The Devils Queen

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Chapter twenty five: hunting

Everyone met at the Tri like they were instructed. Mason made sure everyone was there before searching for Hudson and hunting down the Schatten. Mason had told everyone, just before they left, his hunch about a Schatten following them into the time machine. And the note he received last night.

The news was shocking but after what's been happening, they're not surprised. Charlie had joined them today stating that he traveled into the city and indeed had found a Schatten wandering around the mall.

"How'd you know?" Jane asks.

"I have a connection with the spirits. I know when a spirit has been following us. Look, I may have lost my powers but that doesn't mean I have lost my connection with the spirits. It's like my soul is attached to every spirit that's in the underworld."

"Are you attached to ours?" Melody questions.

"No, your souls didn't go to the underworld but went to Heaven instead. To me, you're just another soul of the good side."

"Now that is something I didn't know about you," Justin replies.

"You learn something new everyday," Melody replies, starting to walk. "Well Mason, do your stuff and find this Schatten."

"First off, while I was coaching the basketball team yesterday, player seventeen seemed off. Really off. While I was telling them my speech on what I expect, I noticed his eyes turned red for a split second."

"That's suspicious," Ryder replies.

"I'm going to coach them today so hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to him." Mason thinks player seventeen knows something. He brushes it off for now not wanting to say anything just yet. "I have until three, then have to be back at the high school."

"We should get going. Who knows where Hudson is?" Ryder says. They've settled off into the town in search of Hudson.


"Pick it up! You're slacking twelve!"

"I'm trying!" he yelled from the court as he ran to the ball.

"You're not trying hard enough!"

Mason kept an eye on player seventeen who was doing very well in the game. Player seventeen steals the ball and is dribbling towards the hoop all the while dodging everyone. He made the shot getting the ball into the hoop. Mason blew the whistle grabbing everyone's attention. "Come in," he waved for them to huddle in.

"Alright, I only have a couple hours left so I want to pump you guys hard. Work twice as hard. You're all improving from when I first saw you yesterday. Keep up the great work and I know you'll do excellent in the game. I'm proud of how much you all accomplished in such a short time. Now get back on the field and play your best."

The kids run into the court and gather into their places while Mason gets the ball. He meets the two players, seventeen and four, in the middle of the court. He throws the ball in the air and steps back as he watches the players play.


Mason leaves the gym heading into the lounge when he hears footsteps following behind him. Turning an immediate left he heads up the stairs to the second floor, making sure that he's not being followed. It's confirmed when the follower follows him up the stairs. Mason slows down subtly so the follower doesn't notice. He turns left down the hallway slowing down more until the follower catches up behind him.

Sensing their close he suddenly turns around and pins the follower into the wall, catching them off guard.

"What are you doing here?" he asks, noticing it's player seventeen.

"To please the boss of course."

"Who's your boss and what does he want?"

"You are full of questions aren't you?" Mason pushed harder into his neck.

"Answer my question."

Player seventeen smirked as best as he could. "I knew something about you was off when I first saw you."

"You were right, Mason."

"How the fuck do you know my name?"

"Everyone knows your name. You're the son of Satan himself. It's too bad that your mother passed away. Although she wouldn't survive the most powerful creatures of all."

"Don't talk about my mother!" he defended.

"I can talk about anyone I like."

"Well then tell me what do you want from us?"

"Now my friend, that is classified information." Player seventeen kicked Mason in the shin and pushed him back sending him flying into the open classroom. The wall cracks behind him when player seventeen stalks into the room with his eyes shining bright red. Mason quickly picks himself up ready to fight but player seventeen beats him to it punching Mason in the face. A crack echoed in the room. Blood leaked from his nose but Mason wiped it away death glaring at player seventeen.

"You're too weak Mason! You've lost your powers and you'll never get them back!" Mason punched him in the face but he's not as strong as player seventeen. "I've got your powers, Mason. You can't overpower me!"

Player seventeen grabs onto Mason's neck and brings him down into the desks. The desks break in half however Mason kicks him in the private area. Player seventeen let's go crouching down to protect his area. Taking this chance he gets up and kicks him in the ribs, hearing the cracking pleases him.

"You've messed with the wrong person."

Player seventeen immediately healed right back up standing in front of him. He quickly grasps Mason's neck and brings him to the windows where he smashes the wall and dangles Mason over the ledge. He scratches player seventeen's hands to let him go as the player strangles him. "Say goodbye Mason. This is the end of your journey."

"No it's not!" a voice screeched. He saw player seventeen jerk forward but was being pulled back. He could see Megan on his back wrapping her arms around him. She bit him on the shoulder and he screamed from the pain but dropped Mason in the process. He caught himself on the floor hanging on.

From what he could see, Megan is attacking player seventeen with a chair when something fell out of his jacket pocket. All three look at it when Mason hoists himself up and the other two kill each other to reach it. Megan stalls him, giving Mason enough time to run to it. Snatching it, Mason had no time to drop it and crush it.

"NO!" All the power left him and transferred to Mason. Both of them watch as he partly transforms. His horns and fangs appear and part of his strength is back.

"Now, I'll ask you again," he growls. "Who's your boss and what the fuck does he want with us?" He picks him up by the shirt and player seventeen hides himself.

"I can't say. He-he'll kill me."

"Well you're already going to die, so tell me!"

"He-he wanted to kill you r-royals s-so he c-can rel-release all o-of the sp-spirits."

"So who's your boss?"

"I-I do-don't know. I never knew who he looked like. T-two peo-people know."

"Who are they?"

"R-Rupert and C-Cory. I-I was instructed by Rupert to follow you thr-through the portal."

"Any others followed you through the portal?"

"No, just me."

"Are you sure? I hate liars."

"I'm sure."

"How do you get back to our timeline?"

"Not sure exactly. All I know is go back to where you first came here and at the strike of midnight, the portal will open up."

"That sounds easy," Megan stated.

"It's not. You have to be in the exact place for it to open or it won't work."

"Thank you for the information. You won't be needed anymore."

Relief passed his face. "Than-" Mason snapped his neck and Megan screeched. Glancing at Megan he could see a hint of fear in her eyes but it was gone in an instant.

"Alright let's go," Mason said walking out of the room like nothing happened.

"Mason. Mason! Are you fucking okay? You almost got fucking killed and you walk out like nothing happened."

"I'm fine, but we've got to get back before this boss destroys everything."

They walk down the stairs meeting the others in the lounge. "Wow, Mason. You've got your horns," Ryder pointed out.

"And fangs. We've got to get back as soon as possible. Apparently this boss guy wants to release all the spirits to roam the earth."

"How do we get back?" Melody says.

"Go back to the same spot we were dropped off. We'll head back to my spot so we're not separated again."

"Hey, guys. I haven't found hi-" Hudson comes back all shocked.

"Mason! You're here and . . . you have your powers back?"

"Not all, but a bit."

"So now what?" Hudson asks.

"We head back home."
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