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The Devils Queen

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Chapter eleven: Scare Test

"He's waking up!" A voice shouted alarming Mason. He stirred around prying his eyes open. A bright light shone into his eyes, he blinks it away allowing his eyes adjust.

"He's up!" Another voice yelled. He heard scurrying and more yelling.

"We need blood stat!"

Once he fully woke up, he searched the room when his eyes fell on his friends, Megan, and his father surrounding the bed.

"What happened?" His voice came out hoarse.

"The shadow sucked your powers from you," Hudson replies with worry.


"We don't know, he somehow did it. You were transformed then you were your human self falling," Charlie answers.

"We thought you died because you wouldn't wake up," Ryder exclaims ready to cry.

"How long was I out?"

They glanced around worryingly as if they're telling each other "I'm not telling him."

Megan plucked up the courage to tell him. "You we're out for five days."


"Yeah. It's not long but to us it felt like months," Hudson replies.

"When's the scare test?"

"Tomorrow," his father stated. "Glad you're awake because they need you for tomorrow."

He nod while closing his eyes. "Get some rest, son. You'll need it for tomorrow." His father walked out without another word.

"Mason, are you okay?" Megan asks.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just a little sore with a massive headache."

"Here, take this pill. The doctor ordered you to for you're headache," Ryder says as he passes the pill and water that was sitting on the bedside table. Mason sat up in bed.

"Thanks," he mumbled before swallowing the pill. Ryder then sat on the bed and laid next to Mason.

"You gave me a heart attack," Ryder whispers.

He looked down at him with apologetic eyes. Ryder gazed into his eyes knowing he'd never apologize verbally, but he knew the look and accepted it.

"First things first is we worry about the test tomorrow. Then we find out what the hell happened and who this shadow thing is."

"Mason, be careful," Charlie warns.

"I will."


"Alright, this is it! This is your time to show us that you can terrify the humans! Show them that you're the boss and that they'll regret messing with you! All of you are strong and scary! All of you can do it and you know it!" Mason shouted at the circle of souls who stand around. "I've been training you for the past two months. You all have potential. I've seen you do you're best. Now I want you to do your absolute preeminent. Prove to the humans that you are the boss, that you don't mess around. Good luck to all of you."

They broke apart ready to begin. Names are being called in alphabetical order while everyone gathered in the room, taking their seats. Mason went to the front middle seat where it's reserved for him and his father.

Just before he sat down he scanned the seating when he spotted Charlie, Hudson, Ryder and Megan chatting away like the rest of the demons. He sat down sighing. Resting his arms on his knees, he kept his head low.

The worst part about these tests is they have to wait until the demon starts and everyone else is settled.

He never noticed when his father sat beside him ready for this test. Satan's been waiting for this moment. He always loves it when a demon in training fails miserably. Of course it wouldn't be Mason's fault, the it's the demons fault for not catching on quickly.

"This is it Mason. Let's see what these kids can do."

"We'll I hope they do well or it was a waste of my time."

"I'm sure they'll do well. Although I'm hoping at least all of them to fail."

"Thanks. Now it seems you don't believe in my guys to succeed."

"Why should I? I always love it when they fail. Of course it's not you're fault."

He scoffed. "Right, of course not."

"Oh c'mon son, you and I both know that you are amazing at what you do."

"Thanks," Mason mumbled.

A horn sounded which is the warning horn that the test is about to begin.

One of his kids, Doris, is ready to begin. Everyone settles down watching the massive tv screen of four teenagers, three boys and a girl, setting up the Ouija Board.

The horn blows signalling the test has begun.

The teens set up the board then they begin with Doris disappearing.

"One thing we should get is sound," Mason whispers to his father.

"Maybe. It would be nice to hear what they're asking."

Watching the planchette move from letter to letter, everyone got bored quickly when they noticed that the teens didn't say goodbye. Mason and Satan smirked as the show begins.

The four teens leave the living room while Doris levitates by the back wall. She follows them into the kitchen where they grab snacks and drinks, she let them chat for a couple minutes before knocking rapidly on the wall.

The four teens jumped darting around for the source. Doris laughed manically as the teens jumped again cursing.

Although everyone can't hear they know when people curse.

Doris giggled as she went to a cupboard and slowly opened it. The kids jump and scream sprinting out of the kitchen as the lights flicker before losing power.

Doris has returned from the house as everyone is hooting and hollering and cheering for her. Mason is impressed but he knows she could have done better.


Auggie is the last one to go as everyone else had gone. Mason can tell he's nervous. As he's waiting to go, Mason stands up and walks over to him, surprising Auggie.


"Yeah, coach?"

"You good?"

Glancing from Mason to the tv screen, he slowly shakes his head.

"No. What if I screw this up? I don't want to disappoint anyone . . . Not even you or Satan."

"Look, kid," Mason places his hands on his shoulders, "you won't mess this up. I know you can do it. We all believe in you so it's your turn to believe in yourself."

Auggie looks at Mason with sadden eyes, tears glossing over. "Auggie, think of all the people who treated you horribly. Think of the people who could have treated you horribly. Although you killed them, heres your chance to show them you can't be messed with. There are still people who talk badly about you. You don't want that do you?"

Auggie thought about it for a minute before shaking his head. "Exactly. Don't be nervous. Take all the nervous and what everyone has said to you and build it up into rage. Now take that rage and take it out on the mortals. Do you hear me?"

"Yes coach."

"Are you going to disappoint me?"

"No coach."

"You don't sound sure."

"No coach!"

"Good, now get your head in the game and do what you do best!"

"Yes coach!"

Mason nodded before walking away to his seat, not taking a second glance. Once he seated Auggie's name is called. He watch as Auggie walks up to the front. They lock eyes as Mason nods in encouragement. The horn blows with Auggie disappearing.

All of the other demons sat on the benches watching.

Three grown men who looked to be in there mid twenties are setting up the Picture Game where people can take pictures to see if their house is haunted.

Of course Auggie will appear somehow in the picture. As they passed around the camera, Auggie had placed his hand around the corner of the wall, on someone's shoulder and his shadow illuminating off the wall.

When the adults are checking the pictures Aggie went upstairs to do some scaring. He walked along the hallway with a couple doors open and the two doors closed. One door opened to the bathroom while another opened to a bedroom. Stoping he walked a few steps back starting to stomp on the ground wanting to concern the guys.

Mason knew by the smirk Auggie had that he got their attention. He continued into the bathroom where he blew on the mirror, fogging it up and writing a note.

You shouldn't have made fun of me!

He walked out without slamming the bathroom door behind him. Auggie went inside the bedroom when he peaks around the corner to the guys cautiously creeping up the stairs.

As the men observe the bathroom, Auggie creeps behind them and gripping onto ones neck. He jumped back glancing back around looking for Auggie.

He scratched his back seeing him scream in agony, but silently. The other two looked horridly back at their friend. They scurry to help him but Auggie is long gone. Auggie went down to the kitchen ready for the next thing when he noticed a shadow by the island. His back was turned to Auggie and everyone in the auditorium gasped as whispers rose.

The shadow slowly turned around with his wings spreading out and horns appearing. Auggie stopped mid step, frozen. He couldn't move as he's in shock.

Everyone can see the grin that's appearing on his face.

"We've got to get him out of there," Mason exclaimed as he stands up walking towards the operator.

"Get him the fuck out of there!"

"On it."

He watched as the shadow approached Auggie as he stepped back frightened by it.

"Get me in there," Mason demanded.


"Get me in there now!"

"Yes, boss."

It didn't take long for the operator to transport Mason into the house. He found himself in the basement filled with random shit.

Glancing around he found the wood stairs. He ran and climbed as fast as he could to get to Auggie. Swerving around the corner he found Auggie's back to him and the shadow person to distracted with him.

There's a thin wall splitting between the kitchen and the living room with wide opening on either side.

Mason quietly creeps through the house to get behind this thing. In the living room, he found a giant hockey stick that should go anywhere else but there, but he took it ready to fight this thing.

As he inches closer raising the stick in the air when the chilling words left it's mouth stopped him.

"Glad you could join us Mason."
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