The Devils Queen

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Chapter twenty two: Power

"What the fuck have you done with my son?!" Ray yells at Rupert. "What have you done with them all?"

"I-I've done nothing sir. I've only put them back two hundred centuries ago."

Ray grabs onto his neck pushing him against the machine. "You will bring them back right now!"

"Y-yes sir." Ray lets go when Rupert does his thing on the machine when the portal opens. "I'm sorry sir."

Out walks the Schatten who transformed into the powerful devil with the flames ready to strike in his palm.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm your worst nightmare." He shot the flame at Ray but Ray blocked it with his own. Ray shot back but Schatten threw the flame at him. A big fire blast explodes in the middle of them.

"So you can throw flames and block them, big deal."

"It didn't take me long to figure out. It was pretty easy."

Ray transformed into his devil form. "Let's see what you can really do."

Schatten smirked, ready for the duel.

Schatten walked around Ray looking around the kingdom. "What a horrible place you've got there."

Ray throws the fire at him but he blocks it. "Seriously now." he continues to walk around Ray when he stops in front of him. "I enjoy our mini fight but I must be going. I have a lot to do."

Ray felt something sharp stabbing through his lower back. "What the fu-" the sharpness of an object dug deeper into him.

"I'm here to take your place of course. With your son and his gang now gone and you about to go, I will be able to help all of the evil spirits live freely. They have a right to run freely instead of being locked down in the cellars for the rest of their dead lives."

Blood spews from his mouth as his breathing is jagged from the stab wound.

A spirit walks out of the shadows. "Cory?" Ray mutters.

"Surprise Ray. I'm here to take my revenge. I've been trapped in the cells for far too long! Ridiculed! I've been left to rot in that cell. You deserve to die, Ray! Satan or not, you'll be gone forever!"

Cory walks up to Ray spitting on him. Ray doesn't flinch but death glares at Cory. "T-Traitor."

"I'm not a traitor. None of you helped me when I needed it!I ran around killing the souls of people to feel better. To feel powerful and in control! Once you're dead and I'm free, I will go back to my old ways of kidnapping mortals to feed off of them!"

Cory kneels down in front of Ray smirking "You're now weak," he snarls. Holding out his hand, Rupert walks behind Ray and passes a dagger to Cory. Twirling it around he flips it into the air and catches it smiling playfully. "I'd hate for this to impale you. Oh wait a minute, it has."

Cory stabs the dagger into his elbow joint where Ray screams in agony. "Ooh, what about here?" Ripping the dagger out from his elbow, Cory shoves the dagger into his shoulder blade. Cory shoves it deep into him before pulling the dagger down his arm and ripping it out. Cory laughs maniacally as he steps back looking at his masterpiece. "I love it," he mumbles.

"See you in hell. Oh, I just made a pun," he laughs. "Goodbye, Ray." Flame ignites in his palm as he throws it at Ray.

Ray struggles as the object has been taken out of him as blood spews all over and the flames engulf him.

Schatten, Rupert, and Cory stand back as they watch Ray go up in flames. His screams were cut short when the guards charged outside to see the mayhem going on.

They hold out their swords to the three intruders when Schatten holds out his flames in his hands and shoots at them. Cory disappears, dragging them into the shadows as he feasts on the leftover souls inside them. Rupert stands by watching it all take place. "This is amazing! When we become the next ruler, everyone will be free!"

"Oh I don't think you'll be part of that plan," Schatten said walking towards him.

"What do you mean? I thought you said that I'll be able to have a part in this."

"And you did, but I'd say your journey ends here."

Rupert walks back while Scahtten stalks forward with power screaming from him, igniting the flame in his palm. "Thank you for your hard work, Rupert. However, you failed me when I said just Mason goes through the portal."

"I did- I tried. Mason was being stubborn and wouldn't go through and when I tried, his girlfriend got in the way and sucked her in." Rupert hit the walls of the castle.

"And you failed me. This is the end of your journey."

"No! Wait! Please!"

Schatten throws the flame at him and Rupert goes up in flames as well. "You have no chance," Schatten mumbled. Turning away, Schatten stalked back to the chaos that had erupted.


Cory appears wiping his mouth. "Yes boss?"

He smirks. "I want you to go into the town down here and destroy everything you see."

"Yes, of course."

"Also, bring along some prisoners. I'm sure they'll love to get out and feast on some dead spirits."

Cory smiles. "Of course."

He walks up to the burning ash of what used to be Ray. Stepping on the bones he heard the cracks. "Everyone will be free, and they'll thank me later."
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