The Devils Queen

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Chapter thirty: Final Boss

"I hope you had a wonderful trip because I know the rest of them did. Although I'm upset that they came back early."

"Where are they?"

"Oh don't worry, Mason. They're right here." He waved his hand showing their friends trapped in the cells. They're hunched over in the cot frightened. Every noise that sounded down there, they jumped. Melody is curled up with Hudson as she shivers from the coldness. Justin is laying on Hailey's lap napping as she's stroking his hair.

"Let them go!"

"No, no! Don't give me that speech where if I don't let them go, you'll kill me. Or 'I'll never get away with this.' C'mon, can you ever think of something else to say?"

"No?" This caught Mason off guard.

"Well think of something else cause that shit is getting old real fast. Oh also, please don't tell me to take you instead as I'm already going to do that. What I'm saying is quite the talk."

"What do you want?"

"And here goes this shit again. Listen up, Mason . . . you had a good run being royalty. Now it's time to lend this job to someone else, someone more powerful."

"Well, it takes a lot of responsibility. I mean I was struggling to be a ruler."

"Now you don't have to worry about that. It's in great hands. Your father would be proud."

"Father . . . where is he?"

He smirks. "Right here." He waves his hand showing the three when a guard walks up with a box. He dumps the items on the floor. Bones and bits of flesh spill making a clunking and squishing sound.

Horror fills Mason's eyes as a tight feeling fills his chest along with his heart being crushed. All the noises around him became quiet in an instant. His vision became blurry and wetness filled his face. Tears are streaming down his face as he chokes on the sobbs. "Dad?" he whispers. His body is motionless as every emotion rushes through his body.

Rage, sadness, revenge, numbness, disappointment.

"You killed him . . . You killed him!"

The boss laughed maniacally. "He was a terrible man. He had a good life but it was his time to retire."

"You killed my father!" Angry tears ran down his face. Mason threw a flame ball at him but the boss threw one back. A big fire explosion met in the middle. The boss stood up walking towards them. Ryder and Megan hold each other in fear as they coward behind Mason.

"You fucking killed my father!" Mason raged.

"I killed him because it was time for him to go. I killed him because he didn't allow the souls to be free. I killed him because every soul deserves a chance to be free, apart from your friends."

The boss transformed into demon form with the wings fully open, fangs ready to bite anything and horns ready to smash anything in its way.

"Two can play at that game."

Mason transformed into his demon self with the horns and fangs, however, he doesn't have enough of his power to have wings.

"I'm surprised you can even transform. I'm even more surprised you were able to kill the souls with the powers I'd given them."

"They were too easy."

"Right. I keep forgetting that you're the son of Satan and have strength."

Mason has a flame ball ready to strike. "Oh? Are you going to strike me with your flame? I think not."

"Who ever said I was throwing it at you?" Mason throws the flame on the ground and guides it into a circle, protecting them.

"Fire can do that?" Megan asks, shocked.

"It's amazing what they can do with it," Ryder says.

"It's a protective barrier. No one can get in or out without burning. Not even me."

"But you're the source that's created this," Megan points out.

"That doesn't mean I can't burn."

"So you're like your father then," Boss asked.

"You have no right to talk about my father."

"Fine. I don't care."

The boss chucked a flame ball up at one of the lights. It falls on top of them, however Mason rose the fire shield on top of them. The light fell on top of the fire and burned away.

"You're fast and smart, Mason." The boss stalks towards them as Mason lowers the flame. "But it's too bad that your girlfriend and friend are pussies to fight me."

"Girlfriend?!" Megan shrieks. "I'm not his girlfriend! Why is everyone thinking we're together?!" Megan is now standing beside Mason glaring daggers at the boss.

"I assume because you are so close to him."

"Fuck you!" she yelled.

"Megan," Ryder says. "You're going to get yourself killed."

"Oh now we've got a feisty one."

"Did your parents ever tell you to not make assumptions?" she said.


"Well your parents suck."

The boss rolled his eyes and waved his hand. Megan is now being held by the boss. "I can see why Mason is attracted to you. Gorgeous hair," he strokes. "Seaweed green. I think I've got myself a keeper."

"Let her go!"

"Right, like I'd ever." Mason shot a flame ball at the boss which caught his arm. He screams and lets go of Megan who kicks him the balls. Boss slouches down protecting his area.

"You bitch!"

She feels a hand on her shoulder. Glancing back Mason stands right beside her as Ryder walks up beside them. A bit of power leaks from his arm into Mason. He felt an itch of his wings wanting to peek out.

The boss had enough and threw a flame ball at them but Mason blocked it with his own. The boss flies over them to the entrance however, Mason shoots a fire chain toward him and brings him down. The floor cracks and Megan loses her balance. The fire chain wrapped around his leg slicing it open. Another bit of the power soaks into Mason.

His wings have sprang out and now they're even. Mason flew up to his height ready for battle. Megan and Ryder skedaddled out of there running into the hallway.

"Looks like your friends left you to die."

"I wanted them to leave me."

"Aww, what a nice friend. Too bad this is the end for you."

Mason dodges the attack flying behind a pillar. He shoulders the pillar and it cracks and falls onto the boss. He flies over to him as the boss heaves the piller off of himself. He shot the fire at Mason but he dodged. They shot fire at each other, knocking pillars over.

Mason managed to catch up to the boss and tackled him to the ground. They are throwing punches at each other. Scratches and broken bones later the boss had pinned Mason down on the ground.

"Toast to the end of your journey!" His hand with the flame ball grew closer to Mason's face. Mason struggled to get away from the flame when a lightning strike hit the boss in the back.

"Get the fuck away from my nephew."

He got up smirking that a new guest had arrived. "You must be Charlie. I've heard so much about you."

"From who?"

"From the mortals who played your game I see you're alone. You both have stupid friends." He shot a flame at Charlie but Charlie was quick enough to throw a lightning bolt back. They pushed harder into their power to defeat the other. Mason joined in connecting his power with Charlie's. The boss struggled when he flew into the sky immediately letting go of his power. The mixed power busts through the wall into the open.

"You can't defeat me!"

"Hey asshole!"

The boss turns towards the entrance of the throne room. The boys turned as well and were terrified of what's to come. "Megan, what the fuck are you doing?" Mason asks.

"Oh? So your little friend decided to be the hero?"

"Fuck you asshole! The boss walks up to her as the boys are blocking him. However, the tables have turned as he traps both the boys in the pillars and sets it on fire so they won't escape.

"So you want to help your boyfriend and his uncle? I can't see a weakling like you destroying me."

"Weakling?! Who are you calling weakling?!"

"You don't look strong."

"Now, you're just being sexist."

Megan walks up to him and they are face to face. Mason and Charlie have dug out of the rubble. They watch as the scene plays out as they try to escape the fire.

"Can you do anything?" Charlie asks.

"I don't think I can. It's not my power so I doubt I can fight it off. And I'm not trying either."

"No, don't. I can't lose you too."


"What are you gonna do? Flick me?"

"Hell no. I've got something up my sleeve."

"Like what? Lipstick?"

"Damn, you really are sexest. No, something way more scary for you."

"Enough of this." He shot fire at her and she jumped out of the way. She heard Mason and Charlie screaming at him to not hurt her as she's fiddling with the strap on her leg. Pulling out the dagger that Cory had, she jumps out.

"Hey asshole, over here!"

The boss flies to her ready to shoot her but stops when he notices something. "Where did you get the dagger from?"

"Someone who deserved to die."

She swung the dagger at him which caught him in the lower leg as he flew upwards. Some of the power escaped from him and rushed towards Mason. The boss lost his wings and fell down.

"You bitch!"

"I know, I know. But I'm sure you were surprised that a woman could get a hit on you."

The boss stood up now limping towards Megan. He grabs onto her arm with the dagger. She karates his arm, breaking his grasp. She kicked him in the balls and his leg. She stabbed him in the arm and more magic escaped him. Megan was going in for another when he caught her wrist and twisted it. She yanked away holding onto her wrist even though she can't feel anything. The way her wrist hangs disgusts her. The boss grabs the dagger and stabs her in the ribs. She screams in agony.

Clutching her side she leans against the wall steadying herself. Glancing down, blood is leaking. "W-what? I-I'm . . . I'm bleeding? H-How?"

"The dagger makes anyone, including a soul, bleed. It's the best dagger of them all."

"Y-y-you weren't b-bleeding."

"Magic sweetheart." The boss raises the dagger ready to stab her once again to finish her when a fire chain wraps around his wrist and burns his wrist off. The final bit of the power has left him and moved into Mason. He picks up the dagger stalking towards him as the boss stands up holding his wrist in pain.

"You took my powers, killed my dad and now you were going to kill her?!"

"My plan was already in motion. It would work if you didn't come back and destroy everything!"

"Your days are over." Mason grasps onto his neck and squeezes and stabs the dagger into his chest, ripping it open. "This is for sending us off into another timeline."

Mason stabbed his other arm. "This is for killing my father." He stabbed his shoulder blade and dragged the dagger down his side as he screamed in agony. "And this is for attempting to kill Megan," he growled.

"And this last one is for everything that you've done to harm this family." He deep slit his throat.

Blood spewed from his neck as he choked on his own blood. Mason dropped the body and rushed towards Megan where Charlie was already aiding her.

"We need to get her to the emergency room STAT," Charlie states as he's holding the wound.

Mason carefully picks her up cradling her. "It's going to be okay," he assured her.

"I . . . I'm tired," she mutters.

"Don't you dare close your eyes on me."

Entering the emergency room he called for a doctor and they rushed towards them. They took Megan from his arms rushing her to a vacant bed. They attached her tubes as they are preparing for the surgery.
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