The Devils Queen

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Chapter sixteen: the plan

He walked in the shadows of the of the darkened streets. The dim lights hid him better as he made his way to Jubilee Park thats away from main part of town but surrounded by neighbourhoods. He was going to meet an old friend of his in the dead of night.

There was the odd person that walked about but didn't acknowledge him. This was the perfect time for druggies and homeless people to walk about which didn't effect him but still hid for no one could see.

Rocks crunched underneath as he walked along the path in the park. He was meeting his friend at the awning with the four picnic tables underneath.

The further he walked two figures appeared in his vision, questioning if other people came instead.

"Long time no see Cory," he said once he got there.

"Long time no see."

"Who's this?" He gestured towards the middle aged man glancing everywhere but them.

"This, is Rupert. The guy who knows how to defeat the royal family."

"I know all the ins and outs of the castle, Mason's schedule and I even portrayed myself as a prisoner who was once a "guard"."

"Perfect," he smiles with a curl.

"How do we defeat them?"

"I've got a perfect idea," Rupert smirked.


"Shut the fuck up!" He yelled as Cory and Rupert jumped.

"It'll work! We've got to get Rupert inside as a different soul! No one would notice him! Not even that Megan girl!"

"It better fucking work Cory or your fucking dead!"

"Okay I got it!"

Flames appeared in his hands all threatening as he sneers, "don't you fucking yell at me Cory! I could kill you in an instant!"

Cory raises his hands in surrender mumbling apologies.

"Now get to it!" He yelled throwing the flame at them. Cory and Rupert sprint away for their lives.

"I don't need idiots to do the dirty work. I need geniuses and the plan must be accounted for," he mumbles.

He sits on one of the tables viewing the night sky. "When this is all over Robert, you will regret ever messing with me." He smirks.


When he got home his wife rests in the rocking chair watching some shit he never liked. Although both of them are similar on personality consisting on hating people they like different tv shows and movies.

Slamming the door shut her head whipped towards his direction.

"How was it?"


"Good good. Found a way to destroy Robert?"

"Of course. I've got everything ready. All we do is to convince the royalty that it's going to be a good thing."

"What is it?"

"Oh you'll have to wait and see sweetheart."
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