The Devils Queen

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Chapter twenty nine: tracking Cory

"Alright so here's the thing," Charlie started once he took a seat in the chair beside the hospital bed. "I managed to find Cory but he's on the move. He's here in Edmonton but I have a feeling he's coming after you, Mason. I've been watching the news for the past few hours. There's been missing people."

"Yeah, we're back in the time when Cory reigned hell on everyone," Mason points out.

"In Spruce they did. There's been missing people here in Edmonton and from our Cory in the years. He only stayed in Spruce. This Cory from our timeline has been feasting on the Edmonton citizens. Jesus, Cory from the past timeline and Cory from our timeline is very confusing."

"Hearing you say that sounds confusing," Megan stated.

"It confuses me," Ryder says.

"Anyways, our Cory has moved on to this city. He's on the move and I doubt he'll stay put. Cory moves fast so by the time we get to him he'll be gone."

"So what you're saying is we need to figure out where he'll be going next," Mason replies.

"Yes, and fast."

"Well I don't know how long I'll be here. They won't let me go even after I'm almost healed. They don't want me out."

"Well then I'll have to go chasing him," Charlie stated.

"You're not Chalire," Mason firmly said.

"I am. The sooner we get rid of Charlie the sooner we get home. I don't want to be here much longer and who knows what's happening back home."

"You're right, I don't want to be here much longer. But I don't want you killed, Charlie."

"Have you forgotten that I am indeed dead and have lived longer than you have? I think I'll be okay."

Charlie shuts the computer and stands up ready to leave when Mason has enough. He ripped the tubes out of him getting up from the bed. "Charlie you are not going!"

He turns around glaring daggers at Mason. "I am going Mason."

"You are not."

"I am Mason. I'm doing it for you and the others. You almost died! What would I have told your father when we got back and you weren't there? Huh?! Tell him that you died?! He will go on a rampage and kill everyone in his path because his own flesh is dead! His only god damn son is dead!" Charlie breathed out. "I am. He will bring hell on us all." Charlie rests his hands on his shoulders. "I am your uncle. My job is to protect my one and only nephew and I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I get it, you want to be brave but this shit will get you killed. And you won't be respawning back in hell."

"I know."

Charlie nods letting his hands fall beside him. "I'll be back. I need you to get your ass back into bed and rest up 'cause once you're out, it's showtime. We need all the power you have, Mason. When I'm gone, I'll keep in contact." Charlie handed Ryder a burner phone.

"I'll contact you every two hours or so. Do not call me, I will call you. Also, you two," he pointed to Ryder and Megan. "Make sure he stays in bed and won't do anything stupid. I need him to rest before he does anything."

Charlie left the room when a nurse came in.

"What are you doing? You should be in bed resting."

"Look nurse, I'm fine. All healed in fact."

"Impossible." She pushed him back into bed, plugging the tubes back into him. "You are not well. You're hallucinating." She turns to Mason. "Now, lay in bed and don't move from there," the nurse ordered. The nurse left the room.

"Fuck what she says." Mason got out of bed handling the IV pole and paced the room.

"What's gotten in your pants?" Ryder asks, sitting down in the chair.

"I can't lay down anymore. It's bothering me. I'm not fucking hallucinating!"

"You should calm down, Mason. Charlie's right, though. You need your rest so you have a lot of energy to defeat Cory."

"Yeah well I can't relax if I'm laying in bed. I need to move."

"We get it, Mason. You're worried about Charlie but we both know that he'll be okay. Spirit against spirit is the best that could happen," Megan replies.

"What do you mean?" he turns to her.

"I mean that it's fighting fire with fire. Having two souls fight each other instead of a soul and a human fighting against each other would be better. Plus, no one dies because they're already dead. And don't you need a human to kill a spirit?"

"Yes," Mason said.

"So none of them will die. They'll probably be extremely weak but no pareshing today," Megan said.

"Just the thought of it, though," Mason says.

"I know but Charlie is strong enough to handle this himself," Megan assured. Mason sat in the chair not saying anything. He's lucky that he's got a private room or they would not be talking about that in front of the others. Especially the nurses and doctors. They'll think he's insane and will surely think he's hallucinating.

"For sure."


Charlie sat in the hotel room rummaging through the websites of the missing people in the Edmonton area, where in Edmonton, when and what time of the day. Several of the missing people disappear in the mid day where it's the most busiest.

Along with the time he targets parks, schools, and the mall. The big places with the large crowds so it's easier to steal the souls. Not everyone will be watching or paying attention to the people around them.

Charlie marked all of the places that have already been hit. He knows that Cory doesn't hit the same place twice which diles down to the very few places that are close by from the recent hit.

Charlie tried looking for a pattern in the names or genders but there is none. Cory's randomizing people that are easy to get.

Making a list of possible places he searched to the nearest place in Edmonton, Victoria Park.

Charlie wrote down the address and got packed up. Grabbing the phone he called Ryder.

"Hello," he picks up on the second ring.

"I've got some places that are plausible hits for Cory's next target."


"Yeah, I'm heading to Victoria Park as it's the closest to the last place that's been hit. Cory likes the busiest places to hide in the crowd and steal the souls with no suspicion," Charlie explained. "I'm going there now to track him down. He may not be there but it's plausible."

"Be careful."

"Sure will. Tell the other two."

"I will."

Charlie hung up before either of them could get another word. He didn't want to waste time especially when a life is at risk. Disappearing into thin air he reappeared at the entrance of the park.

People were sitting having lunch, chatting with each other, the kids playing at a playground nearby, and some games of tennis or volleyball.

Charlie walked in the park examining everything that's occurring. He scoured the people but no Cory to be found. Charlie hurried through the park but not a single sight of Cory.

As he wanders around the park all he can think about where Cory could be and who his next victim is. It could be anyone. It could be him for all he knows.

As he walked further into the park he noticed, abnormally, how no one was around. He stopped walking, listening intently to any sound. A small ring in his ears made it hard to hear but the ringing got louder, covering his ears when the ringing stopped but laughter took over. Charlie looks around to find Cory floating with a young kid, who looks no older than eighteen or so.

"Charlie Charlie, is this kid going to die today?"

"Good to see you too, Cory."

"Oh c'mon. You didn't answer my question. I guess you're not as good as they say."

"Stop fucking around, Cory."

"Oh, how'd you know? All the women love me when I pound them hard."

"That's . . . That's not what I meant." Charlie cringes.

"Oh?" Cory wraps his hand around the kids' neck and squeezed.

"You had your fun. Stop being a coward and fucking fight me like a man."

Cory deathed glared at Charlie, squeezing the kid. Charlie disappeared but reappeared behind him, however Cory knew the tactic and spun around punching Charlie in the face, letting the kid go. It caught Charlie off guard as he stepped back from the impact.

"You are too easy Charlie. You should've stayed back where you belong!"

"Not a chance."

Charlie jumped on top of Cory wrapping his arm around his neck. He leans forward flipping Charlie off of his back and stomping on his face when a crack echoes. Charlie blinks the blurriness away when he feels something warm leak from his nose. Touching it, he feels the blood against his skin. Quickly getting up he stands ready to fight Cory but he wasn't around. Relaxing his stance, he searches the area but Cory's nowhere to be seen.

A foot kicked his back and Charlie lost balance and fell into a portal. When he got up he was back in the hospital room as the others were looking at him.

"I've found him!" Charlie jumped up but Mason was horrified when he saw the blood running down his face.

"What happened?" Mason questioned.

"Don't worry about that. I've found Cory-" Cory kicked Charlie down and stepped on his back pinning him down. Mason has his flame ready, which he got back from stabbing Cory.

"Ooh, I'm so scared."

"Get the fuck off of him."

"Oh let me think about that . . . no."

Cory pushes harder onto Charlie's back when Megan grabs the chair and knocks Cory off of Charlie. Mason threw a flame at him just as Cory opened up the portal into the underworld. The four of them fell into the portal leaving the timeline.

Cory went up in flames and was unable to put out the flames. While Cory's soul is dying from the fire, the three of them look around the place.

"Holy shit," Ryder mumbled.

"Holy shit is right," Mason replies. The underworld is in flames and screaming as the prisoners over take the souls in town. More Schattens are visible as they float around. "Now this is fucking hell."

"We need to stop this," Megan suggested.

"Well we're not allowing them to continue this," Ryder states.

"Where are the others?" Megan questions.

"Don't know. We need to head to the castle though. Who knows what's occurring over there," Mason stated. He walked towards the castle and the other two reluctantly followed.

It became quiet as they walked further away from the town but was shocked as to what the castle had become. Fire torches are lined up towards the main doors. Lava is falling from the roof into a river surrounding the castle, which it wasn't before. A bright light is shining at the top of the roof with a banner hanging off of it.

"What has this boss done to our home?" Mason wondered.

"Whatever it is, it's not good," Ryder exclaims. He gulps and cowards behind Mason. "I don't like this."

"Neither do I." Megan hides behind Mason as well. He shakes his head and moves on towards their home. As they walk along the pathway to the doors, the guards are standing upright with their swords in hand. Once they near the door both of the guards block the entrance with their swords.

"Who are you?"

"You don't fucking recognize your own ruler?"

"Our ruler is inside. We cannot allow strangers who could be potential threats," one of them said.

"I can't deal with this shit," Mason mumbled. He throws the flame at the guards allowing them to burn. Once the guards have been burned they walk into the castle not knowing anything.

The castle remains the same on the inside as the dark and gloomy place. They walk down the eerie quiet hallways with no man in sight, not even the guards were in place like usual.

"Something feels off," Ryder mumbles.

"Nothing ever feels right, dickhead," Megan said.

Mason shakes his head listening between the two having a conversation. They walk past the throne room when something, or rather someone, caught Mason's eyes. He stepped back into the throne room.

"Oh my fucking god."

There sat in his father's throne was the boss happily chilling with his leg crossed over the other and tapping his fingers on the arm. A strained smirk appears on his ghostly face.

"Welcome back Mason. I hope you and your friends had a wonderful trip."
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