The Devils Queen

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Chapter ten: powerful creature

He walked through the quiet city with the sky that's painted with pinks, purples, and yellows. A couple cars pass by but that was about it. No disturbance in the sleeping city.

He walked in the apartment buildings beside the Circle K. He walked through the lobby heading towards the stairs. He jogged up the staircase to the third floor then jogged to the room.

He rapidly knocked on the door waiting for someone to answer.

A woman answered the door as she peaks her head through. Her frizzy red hair all over the place while her tired, baggy eyes bore into his.

"What?" She snaps.

"Sorry to disturb your sleep but is he here?"

"Ugh. Honey! He's here!" The woman opens the door wider allowing him to enter.

It's a wonderful apartment with the kitchen on the immediate left and the living room just ahead, then an extremely small hallway leading to the bathroom and two bedrooms. The flooring changed from white plastic tiles to grey carpet.

The only set off is that dishes are stacked on the counter not being bothered to be cleaned. A couple plates sit on the coffee table in the living room. He sat on the couch waiting for him. Bickering started up in one of the rooms while he waited patiently. The bickering suddenly stopped and he came out.

"I hope you have something good for me," he snarled.

"I do, trust me."

"Well, I don't have all day. Now what is it?" He hissed crossing his arms over his buff chest.

"I have the greatest thing you'll never believe."

"What is it?"

"It's Mason's powers. I've sucked it out of him and now she just mortal! Powerless! Can you believe it?" He jumped up in excitement.

"You've . . . You've got his powers?" A sly smirk rose.

"Yes! You will be the most powerful person out there!"


"I want to warn you that these powers are extremely powerful and it will take a bit to handle."

"Ya ya. Now, give me the powers I deserve."

"I'd love to . . . But I don't think you're ready-"

He gripped onto his neck squeezing hard. His hands fly up to his hand scratching for his release. "You walked this fucking way, woke me up, just to tell me that I'm not ready for those powers?! Are you fucking kidding me?! I will have those powers and you will transfer them to me, regardless of how powerful it is," he hissed lowly.

He stiffly nodded and he released him, grasping for air.

"Now, give me my powers." He demanded.

Hesitantly he touch his arm, closing his eyes, he focused all his concentration in transferring the powers into his body. He felt the electric surge flow through him as he grew weaker and weaker. When the powers left his body, he fell limp to the ground all tired.

The guy laughed evilly as he tested out his new power. Fire appeared in his hand as the shadow looked up from the ground in horror. He smiled evilly raising his hand he shot at the shadow in the ground, not giving him anytime to beg for his life. He burns to a crisp at his feet.

He laughed maniacally as he observes what he just did. Testing out the transformation power he concentrated until he felt his back itch. Something moved in his back as harsh pain erupted and he hissed.

He felt something grow out of his back, something big as he heard glass smashing. The itch stopped but pain in his head and mouth grew as he knew horns and fangs would appear.

He screamed in pain as the horns and fangs grew but the pain stopped, allowing him to take absorb what just occurred. Glancing at his hands and arms admiring his red knowing nothing changed.

Shaking his head he walked into the bathroom when he stopped. The mirror caught his eye when he admired himself. Big, red, almost rocky horns sat on his head and the wings spread out like he's the king. He smirked revealing his sharp fangs.

"Honey. Is everything okay?"

He didn't say anything, just admiring how powerful he looked.

"Honey, I'm- AHHH!" She screamed jumping back gripping her heart.

Glancing at her he smirked. "I'm the most powerful creature out there. Nothing can stop me."

He laughed as he disappeared into thin air.
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