The Devils Queen

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Chapter nineteen: time machine part one

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you the wonders of the time machine."

It was a box shape with wires sticking out from every side, the controller panel is similar to the one in the portal rooms. The machine is more of a dark silver with the light reflecting off of it. He doesn't believe that this is happening.

Megan stood beside him scoffing at the machine. "What's the point of this?" she mumbles.

"No idea. This is a waste of time," Mason mumbles to her.

"Agree. So it's a time machine, that's great . . . You know what?"


She rises towards his ear whispering so on one else would hear. "That's the same guy that was in the cell next to me."

He faced her all ears listening. "Yeah. I recognized him immedietly but i didn't want to say anything since no one believes me. I had a feeling you would at least listen to me."

"You sure because you know that there was no one in there when we checked the footage."

"I know. I have a feeling he, or someone, erased that footage to make it look like no one's beem there. I'm not crazy Mason."

"I never said you were crazy, Megan. I just think you were hallucinating."

"I'm not hallucinating!" she whisper yells.

"I think ya are. Look, ever since you came here, you've been acting like your the queen here. Demanding and saying shit."

"I'm not acting like a queen!"

"Sure you aren't. That's all you've been doing." Glancing back at the time machine he found this presentation useless so he pulled Megan from the crowd to inside. She fought back attempting to free herself but struggled dearly.

"Let me go!" she screeches once they get inside.

"Megan! You need to let this go! No one was in that cell but you and Cory!"

"No! You don't understand! I'm not fucking hallucinating! Wait until something horribly goes wrong, then you'll be crawling to me!" She points to herself.

"I'm telling you, Mason. That guy is suspicious and he's up to something. Isn't he? Like c'mon, who randomly presents a machine to a royal family? Aren't you guys in danger?!"

"We've got it under control."

"Do you? Do you really?"

"Yes Megan. We do. You've got nothing to worry about. Now let's go back outside . . . Or do you want to calm down before we go back outside?"

"No one fucking listens to me."

Mason places his hands on her shoulders aging her attention. "Look, you're paranoid. Living down here has gotten the best of you."

Her heart thumps uncontrollably but she doesn't think of it.

She sighs, "look, I'll leave you to it. I'm going to Darren."

Megan turns to leave as Mason allows his hands to fall. He watches her leave the opposite direction. Mason wants to believe her, he does.

He can't tell if she's lying or not.

He heads back outside to finish the presentation.


Megan walked through the halls finding Darren. She's been here for almost two months and still don't know her way around. "How do these people find their way around?" She mumbles.

"I don't know. I still get lost," a voice sounded familiar. Megan turns around finding Darren leaning against the wall. She smiles walking towards him and twirling her hair.

"Glad you're here. I've been feeling a bit down," Megan pouts.

"Come here."

She walked towards him with her arms spread out. He embraced her in a bear hug hugging away her problems. "I don't want my girl to be upset. I know what will make her feel better," Darren winked as Megan giggled.

"Ooh, I wonder what it is."

"Well, follow me and you will see."

Megan giggled wrapping her arm around his arm as they walk to his room. Darren locks the door and pushes her against the wall pinning her arms up. They kissed passionatly before his lips moved down her neck.

"Ready for some fun?" he asks pinning her wrists with one hand while the other tracing her body.

She smirked nodding. "Give me some fun, babe."

"Oh of course, baby."


Mason walked along the dim hallways with Hailey and Justin after the presentation. The three of them caught up the rest of the things they needed when they heard noises coming from one of the rooms. They stopped dead in their tracks immedietly shutting up, listening. Hearing moaning coming from the room.

"Go, go, go," Mason spoke as they walk faster away from the room as they snicker.

"So, how did you guys think of the presentation?" Hailey asks once they turned around a corner.

"Pointless," Mason exclaimed.

"I thought it was interesting. Although I wouldn't fuck with the past whatsoever," Justin said.

"Neither would I, althogh there is an event I would love to change," Mason exclaims going quiet.

"Hey," Justin begins stopping in his tracks, "it's not your fault after what happened to us."

"I know, but I wish that somehow I could have stopped it. You know, Ryder always wanted to meet you at least once. Now, who knows how long it'll last."

"Mason, we are grateful that we get to see our son. It doesn't matter how long, even though we'll be upset when we have to go back," Hailey replies. "Plus, you raised him extremely well. I mean, who knows how we could have raised him."

"Just as better," he says.

They kept walking down the hallways.
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