The Devils Queen

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Chapter twelve: the tear

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?"

He chuckled darkly slowly turning around. His messy jet black hair falls over his dark eyes with a shit-eating grin plastered on his long face.

"I asked you a question!"

"Now now, no need to be feisty."

"Answer the fucking question!"

"Okay, okay, okay. I'm-"

"What the hell are you doing in my house?!" The guys come down the stairs standing frozen in their place.

The person swiftly turns around grinning raising his hand as fire sparks. Mason knew one thing, that this guy is a demon.

Raising his hand higher he shot at that one guy as he screams in agony. Mason wastes no time in striking the man in the head before he could burn another person. Auggie grabbed a bowl filled with water, throwing it onto him.

His friends ran around like decapitated chickens trying to kill the fire.

Mason whacked this person again before he disappeared then reappeared behind him, wrapping his hand on his neck. Elbowing him the grip loosened when Mason turned around and punched him in the face.

Mason grabbed Auggie by the arm running through the house heading upstairs to hide. Jogging down the hallway Mason dragged Auggie into one of the bedrooms slamming the door and locking it.

He turned to him straight face. "You need to get out of here."

"Mason, what about you?"

"I'll be fine. I know how to protect myself but you're just a kid. You need to go back now."

A portal opened opened up in front of the window. He pushed Auggie in as the portal closed, leaving him without a word. Mason unlocked the door running out of the room just to be stopped by him. Mason spotted a bruise starting to form around his right eye and a small gash on the right side of the forehead where he was struck with the hockey stick.

"Mason, Mason, Mason."

"What the hell do you want?" Mason took a step forward while he took a step back until his back hit the wall. "I'm not going to say because the fun will be ruined. I don't want that."

Mason punched him, "fucking tell me what the hell you want."

He chuckled darkly. "And if I told you what I wanted then I'd have to kill you. It wouldn't be fun now would it?"

Mason punched him again and he pushed him off of him. Mason flew into the wall cracking the wall from the force, falling to the ground. The person crouched down to his height and smirked.

"The names' Reggie, by the way."

Reggie stood up and left. Mason slowly stood up with struggle. Gripping the wall for support he stood to his full height.

Screams of agony rang through the house having Mason alarmed. He dragged himself down the hallway and stairs when he sees three burnt bodies.

With a worried expression he raced outside the house searching from every which way attempting to find Reggie, but he's no where to be seen. An earthquake like shook the ground as he balanced himself. Glancing around, light came from the sky.

Looking up, a bright purple, blue colour illuminated in the sky. He noticed that citizens are exiting their homes to see this.

An opening appeared but nothing came out, although the shaking started happening again and this time the ground opened up revealing Hell. The citizens screamed for their lives but he found Reggie standing in the middle doing some ritual.

He ran towards him taking him out. The tears began to slowly close as something fell out of his pockets. Mason punched him real hard but Reggie over took him by flipping them over so Mason is underneath. He strangled him with one hand while fire blazed in the other.

"This is it Mason. Give it up!"


Mason kicked him where it hurts. Reggie groaned while loosening his grip. The fire went out and Mason ran to the purple thing. Once he picked it up he realizes it's a gem. With his strength, he crushes it into millions of pieces.

The tear in the ground and sky completely close. A portal opens up as he walks through with some bits of the gem left.


Ryder walked down the hallway to meet up with the others in the living room. He fell behind from the rest as he had other stuff to do.

It's been three days since the Reggie had attacked. When Mason returned, there was a meeting where Mason exclaimed everything that happened and theories. Reggie possibly could be up to something, especially since he's destroying all royalty.

Mason and Satan began putting higher security system since it's a threat.

Since this guy knows about Mason, there's a possibility that he may know everyone else. For the royalty's safety, they must be accompanied with a guard at all times when leaving the premises.

If sucks for Ryder as he's always the adventure one. He likes to explore the outside world. The stories Mason had told him about his adventures when he was a kid, and Cory's reign. The adventure he had there.

Ryder wants to experience it all, but he can't. What he'll do is explore the kingdom as if it's an adventure.

He walked down the dim lit hallways when a voice rang out.

"Excuse me, stop please," a woman's cry rang out.

"Please, we're lost. We need help!" A man's cry rang out as well.

Pausing, he slowed his walk towards the wall hiding behind the corner. A guard caught eye with him so he places his pointer finger against his lips signalling for him to stay quiet. The guard nods slightly and looks away.

Listening in, he peers around the corner.

"Please help us, we don't know where we are." A young woman with blonde hair begged one of the guards. A young man with blonde hair as well, exactly like Ryder's hair colour.

"Look, the King ordered that anyone suspicious is to be ordered to the cells."

"No please! We need to see the King and tell him that we are lost," the woman pleaded.

Ryder stepped out to intervene as he didn't want these poor souls to end up in the cells.

"Hey, Ronnie, what's happening my dude?" Ryder walked up to them. The man and woman glances over in his direction.

"You're highness, what brings you here?"

"Please, no need the formal introduction," he glances over at the two faking how we just noticed them. "Oh hey, who are these two? You didn't tell me that we're having guests."

He cleared his throat, "your highness, these two were wandering the halls. The king requested anyone unfamiliar, or with suspicious behaviour must be sent down to the cells."

"C'mon, I'm sure they'll understand. Let them go and no one has to know. I'll take them out. Trust me, if anyone's gonna understand it's Mason," the two glances at each other then back at Ryder.

"Alright, you two follow me."

Ryder lead the way out. "So tell me, how did you two end up here? I haven't seen you two around here before?"

"We came from heaven," the man said.

"Heaven? How did you two get down here from up there?"

"We we're minding our own business in our home when a shake occurred. Everyone went out to see a tear overlooking Spruce Grove. A force was dragging me down. Justin came with me as he was pulling me up, but the force was too strong," the woman exclaimed.

"Did anyone else fall through?"

"Not that we saw or know of," the guy said.

"So, you're Justin?" Ryder asks the guy.


"I'm Hailey," the woman introduces.

Ryder took a massive step forward then turned around facing the two. "I'm Ryder, nice to meet you. Now let's get you two somewhere safe before something happens."

"What could happen?" Justin asks.

Ryder shrugs. "Who knows. Right now we have someone trying to destroy the royalty. So that's fun."

The two stopped walking and Ryder joined them. "What? It's true."

"That's awful," Hailey replies.

"Don't worry about it. Mason and the others will do something"

"Mason," Justin mumbled almost in recognition.

"Yeah, Mason."

Ryder starred at the two as if something clicked in his mind.

"You two look oddly familiar."

"Uh, thanks?" Hailey replies unsure.

"Like I've seen you somewhere." He shrugs and continues walking.

"Where are we headed?" Justin asks.

"The kitchen. I'm thirsty and I'm sure you are."

Stepping into the kitchen, Hailey and Justin stopped at the island while Ryder went to the fridge, opening wide allowing the two to peak in.

"Is that blood?" Hailey asks in disgust.

"Sure is, for the Royalty but I prefer human foods and drinks."

"You speak about the royalty like you're down below in the hierarchy."

"Actually, I'm part of the royalty, just I don't drink the blood because let's be honest, it's disgusting."

"Okay," Justin said glancing around the kitchen. Ryder grabbed three bottles of water handing two of them to them.

"Let's go, I've got to meet up with them and I'm already late."

They glance at each other then followed along. Waking along the hallway, Ryder couldn't help but think how these two seem oddly familiar. He brushed it off when immediately two high pitch voices are heard.

"What was that?" Justin questioned.

"Another fight."

The three jogged down the hallway when coming around the corner Megan and another female arguing.

"I don't care who the fuck you and Janet are!"

"It's Jane! Get her name right bitch!"

"Excuse me! I'm part of the royal family, you DO NOT disrespect me!"

"Who says?!"


"Right, a bitch like you could be royal. If anything you're probably just another soul that's forgettable down here."

"You bitch! I'm not just a soul! I personally know the King and his son."

"News flash Maggie-"

"It's Megan! Get my name right!"

"I'll get your name right when you get my friend's name right!"

"You need to respect me or I'll send you down to the dungeons!"

"I don't need to respect anyone who disrespects me!"

Megan gasps looking hella offended.

"Melody!" Justin yelled at her to get her attention. She turns towards them relieved.

"Oh thank god. Get me away from this bitch."

Megan gasped offended but Melody brushed her off.

"Megan, what are you doing?"

"We'll, I was minding my own business finding you then this bitch came wandering around like a loss puppy. So I laughed and she became furious."

"You were the same too, and you still are."

"Ugh. Anyways, Mason and the others are waiting for you."

"I'm coming."

"Well, what has taken you so long?" She demanded crossing her arms over her chest.

"I've found these two caught up with the guard," Ryder pointed to Hailey and Justin chatting with Melody.

"Alright well let's go, you know how Mason is."

"Follow us, peeps."

The three followed Megan and Ryder down the hallway to the living room.

"Who's this Jane person?" Ryder asks.

"I don't know, she was calling for her."

They enter the living room to find Mason and the others with a new woman. Mason and and the woman are chatting away quietly when Megan cleared her throat and spoke.

"Found him." She says sitting down on the couch looking bored.

Mason and Hudson turns in the direction with a shock expression.

"Melody?" Hudson asks shocked in place.

"Justin? Hailey?" Mason asks.
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