The Devils Queen

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Chapter two: Newcomer

"Are you fucking serious? You're not going to scare anyone like that!" Mason yelled in frustration. He's training the demon spirits to terrify people when they play the paranormal games. He's been tranign this bunch for over two months now and they still don't know how to scare.

"Wow, I'm scared," sarcasm drips in his voice.

Mason is two-seventeen years old, the son of the one and only, Satan. Since he''s born into the paranormal, he's always obsessed with it. When he was a young boy, Mason always wanted to work with the paranormal. Now his dream came true.

He's been training spirits for over two hundred years and he loves it. Sure there were times where he couldn't work as a trainer since the demons wouldn't get their head in the game.

His black, charcoal hair sticks to his forehead from all of the running he had to do to pucker up the demons. he had to make sure that they beat him by the end of their training.

"Alright, bring it in!" he calls gesturing his hands to bring them. Everyone gathers in a circle as they huddle together.

"You all are doing your best, I get that. But it's time you step up your game. Your time is running out to train and soon enough you'll be on your own. Your first scare is in a couple weeks and you still can't scare. You don't want the mortals to laugh at you, do you?" He took a minute to let it sink into their heads. They shook their heads. "No you don't. I want to say this, I believe in you. I always have and always will. Believe in each other, but most importantly, believe in yourself. It may not seem like it but I do. You'll do it. You can do it. I encourage you to practice tonight. You're all dismissed."

Every demon disperses.

Mason made his way to his office where he finishes his report on them. Interrupted by a knock on the door he invited them in.

"Come in."

The door opens slowly and Ryder peaks his head around the corner. "Mason?"

Jolting his head up from his work, he smiled. "Ryder, How are you doing bud?"

"I'm good and you?"

"I'm doing good."

Ryder is Mason's "adoptive son". When Hailey and Justin, Ryder's parents, died in a car crash when Ryder was only a few months old. Before they left for their date, Mason promised both of them that he would take good care of him. Little did he know that he would be taking care of Ryder for the rest of his life. Mason didn't care when he fully adopted him. He made sure that Ryder lived a great life. Sending him to mortal school to enjoy a normal life. He tried to balance out his work and parenting Ryder. In the end it worked well. He gave Ryder the best childhood he could ever ask for. When Ryder turned eighteen, Mason and Satan gave him immortality to live with them.

"So, what's up?"

"Umm, someone has come."

"What do you mean?"

"A girl died and has shown up."

Mason stopped his work at the news. "Really?"

"Yes. Satan needs you now."

"Alright let's go." Mason set aside his work before jumping out of his seat. Ryder follows along behind him. Running through the halls they turn right into one the doors. The room where all dead people's' souls come to when they die. The room is a circular red room with chairs against the walls. A table like bed is placed in the center for the souls to lay on. A gray cupboard sits in the back of the room where medicines are locked up until needed. Medicines are needed to help the soul stopped the soreness from the cause of death.

When they enter, a beautiful girl, no older than twenty possibly, is sleeping peacefully. Her brunette hair in in a braid, which has been messed up, pieces of the hair that used to be curled is now almost straight. The beige dress that clung to her body shows all of her curves and a bit too much cleavage.

"Who's she?" Mason asks.

"She's Megan Shore, eighteen years old. A highschool student who would've graduated this year. She has, or had, a boyfriend and two other friends. All four got drunk at a party and died in a car accident, killing two other people whom they crashed in," Linda said. She's a worker where she collects information about the newcomers.

"Anything else?" his father, Satan, asks.

"I also have that she is a popular kid in school and that people 'value' her. People around her don't but actually hate her, all because of her personality and behaviour towards others. I haven't found anything about her behaviour yet."

"Alright, you may go."

Linda left the others to figure out the mysterious young woman, lying unconscious on the bed. "Well son, what do you think you should do?" Satan asks. His father wants Mason to take over his job at conquering Hell. Even though his father is Satan himself, he wants his only son to rule over. It's part of being in the family.

"Wait until she wakes up, then we'll see."

The door bursts open and Charlie, from Charlie Charlie, and Hudson, Mason's friend he grew up with, stomps
in. "We heard the news and wanted to see if it's true!" Hudson replies immediately.

"It's true. We don't know what to do with her yet," Mason replies back.

Charlie steps forward taking one long look at the woman. He whistles, "Wow, she's a hottie."

"Charlie!" Mason warns.

"What? I'm not lying. She is very hot."

"I would gladly fuck her," Hudson replies smirking, thinking about the fantasies he could be doing to her.

"Enough, both of you," Mason replies before realization hit him. "Aren't you married with Melody, Hudson?"

"Yep, before the accident. Now that I can't see her, there's no point. Although I would do anything to see her again. But I can't now since it's been a couple centuries."

Hudson also died in a car accident when he was twenty seven. Melody was pregnant with their first child, but had a miscarriage due to the stress and the loss of Hudson. It was a hard time for Melody since two of her friends died a few years earlier. She only had Jane and Kristy left. Hudson had watched her until the day she died. Sadly, Justin, Hailey, Kristy, Jane and Melody all went to Heaven. Hudson made it to Hell since he's closest friends with the demons. He also promised his soul to Satan before hand so when the time came, he immediately went straight to Hell.

Mason patted his back to comfort him.

"It's okay Hudson. I would love to see Hailey and Justin again, especially Ryder who hasn't met them."

"Too bad they didn't come to Hell with us."


Mason isn't the one to show his emotions in front of others. The only exceptions are his family and friends.

The girl, Megan, started stirring signaling them that she's waking up. Her eyes flutter open as she moves around. "What . . . what happened?"

"You were in a car accident," Mason replies gentle. He learned that throughout his years living here, to be gentle with the newcomers as they are oblivious. Always welcome them like they are meant to be here.

"Am . . . I in the . . . hospital?"

"No, you died."

She shot up aware that she's not on Earth anymore. "Where am I?" Megan scans her surroundings as her eyes land on Mason and his father, Satan.


His father always love being in his form when home, but in disguise when visiting Earth.

"Right you are."

"Wh-who are you?"

"That's not important right now. What's important is what's your name?"


"Because we need to know if the death screwed you up. So I'm not asking again, what's your name?"

"You don't need to know my name. I want to know how I got here!" Megan demanded.

"Well I'm sorry but we're not telling you until you tell us your name," Mason sternly said his patience is very low.

Megan swings her legs over the bed as she sits glaring at Mason. "Who are you?" She asks again.

Mason learned to never give in, always fight back until he wins. Megan glares hard but her head starts pounding. Holding her head, Hudson grabs a glass of water and a pill to sooth the pain.

"Here, take this," Hudson replies kindly handing it to her.

"Thank goodness."

"But first," he rips it away from her, "Tell us who your name is."

"Why should I listen to you?"

"Look, you're new here, I get it. But you need to cooperate with us or there will be consequences," Charlie warns.

"Well, I don't need to listen to you! Now give me the pill," Megan grabs.

Hudson steps back. "Tell us your name then I'll give you the pill."

"My name is Megan Shore! Now give me that pill!"

"See, it wasn't so hard now was it?" Hudson teases.

As she takes the pill, Megan flashes the finger at them.

Damn, this is going to be awful, Mason thinks.
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