The Devils Queen

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Chapter thirteen: reunion

In a split second, Hailey jumped into Masons' arms, wrapping tightly around her waist and back. Feeling her that she's actually here and not his imagination.

"You're real," he whispers. "You're here."

Parting, Hailey smiles seeing her old friend. Tears prickle her eyes as Mason smiled.

"It's been so long," she whispers.

"Way too long."

Hailey stood back while Justin walked up patting his back. "Good to see you Mason."

"Good to see you too."

In his peripheral vision Melody and Hudson are hugging away sobbing that they're finally together.

"Is it just me or am I missing something?" Megan questions confused at the meet.

"Nope, I'm missing something too," Ryder says looking confused as well.

Hailey hugged Mason again still not believing she's actually seeing Mason once again.

"Hailey, Justin!" Jane screeched. She ran into their arms excited to see them. "I'm so glad that you're okay! I was scared that Melody and I were the only ones here."

"How did you guys get down here?" Mason asked.

"There was an opening and we got sucked in," Melody started right to the point.

Charlie walked in unexpectedly oblivious to Mason's friends.

"Yo Ryder, wanna play Ticket to Ride?"

"Sure man."

Charlie scanned the room for a sec when he laid eyes on Hailey.

"Hey Hailey, how are you?"

"I'm good and you?"

"I'm good."

"Ready Ryder?"

"If you mean by kicking your ass in trains then hell yeah."

The two boys left leaving everyone else alone to catch up.

"Come sit down," Mason ordered towards the others. Jane sat on the far end of the couch while Melody and Hudson sat together beside Jane. Justin and Hailey sat on the opposite couch as the three and Mason and Megan sat on a separate couch.

"So . . . How've you guys been?" Mason started.

"We've been good, although it's not the same without you two here." Jane replies pointing at Hudson and Mason.

"Nothing excited happened in over two hundred centuries," Melody says gripping onto Hudson in fear of loosing him again. Hudson wrapped an arm around her securing her.

"Nothing has happened here either, until this shadow thing has appeared and now is attempting to destroy all the royalty to release the trapped souls and demons," Mason briefly explained.

"A shadow?" Melody asks.

"Yeah, he somehow stole my powers."

"You had powers?" Justin asks with confusion evident in his voice.

"Yes. I transformed into a devil and had fire to protect myself, but I'm just as normal as a human. Before, I rarely used them since there was no point."

"That's upsetting," Hailey replies.

"It is. We don't know who this shadow figure is but a guy, Reggie attacked at the Scare Test few days ago. He opened the tears to Heaven and Hell. He knows me yet I don't know him. There's a possibility that he may know everyone else," Mason warned.

Silence lingers the room when Hailey broke it.



"Is that . . . Is that Ryder? Our son?"

He nods once. "He's grown up wanting to know everything about you two. Listening to the stories I told him. He's desperate to meet you at least once. It's heartbreaking how he never got to meet you, even though pictures wouldn't cut it."

"Pictures are different from experience," Justin says.

"I know, which it broke me to pieces how I couldn't do anything to help him."

"Wait, so you two had him?" Megan asks. The two nodded. "Then how did he get down here with the devil?" She pointed to Mason.

Hailey looks down ready to cry when Justin plucked up the courage. "We we're getting ready to head out to our date night, a time for ourselves. Ryder was a newborn, just under a month old. After Mason came we went off to our date. We went to a restaurant but I can't remember what the name was. It was a nice one too," Justin started off.

"With wonderful, delicious food," Hailey added.

"We had a great night. I even remember how Hailey was worried about Ryder," everyone chuckles.

"Anyways, we were on our way home from the restaurant when a car slid into our lane and we crashed. We knew we couldn't survived but the paramedics did what they could, but we didn't make it," Justin finished.

"Oh that's horrible."

"Yeah. It was awful knowing we'll never see our child again, but even more terrible when Ryder will never meet us," Hailey replied, her voice cracking.

"I kept my promise all these years Hailey, Justin. When I make a promise I keep it."

"I'm glad you did. I just wish that we could've been there for him," Hailey manages to squeak out in tears.


She shakes her head standing up to hug Mason. He brought her down in his lap holding her tightly.


Watching Mason hold and comfort the girl, Hailey, she feels something but not knowing what it is. Although she felt the tiniest sympathy for her, not being able to raise her own child.

Megan grew up with rich parents that give her everything she wanted. Megan couldn't imagine growing up without parents, not receiving whatever she wanted. Although she now realizes that her parents hated her, she still thought she had a good childhood.

"I'm sorry," Hailey whispers getting off of Mason. She's surprised that he allows her to do that. From the time she's been here she knows that Mason doesn't give hugs to random people, or anyone.

"It's okay." Hailey sat back down with her husband.

"Are you guys . . . Like friends . . . Or something?"

"Yeah, we're friends," Justin spoke.

"Long time friends," Mason states.

A guard sprints into the living room out of breath. Hunching over as he catches his breath, the others watch him intently waiting for him to say something.

"So-sorry . . . For interrupt- . . . You're highness there's a problem," he managed to breath out while pointing in the direction he came from.

"What kind of problem?"

"Co- . . ." He held up a finger notifying them to give him a minute.

Just then, Another guard appeared and notified the news no one would ever expect.

"Cory's gone!"


"How did he escape? The security is tight!" Mason seethes.

He sent the guard away to show Justin, Melody, Jane and Hailey their temporary room until they can return to Heaven. Megan stubbornly followed Mason after he told her to go with the guard, refusing to not listen in on the drama. Now she's standing beside Mason listening to the drama.

"We don't know your majesty, but what we do know is that he disappeared the night of the Scare Test," a woman said.

"How do you know that?"

"The prisoners were making a fuss so I sent one of the guards to go check on them. He gave them a good silencing and left. Of course that didn't stop them. When he returned they all shouted at him to listen to them. Turns out Cory had escaped but they don't know how. First he was there just laying on his cot and a second later, a white light appeared blinding everyone and bam, he vanished."

"Show me the footage."

"Yes your highness."

She got working on it and within a minute later, the security footage appeared. Megan and Mason gathered behind her as they watch the scene unfold.

The camera shows Cory laying in the cot like the woman said. Nothing really happens as his neighbour just chats away with another inmate. The two cells on his right out empty which Megan immediately takes notice.

"Hey, hey, wait a minute."

"What?" Mason questions.

"That cell right there," she pointed to the second empty one, "there was a prisoner in that one."

Mason looked closer slowly shaking his head. "No there isn't. There never was."

"What do you mean? When I was there, a guy was there sitting in that cell. We talked to pass time. He told me what to do and not to do to survive the cells."

"What's his name?" The woman asks giving Megan a side glance.

"I-I don't know . . . He never said."

"What was his story?"

"That he was sneaking a prisoner out but he got caught by royalty. Then he was sent to the cells. He says he was a guard. He was there I promise."

"We've never had a guy who did that. We always know who did what and I don't recall having a traitor, especially a guard."

"So your telling me that he's a ghost that somehow broke in and impersonated as a prisoner? Seriously?"

"Well, whoever, or whatever, he is gone. Let's hope he isn't a threat," the worker exclaims.

The footage shows Cory just chilling on the bed when a flash of blinding light appears out of nowhere. A transparent figure surprises him as he jumps out of his cot. "It's that guy! The guy that was in the cell next to mine!" Megan warned.

"That's him?"

"Yeah! The guard!" Mason slowly moves closer to the screen, squinting at the figure standing in the cameras' view. His back is to the camera which made it harder to know what he looked like.

They talk briefly for a good five minutes when Cory's expression changed from neutral to a smirk. He side glanced at the camera nodding his head. "They're talking like they're friends or something," the worker comments. Less than a minute later they disappeared into thin air.
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