look at this," Charlie calls. The two make their way to the ropes, Mason transformed and flew while Hudson floated up.

"Look," he pointed. There's two pieces of rope, one that's holding up the light and another that looks like it's been cut.

"Shit, someone must have cut it," Hudson replies.

"Yeah. It's looks like a someone cut with with a rope cutter."

"I don't understand why we have ropes and not metal," Charlie exclaims.

"Father likes it like that. He can strangle people with it."

"He can strangle souls?" Hudson asks. Mason nodded.

"He can practically do anything he wanted to."

"True enough."

"So I think that the rope was cut and as soon as Auggie stepped on the light, it fell," Mason concluded.

"It definitely looks on purpose, no accident," Charlie added.

They flew down on the light. "It's unlikely for the rope to be cut so whoever cut through, has strength," Hudson replies.

Charlie squints behind Mason before realizing something, descending towards Mason.



"Mason move now."


Charlie descends towards Mason ready to push him out of the way when a shadow figure appears and shocks Mason, leaving him off guard.

"Mason!" Hudson and Charlie screamed in unison.

The shadow strangles Mason as he claws at his hand. His grip tightens giving Mason no choice but to transform into his demon self and use his powers.

Fire appears on his hand as he burns his hand. "AHHHH!"

Letting go, Mason gasps for air then punches him in the face.

Hudson got on top of the shadow but he vanished.

"Where the fuck did he go?!" Charlie worried.

"I don't know."

"I didn't know you had powers," Hudson replies.

"I rarely use them."

"Mason-!" Charlie screams but cuts himself off when the shadow person appears begin Mason and rips his wing with a butcher knife. He holds his wing seeing the tear. "My god," he whispers. "My wing," he seethes in pain.

While his attention is on his wing, Charlie tries to push him out of the way but the shadow beat him to it. Bars appeared surrounding Hudson and Charlie.

"Mason!" Hudson cried out. Both of them banging on the bars attempting to set themselves free. The shadow strangles Mason once again as Mason is trying to fly but can't. The massive tear in his wing prevents him from escaping.

"Now I'm getting what I need."

He places his hand on Mason's chest, sucking something out that Mason doesn't know of. He slowly transforms into his human self as his consciousness is slowly slipping away. On the edge of the light he can hear everyone's cries as they watch in horror.

Once he transformed back, the shadow released him letting him fall to his death. "See you on the other side Mason!" He laughed evilly then vanished.

Blackness consumed him as the yells of horror and worry were the last Mason heard.
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