The Devils Queen

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Chapter fifteen: mother and son

It's been a long night for Megan and Mason. They stayed up extremely late researching the Schatten and neither one of them could find their weakness.

At some time in the night Megan fell asleep on the desk with a pen in hand. Mason yawned himself knowing it's time for bed. Packing everything up he set all the papers aside.

Knowing he couldn't leave Megan here he had to carry her to her room. He picks her up bridal style then slowly carries her to her room.

Walking through the quiet hallway it felt like years to get to her room but he managed to make it. Holding her in his arms he felt some sort of comfort knowing she's safe with him. She tightened her hold around him then settling back down.

Realizing he'd have to open the door, gently letting her legs fall he opens the door. Picking up her legs again Mason shoves the door open with his back emerging into the dark room. Flicking on the light switch, the grey room lit up.

Pulling back the grey duvet he laid her down then pulling the duvet up to her. Megan stirred and turned on her left side, facing him.

Watching her angelic face sleep peacefully with her olive skin glistening in the light. The way Megan sleeps peacefully makes Mason smile a bit.

Leaving her to sleep, he flicks the light off and quietly closing the door. Walking along the hallway, Hailey walks around a corner surprised to see Mason.

"Mason, hey."

"Hello Hailey. What are you doing up at this time?"

"I couldn't sleep."

Mason gestured his head forwards to walk down the hallway. "How come?"

"I . . . I just can't stop thinking how Ryder is all grown up. My baby is all grown up and doesn't even remember Justin or I. I'm not blaming him because he was only a month old, not even."

Mason sensed tears threatening to spill from her sea blue eyes. He stopped quickly pulling her into a hug. She wraps her arms around him tightly for the comfort she needs. He strokes her back knowing Hailey needs it right now. Her shoulders shook violently as tears leaked from her eyes.

"Shh. It's gonna be okay." She clings onto His shirt as she endeavours to stop the tears.

"It's not fair Mason."

"I know Hailey. I know."

Finally settling down a bit Ryder peers around the corner not knowing what do to. Mason spots him and gestures toward them.

"Whats wrong with her?"

He sighs while thinking if he should tell him now or wait until the morning for both parents to be present. Decided that now should be the time and he'll just introduce Ryder to Justin in the morning.

"Ryder," he begins, "you remember the story how of your parents, right?"


"Your parents love you dearly."

Hailey has calmed down listening to the conversation.

"Ryder, Hailey . . ." He points to her, "is your mother."

Hailey pulls back viewing her son with confusion written over his face. Scanning between the two of them standing there. Mason had let Hailey go.

Hailey hesitantly opened arms a bit for Ryder to come to but Ryder just stood there with tears in his eyes. She dropped her arms upset that he didn't budge.


"Mom?" He asked cutting Mason off.

"Yes Ryder."

"Mom," he walks into her arms breaking down. Hugging her tightly feeling the comfort he always wanted to feel.

"It's okay, Ryder. I'm back."

Mason stepped back letting them have their moment. He watched them as they reunited with each other after over two centuries.

He smiled at the reunion before him. Mother and son finally together.


Mason walked out of his office prepared to teach a new group of spirits to become the terrifying demons. There's a few spirits rough housing as the rest circle around them. Mason pushed his way through the crowd as the the spirits are arguing who could be the better horrifying demon. He knew they're both wrong as they haven't trained.

"Look man! I'll be the better one!" The kid with the red hat spoke up. He watched the argument play out. The other kid in the blue shirt cracked his knuckles ready to fight. The blue shirt kid squared up punching the red hat kid in the face. The crowd "oohed" as the blue shirt kid smirked in victory, however the red hat kicked him in the private area. He crouched down protecting his area from the blow as Mason winced as he could feel the soreness in his area. The crowd gasped and "oohed" from the action of red hat kid.

"Okay, break it up," Mason interfered shoving the red hat to the crowd. "You good kid?"

Blue shirt kid nodded still in pain. "Good now join the others," he stated harshly shoving him in line. A few spirits had a shocked expression of their new instructor's behaviour. "Welcome to Hell everyone. No one cares here if you get hurt, lost or not show up to your training. We don't give two fucks. The only rule here is when you here training, you train as hard as fuck. You're all here to become the best spirits to frighten the mortals. Believe me when I say I'll make you your worst. Believe me when I say I can break you out of your shell. Trust me, I'm not going to be your friend or baby you throughout the journey, it's up to you."

He paused for dramatic effect as he lets his little speech sink into their heads. Mason wants to make sure that these kids are aware what they're getting into. "Now, let's get to work. Ten laps around the court. Go!"

The kids groaned but got to it. He was going to make their death lives hell.

"This is what you signed up for!" he shouted as the kids sprint around the track. Several groans echoed through the training center with a few slowing down. "First day and you're already slacking!" he yelled at the kids slowing down, they speed up instantly.

The door opens to Megan with an awestruck expression. "Wow, so this is where the spirits train," she commented in awe until her gaze lands on Mason with a hat, a whistle around his neck, with a grey t-shirt and grey track pants. Megan whistles as she swings her hips from side to side, flipping her ponytail. "And you look hella sexy," she smirk.

"If you're trying to impress me, you're failing miserably."

"Who ever said I was trying to impress you."

'You fucking said 'you look hella sexy.'"

She rolls her eyes, "Not talking bout you, I'm talking about the trainer over there." She points to Mason's coworker, Darren. "He's buff, hot, sexy, and all I'm looking for in a guy." Megan stares at darren while Mason stands shocking that she's interesting in him, of all people.

"Darren's an asshole."

"What do you mean? He looks hot as fuck."

"He's an asshole. He plays with women's hearts."

"If so, then why don't you stop him?"

"This is Hell. We don't care what the fuck he does. I'm just stating that he's not worth your time and that if I were you I'd pick someone else."

"Well, I'm going after him anyways." She walked past him, swaying her hips. Megan greets herself to Darren when Mason noticed his eyes trailing up and down her body like a hungry animal. Mason gags to himself focusing back to his new team. He blew his whistle when he thinks their running is enough. "Alright, huddle in."

Everyone gathers into a circle as Mason begins to explain what's going to happen throughout the couple months before the Scare Test.

"Listen up closely because I'm only saying this once."
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