The Devils Queen

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Two hundred years later after the events in Spruce Grove. Mason Robert and Hudson Reen now live in the under world with Hailey's and Justin's kid, Ryder Mae. Everything is normal as usual as every demon did their job in the paranormal games. Mason is now becoming King of the Underworld and needed a queen. Megan’s Shore, an 18 year old, is finishing up high school and is moving on with life. Her life as a popular girl in high school was awesome for her. Everyone feared and bowed down towards Megan. One night, Megan and her friends got drunk and went for a drive, crashing into cars. Next thing she knew, she was in Hell. When Mason and Megan meet their different worlds join together. Will Megan become the Queen of Hell or still the selfish, annoying brat she is? ...... Second story of the Devil's Game Winter Crash in short stories is about Hailey and Justin Disclaimer: the cover is created by WarriorAtHeart1024 Also I don’t own Charlie Charlie and Satan

Thriller / Fantasy
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Chapter one: Accidents

"Megan!" Amelia screeches. It's lunch at the Composite high school as Megan and Devon are sitting at their usual spots in the lounge. Wooden boxes creates a square shape with circular boxes in the middle. That's where Megan and her friends hang out.

Megan is the "popular" kid in school. Everyone must leave a path for them or they will face the consequences. She can be cruel to people who stand in her way. Some students believe that she will end up in Hell because of her behavior. Others say that she won't be able to go to Hell since Megan's behavior is that bad.

Her boyfriend, Devon, somehow puts up with her attitude. He cares for her to an extent that he wouldn't know what to do without her. He loves her dearly.

Megan is a brunette with seaweed green eyes. Her pale, smooth skin shines in the light. her ripped jeans, black wedge desert, and a white blouse with the knot in front. She and her friends and boyfriend are in the final year of high school before graduating.

"What?!" Megan snapped. Her bratiness and horrible attitude is what makes her the hated person in school. In her world, she thinks that everyone adores and envies her, in reality, they don't. The students only put up with it because one time she got a student expelled from the school.

"This better be important!"

"Did you hear there's a party happening tonight?"


"Well there is! Tonight at seven! I'll text you the deats." Amelia screamed in excitement before running off again.

"A party? Sounds fun to me," Devon exclaims kissing her neck.

"It does. Pick me up at six thirty," Megan demands.

"Of course sweetheart. Anything for you."

"I guess I better start planning my outfit for tonight."


Once Megan enters her home, immediately calls her friends over. "Amelia come to my home to get ready. I need help getting ready."

"I'll be over in ten minutes!"

Megan then phoned Shannon. "Shannon be here in ten! Bring your clothing for tonight's party! Devon will be driving us to the party."

"Oooo, party time! I'll be over soon!"

Hanging up, Megan went to have a quick shower before the two come. Blasting her music loud enough as she sings in the shower. "Cause now there ain't no letting you go! Am I falling in love with one that could break my heart!"

Washing up and wrapping herself in a towel she placed herself in her baby pink bathrobe. By the time she finished, the doorbell rings. The door opens as her friends walk in calling her name.

"I'm up here girls!" She calls.

Amelia and Shannon runs upstairs with their clothing. "Alright girl! We're about to spice you up!" Shannon shrieks in excitement while wiggling her shoulders.

"Can't wait to PARTY!" Amelia shrieks.

The girls got all dolled up in their dresses. Shannon wears a red dress that holds her figure, the length mid thigh. Amelia's in a strapless blue dress that's more loose going just pass the knees. Finally, Megan's dress is beige fitting against her curves, showing a lot of cleavage for her liking. the length fits tightly against her thighs. Next, Amelia is doing Megan's hair, curling the small pieces left from the french braid. Shannon is doing Megan's makeup. Having a natural smokey eye. When the girls are finished with Megan's makeup and hair, the two girls helped each other while Megan is packing her essentials in her purse.

She gets a text from Devon, On my way. Be there in fifteen.

Alright , we'll be ready .

"Alright, Devon is on his way."

"We are almost done," Shannon replies, concentrated on her makeup.

"All done," Amelia replies. pacing up her makeup, Shannon finished as well. Packing what they need in their small purses. "Alright, lets go."

Standing by the window as they watch for Devon's car. His car pulls up and the girls walk out all dolled up in their party outfits. The two girls hop in the back while Megan hops in the front.

"Hello babe," Devon welcomes kissing her.


"Alright ladies, ready to party?"

The three girls cheers in excitement.


The four of them enter the home with music blasting, the smell of alcohol lingers in the home. Shannon and Amelia left immediately to go hunting for boys to flirt with. Devon and Megan went to the drink station in the kitchen. Mixing drinks together, they go upstairs to a vacant room.

After drinking and talking, things started heating up. Megan is underneath Devon as they makeout. Devon moved down from her soft lips to her jaw and neck. His sweet kisses makes her moan. He loves hearing her moans, it's music to his ears.


Throughout the night, the four of them got drunk and have a blast. Being three in the morning, the four of them left really drunk. No one stopped them as Devon got into the driver's side. Blasting the music and rolling the windows down. Driving on the main road with a few other cars, he sped up. They received several honks but they didn't care.

Megan started noticing that he is speeding through red lights.

"Hey babe! You should slow down before we get into an accident!" Megan yells over the music. No response.

"Hey! Devon! Slow down!" Shannon Screams.

"Amelia! Call nine-one-one!" Megan screams.

All three girls started crying as Megan is trying to stop Devon. While Amelia is on the phone, Devon swerves into the next lane hitting the car.


Sirens blast in the distance as they zoom towards the accident. Police tape surrounds the area as the ambulance rushes through. The impact of the crash instantly killed Devon, Amelia, Shannon, the two people in the other car, and Megan.
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