The Devils Queen

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Chapter twenty six: hospital

As it was closing to midnight, each person scattered to pick a spot near Mason's landing place. Mason was sure that where he's standing is the place but he's uncertain.

Mason, along with everyone else hopes that this works or they're stuck there forever.

"So we just stand here and wait for the ice cream truck to come?" Hudson says.

"Yep," Ryder replies.

"There's gotta be something more," Mason mumbles.

"This seems too easy," Megan responded, looking bored.

"Something's gotta happen," Mason mumbles to himself as he looks around the space where his friends are standing. He listens closely to the surroundings when a noise gets his attention. "Listen," he whispers.

Everyone stops moving and listens to the rustling in the distance.

"What is that?" Ryder asks.

They listened some more when it stopped suddenly. It grew extremely quiet which scared Ryder and Megan. The rest were standing there waiting for something to happen. Mason got knocked to the ground as evil laughter sounded behind him. Screams and gasps could be heard from everyone around.

Getting up he turns around seeing Cory, from two centuries ahead, floats tall as the portal is active behind him.

"Everybody run through it!" he yelled at them.

"What about you?" Hailey questions.

"Don't worry about me! Get yourself to safety!"

They scatter through the portal but two stay behind, Megan and Ryder. Both of them hide behind the tree while Mason is facing Cory.

"What the hell do you want?"

"To get my fucking revenge. I had my freedom to take vengeance on those people but you had to ruin it!"

"Killing souls to get what you want is not what you had to do!"

"Now I'm gonna destroy you."

"Hell you are!" Mason goes to punch him but Cory disappears and reappears behind him ready to stab him, but Mason steps forward away from Cory. Glancing behind him he grabs the dagger that Cory has. Mason rips it away from him and stab Cory in the leg. A bit of power escaped from Cory into Mason which he became stronger.

Cory didn't give up but kept attacking Mason.

"Give up Cory!"

"Not until you die!"

Cory took the dagger out of his leg, ready to stab him in the face but Mason blocked his arm, getting stabbed. Ripping his arm away he rips the dagger out of his arm, allowing it to heal quickly. Cory disappears and reappears a couple feet away from him.

Cory transformed into his shadow form while Mason transformed into his half demon.

"Hahahaha! You could only transform into half a demon! You're too weak Mason! Face it! You'll never be like your father! Oh wait, he's dead!" Cory laughed but his words hung in the air.

"I don't believe you!"

"Of course you wouldn't. When you get back you'll see."

Mason throws the dagger towards Cory but it went through him. "Are you stupid Mason?! I'm a shadow!" Cory vanished but appeared behind Mason strangling him.

"Give up Mason! You're finished just like your dad." Cory stabbed him in the chest driving it deeper inside Mason. Blood leaks from his mouth as he's trying to catch his breath. Mason slowly, with shaky hands, covers his injury and gently holds the knife. However, Cory yanks the knife out of him leaving Mason to die.


Megan and Ryder watched from the bushes and created a plan to help Mason but it instantly went down the drain when he got stabbed in the stomach. Both of them jump out from the bushes running towards him and Cory but he disappears leaving Mason on the ground, suffering.

"Mason . . . Mason hangs in there," Megan replies as she puts pressure on the wound after Mason had fallen down. "You're going to be okay."

"Mason?" Ryder whispers.

"You should've left me here."

"We're not leaving you," Ryder exclaims, falling down to his knees. "You're going to live."

"Ryder, go to one of the houses and get help. Now!" Ryder runs to get help while Megan assures Mason.

"You're going to be okay. You're going to live."

"Megan . . . I'm old."

"You're young."

"I'm over two hundred years old."

"To me you're still young. You need to live, who else will rule Hell?"

"I don't know . . . someone will."

She sat there putting pressure on the wound talking with Mason to keep him alive. "Megan . . . I'm getting . . . tired," he managed to get out.

"No, stay with me. Ryder, where the hell are you?"

As if on cue, Ryder comes running towards them with a couple following behind him, one of them on the phone.

"Yeah, a man who's bleeding. We need an ambulance quickly!" the man said into the phone. "They're on their way," The man said. Megan nods as she continues to put pressure on him.

"Here, let me take over, you must be tired," the woman offered. She replaced Megan holding down the wound.

Ambulance sirens ring in the distance and before they know it, it comes racing towards them.

Stopping, every worker piles out of the ambulance with the stretcher and lifts him onto it before racing towards the hospital.

"I'll drive you to the hospital," the man offered. Ryder and Megan agrees when the woman comes back.

"They're heading towards Misericordia."

"Thank you. Head back to the kids while I'll take these kids to the hospital." They pecked then Megan and Ryder followed the man to his car.

"Thank you so much," Megan exclaims as they hop into the car.

"No problem. I'm sure your boyfriend will be okay."

"Boyfriend?" she blushes.

"Isn't he your boyfriend?"

"She wishes," Ryder jumps in.

"I do not," she turns around glaring at him.

"Uh-huh, right. I've seen how you look at him for the past few days."

"Well you're seeing things."

"So, how long have you known him?" the guy asks.

"I've known him for a couple months," Megan says.

"He practically raised me," Ryder states. "I think of him as my father but I don't call him father. I find it weird."

"Adoptive father?"


The man pulls up in the hospital drop off. 'Thank you so much," Ryder says, jumping out of the car.

"Thanks," Megan replies, getting out of the car.

The man rolls down the window. "You're welcome! Hope he's okay!" he shouts as they run inside. They run to the desk when the woman looks up from her computer.

"Which room is Mason Robert staying in?" Ryder asks.

"Let me check," the woman says, clicking away on her computer. "He's in an emergency room on the third floor."

"Thank you."

Both of them rush towards the elevator. When the doors open they're antsy to get in as a guy in a wheelchair is being pushed by a woman. Once they're out they rush in pressing the third floor button.

The doors open to the floor and they rush towards the room. When they got there, Megan and Ryder saw them closing the blinds in the room to do the surgery. Megan went to the desk demanding to know how long it'll take.

"Do you know how long it'll take?"

"I'm uncertain of the exact time but a few hours it'll take."

She walks over to Ryder and sits in the chair. "It'll take a few hours before he could be released."

"Fuck," he mumbled. "What are we supposed to do now?"

"I'm here fuckers," Charlie appeared from thin air.

"Where the fuck have you been? Didn't you go through the portal?" Megan asks.

"I've been hiding out finding ways to catch Cory. Yes, I know he's here. And clearly I didn't. I also found us a place to stay for a few nights until we can get back."

"So while Mason has been dying, you went off to find a place?"

"And trying to save our asses as well."

"We'll be here for a while until we know Mason's going to be okay." Ryder sat in one of the chairs. Charlie also sat in the chair between them.

They sat for hours waiting for the news that Mason will be okay. A couple times Ryder went down to the cafeteria to grab food for the three of them but they hardly ate.

It was eight in the morning when a couple doctors rolled a stretcher to room 307. Standing up, they follow them in. standing off to the side, they watch as they transfer Mason onto the hospital bed. Once they were done, one of the doctors came up to them.

"He's going to be okay. Visit him for a little bit then he needs his rest."

"Thank you doc," Ryder says thankfully. The doctor left them alone with Mason. Megan sat in the chair beside the bed while the other two stood.

"Alright, Ryder and I will go to the hotel room to get freshly washed up. Are you okay by yourself, Megan?"


"Okay, we'll be back in a couple hours."

She nods, not acknowledging them leaving in thin air. She stares at his injured body, knowing he's going to be okay. He lays still on his back with tubes and IV's in his body. His chest slowly rises up and down showing that he's alive and well.

"I wish I could've helped. You didn't deserve to get stabbed by Cory . He should've been dying, not you. I'm sorry." For the first time in years, she felt tears prick her eyes, glossing up her eyes. She wipes them away but they fall. She sniffs as she grabs his hand and squeezes feeling reassurance. "I-I'm s-sor-sorry."

She felt his hand squeeze a little bit, looking at his hand. He moved slightly when his eyes flutter open. He looked around the scenery when his eyes landed on Megan. A faint smile appeared as she's glad that he's alive and well.

"Hi," she simply said.

"Hi," he barely made it out.

"How are you feeling?"

It took him a second to respond. "Fucking pain."

"Do you remember what happened?"

"Yeah . . . I fought Cory and almost died in the process."

"So then you'll remember who you and I are?"

"I'm Mason. You're Megan . . . why didn't you pass through the portal?"

"I wasn't going to let you die here. Also, Charlie and Ryder are here. They're at a hotel getting refreshed."

"I'd say you also need to refresh."

"Shut up." Both of them chuckled. "I'm glad you're okay."

"I'm fine. I'll heal within hours."


Silence roams the room. Mason opens his mouth ready to say something but stops himself then committing to asking the question. "Did the others pass through the portal?"

"Yes. Get them home safely before having ourselves some trouble."


"I'm glad you're okay, Mason. You gave us a fright."

"Sorry 'bout that. I guess you don't know me long enough to know that what just happened is nothing to me. It's like a paper cut."

"Mason, this isn't funny. You could've died."

"Hey, hey, hey," Mason said as he attempted to sit up but pain electrified him. He hisses in pain but still gets himself up. He removed his hand from hers and placed it on her cheek, bringing her close. "I know I almost died. This is very serious Megan. Life or death even . . ." he trailed off when he realized he brought her face extremely close to his. Letting go of her he slowly and painfully scooches over for her to lay down. He pats the spot but she hesitates.

"I shouldn't."


"I'll get in trouble with the nurses."

"Since when do you care?"

"Since now, if I still want to visit you."

"Who cares what they say. I don't give a fuck about it. If they have a problem they're going to pass it through me."

She nods sliding into bed with him. Megan gently lays on her side against him. "Does this hurt?"


She gently lays her head on him and softly lays her hand on his chest. He wraps his arm around her. They lay there softly when Mason fell asleep. Megan rubbed her thumb along his chest for calmness when the sleep finally caught up to her.
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