The Devils Queen

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Chapter twenty seven: overworld

They jumped through the portal and exited back into their timeline, except they're in- "Heaven," Hailey mumbles.

"We're in heaven?!" Hudson screeches.

"I guess we are," Justin replies.

"Hailey, Justin, Melody, and Jane. Welcome back," someone said. They turn around to see God.

"Jeff," Hailey exclaims, waving to him.

"Jeff?" Hudson asks, looking confused.

"My name's Jeff, the God of Heaven."

"Ah. I personally know Satan himself, Ray Robert?"

"Ah yes. How is he doing?"

"Last time I checked he was stressing about Mason's coronation and the Schattens that's been running around trying to free the spirits in the dungeons. Yep he's good."

"Schattens?" he questions.

"Shadow people. They took Mason's powers and transported us to two centuries ago. The boss is still here doing whatever he can so we've got to get down there as soon as possible," Hudson explains in a shorter version.

"That sounds awful."

"It is. Mason's not taking it very well."

"I bet. Come with me and we'll have a chat about it." Jeff leads them to his palace."

"You have a palace too?" Hudson asks.

"Of course. I'm royalty after all. Each royal family has a palace, whether that's here, on Earth, or in the underworld."

"Fascinating," he said sarcastically. "Look, sir, with all due respect, I need to get back into the underworld and somehow get Mason, Megan and Ryder out of that timeline.

"I get that."

Walking down the hallway of the white castle, completely opposite of what the castle looked like in the underworld. Jeff opens a large door and enters a room with a long table and chairs, a big window looking into the land. Jeff took a seat at the end of the table and waved his hand allowing them to sit.

They took their seat when Jeff ordered one of the workers to grab tea for everyone.

"Now tell me from the start, what happened?"

Hudson took a deep breath and began the story. "So Mason was minding his own business when Megan came along. Then she gave him trouble and he sent her to the dungeon which surprised me that he had let her go. While on her stay she talked to this guy who was imprisoned as a guard. He befriended her and had talked to Cory but that didn't go so well. After she got out she tried to explain to us about these people and when Mason checked the footage, the "guard" was gone. We didn't believe her when Auggie found a note on top of the light when he spotted someone on up. That was a big disaster. Then it was the scare test where he finally discovers the Schattens, and then there was a big fight. The Schatten did some crazy magic shit and that's when the tear opened. That's how you guys got here." Hudson points to the others. "He then did research and that's how we got the name for the Schattens. Days later Mason saw someone and had chased him on the ceiling lights and that's when he lost his powers as they snatched it from him. He was powerless up until today, which mind you was a very long time. He met this guy when he was coming from the town, who wanted to show him a time machine but Mason wasn't interested. So he left him but when he got back to the castle there was a presentation about the time machine. A couple weeks later they finally got it to work but Mason refused to be the volunteer. Megan jumped in front of Mason when Rupert, the person who presented the time machine, did something to pull him in. Megan was being pulled in by the force and Mason went after her. The rest of us went after them as well and we all got sucked in. Two hundred years ago is where we went when Cory reigned hell on Earth. I was the last one to be found but we managed to get back to Mason's spot of where he landed in the first place. Cory came back from this timeline and Mason told us to go through so we did but Megan and Ryder refused to leave, and now looking around Charlie isn't here either. Has anyone seen him?"

There were grunts of "nos" and shaking heads. Hudson shrugs and continues. "Then we ended up here."

"That's eventful."

"It is," Hailey exclaims. "Even before we came, that's crazy."

"Yeah well it seems not as bad when I say but it's horrible."

"Well, I will find a way to get you guys back down there. But once this is all over, the rest of you will be coming back up where you belong."

"Yes of course Jeff," Melody replies with a hint of sadness. It's been decades since she's seen Hudson and now that she has, she doesn't want to lose him again. The worker came by with the tea. He passes around the cups of tea and they all politely accept.

"So here's the thing, for me to transfer you to the underworld takes a lot of power. I might not be able to get all of you down there. I might only get three if I can. I'll try to get you all down but no promises," Jeff explained.

There were nods and okayes as they understood what's going to happen.

"Now, I'd say let's get this started. I hate Ray, but I'd hate for your home to go up in flames," Jeff said looking at Hudson when he said this.


"Alright, I haven't done this in centuries so I'll be a bit rusty," Jeff said, rubbing his hands together. "Alright, I need you all to hold hands in a circle."

They did just that. "Okay, this will get crazy but whatever happens, don't let go of each other until you are hundred percent certain that you're in the underworld. Now, if I remember the spell correctly . . ."

Jeff mumbled inaudible words for a few minutes until sparks appeared around them. Jeff concentrated harder on the spell for it to work. Soon enough a bright light appeared and a flash. His voice grew louder to cast a stronger spell as the wind blew around. A portal opened underneath them leading to the underworld as they float overtop of it. They were transported to the underworld in an instant with the white tunnel leading them down. Letting go they took a look around at the place.

"This isn't the place we've left it," Jane replies.

"No it's not," Justin says. The place has been destroyed. Spirits are flying all over the place and flames everywhere. Since they're near the town they could see it on fire. Screams are heard in the distance while the spirits are sucking out the remaining spirits.

"We are fucked," Hudson says.
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