The Devils Queen

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Chapter thirty two: coronation

Today was the day for Mason to become King. He was getting ready with the workers fixing up his suit. He touched his hair in place once his suit was finished. Stepping down from the dressing stool he walks up to the mirror admiring himself.

"You look handsome."

He turns around to Megan walking slowly towards him.

"You look gorgeous."

She giggles, wrapping her arms around him. They kiss passionately then pull away. He admires her ruby red dress with a silver sparkly belt. "I love this dress." Mason picks up the side of the dress feeling the fabric.

"I love it too. It's very comfy."


They kissed once again. "How are you feeling?" he asks.

"It hurts when I walk. I feel like my stomach will tear open any second but I'll get used to it."

"Be careful okay?'

"Sure will, honey. Also, they're here."

"Good." He smiles at her then pecks her. "I'll be out there soon but you get going and have the others be seated."

"Roger that." Megan leaves the room while Mason imagines what's about to happen. He also couldn't believe he's becoming king today. All the responsibilities that come along with it.

He looks out the window to everyone coming into the castle with their fancy dresses and suits with awed faces. Banners were set upon the lights in celebration.

"We're ready for you, your highness," one of the guards said.

"Coming." Mason turns around walking towards the door after the guard leaves. This is his last few moments as himself before officially claiming the name king. He walks down the hallways to the throne room. The freshly done hallways from the attack bring in more light and more homely. The windows are big and welcoming the light inside. It took over a year to rebuild the castle from the rubble and get the materials.

Everyone from town and the royal people, plus guards pitched in to rebuild the damaged parts of the castle. Together it didn't take too long to build it. Mason and the rest camped out in the motel that was in town. Once the castle was done, they moved to the town and helped rebuild it in a better lifestyle for the spirits. The town is currently taking a bit longer but it's getting done.

He walks up to the closed doors ready to walk in. One of the workers was ready to open the door. Once the door swung open, everyone stood up as the piano player played Flying Without Wings by Westlife. He walks down the aisle glancing at everyone who came. People from town, people from other towns and his extended family. Lastly, his friends were at the front, all of them. He stepped onto the upper platform.

He zoned out the Pope as memories of him and his father when he was younger surfaced. When he first learned to bike without training wheels, he fell and scraped his knee. He remembers the words he told him

"You are going to be okay."

"But it hurts," he whines.

"I know it does, and it'll hurt like a bitch. Don't tell your mother that, she'll kill me."

Young Mason laughs.

"Let me tell you something. This scrape is amazing because it shows that you survived something dangerous. Scars and marks like that show that you are courageous. This doesn't mean you are weak, but very very strong. I know you are a strong boy. Nothing will ever stop my boy."


"That's right."

"What does courageous mean?"

"You are brave, not scared of anything."

"But I'm not courageous."

"You may not think it but I know you are. You won't know it now but time will tell."


"May I have the crown please."

Mason eyed the Pope as he carefully took the crown from the pillow- that a worker was holding. Mason bows his head when the Pope gently places the crown on his head. The Pope grabs another pillow with the staff and ball on it.

He holds out the pillow for Mason to take. He faces the audience holding the staff and ball and scans the audience at all the different people. He observed their faces and their clothing.

"Worthy King of greatness. The soul of Satan shines, we crown thee with hope, faith, and strength. Wonderfully rocky land of the Underworld, follow the King of darkness. As he holds the holy properties, and is crowned in this holy place. I present to you forward, King Mason of the Underworld."

"King Mason of the underworld!" the audience shouted back as cheers and claps echoed through the hall.

Mason's officially king.


"Congratulations you're highness." A couple bowed and he bowed back. People have been giving him wishes as he stands in front of the throne. The guests are dancing along with the music in the center, and the rest circling around taking and drinking away as the staff hand out drinks and food. When they had the chance, they came to congratulate him.

"Congratulations, you're highness," Megan walks up and curtsey.

Mason bows, smiling at her. They hug each other when he kisses her forehead. "You were great out there."

"Thank you."

The rest of his friends came to visit him by the throne. "Congratulations, King Mason," Hailey says.

"Thank you. I'm glad you guys could make it."

"We wouldn't miss it for the world," Justin replies.

"This party is awesome," Hudson replies. He drinks the beverage while scanning the party.

"It's going on all night to enjoy yourself."

"Oh I will." Hudson nudges Melody and she giggles.

"There are plenty of rooms for you to do that in," Ryder warns.

"Like we'd be doing it in front of everyone where they can watch us."

"I'll burn you both if you do that," Mason threatens.

"Don't worry Mason, that won't happen."

A slow song- Perfect by Ed Sheeran- started and every couple began slow dancing. "Will you dance with me?" Hudson asked Melody.

"Of course."

The two left to the dance floor along with Hailey and Justin. "May I have this dance?" Mason asks Megan. She turned to face him stunned but nodded and smiled.

"Of course." He took her hand and guided her to the dance floor. They swayed to the music focusing into each other's eyes. She leans her head against his shoulder, closing her eyes. She relaxed in his embrace as they swayed to the music.

"Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms," Megan sang along.

"You love the song?"

"I love it. I used to sing it with my nanny in the car when we went to get ice cream, when I was younger."

"What a lovely time."

"It was."

"I just remembered, when are you going to take the potion?"

"Once the coronation is finished, I'll take it."


When the song ended, Mason went back to his spot in the throne. A staff member brought him a champagne glass. He relaxed on the throne when Megan came to sit on the arm of the throne, watching everyone.


Throughout the night, he talked with the guests and had a couple dances with Megan. Cory had gotten drunk from the champagne. A few families have left due to the time of night while the rest stayed a bit longer.

Soon enough, everyone left and Mason had settled the others in the rooms. Once they're settled he and Megan headed off to their room.

"I'm gonna have a quick shower." She shut the door before he could answer.

He undressed down to his underwear and settled in bed. Turning on the TV he listens as he closes his eyes. He didn't hear Megan crawl into bed. She kissed his forehead when he pries his eyes open.

They pecked and Megan sat in bed taking the potion, hesitantly.

"It's safe."

"I know . . . but . . . I don't know what will happen."

"Take it and go to sleep, you won't feel anything."


She took the potion then layed down. Mason turned off the lights and TV and they fell asleep in each other's arms.
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