The Devils Queen

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Chapter three: The Talk

After the scene in the delivery room, Mason and Charlie walked back to his office while Ryder and Hudson is showing Megan around. He never does this but he prayed for them, hoping Megan wouldn't be a handful, even though she already is.

"I already don't like her," Charlie states as they walk down the dark red halls.

"You and me both. She's the type where she thinks she better than others."

"You are going to teach her that she can't always be ruler."

"Sure will. By the end of it she'll wish that she wasn't the way she is."

As they enter the office, Mason sits down already nose into work. Charlie stands by the wall crossing his arms over his chest. "Something's upsetting you, what's the matter?"

"Nothing's the matter."

"Mason, I've known you since you were born, you can't fool me. I know when something's bothering you. So what is it?"

He sighs stopping what he's doing. "It's about me being king."

"Go on, talk to me."

Taking deep breaths, he started.

"I know my father wants me to be king of the underworld. Passing down the role to me is a massive responsibility. I'm stressed that I won't be an excellent ruler like my father."

"He does have high expectations, but I know you'll do great! You and the others defeated Cory from killing the innocence."

"I know but that was when I was still maturing. That's nothing compared to this. I don't think I'm ready to rule Hell. My father is way stricter than he appears to be."

"I know, but I know you can do it. You aren't your father and that's what makes you unique."

"Thanks Charlie. Also . . . what if I fail? What if the others don't think I'm fit?"

"Mason, Listen here. All of the souls and demons love you! They would be glad to have you as the leader. I would be glad to have you as a ruler. You're not like your father and you will never will be. You will be someone different and that's what we want. Need. We love your father but we need someone different. You are the best fit! Who cares what the others think? Who cares what your father thinks? With all do respect. They can rot in Hell," he chuckles to himself, "See what I did there?"

"Yep," Mason tried to stifle his chuckle but couldn't.

"Anyways, what I mean is that they won't get out easy. They'll have to fight for themselves if they don't want to end up in the cells, or vanish for good. I believe in you, Mason. Don't be so hard on yourself. You'll do great. I'm here for you. Others are here for you. We're all here for you."

"Thanks Charlie. I wouldn't know what to do without you."

"I've known you since you were born. I basically could be your uncle if I wanted to. But I chose not to be. Instead I chose to be your everlasting friend. I chose to stand by your side all the way. I know you'll do great."

Mason sighs rethinking what Charlie said. He's right. Charlie's always been there for him and he's always been there for Charlie. He'll always believe in Mason.

Mason's office bursts open as Ryder and Megan walk in. "Hey! Don't ignore me! Do you know who I am?!"

"Okay, please stop. You are annoying."

"Annoying?! What the fuck do you mean annoying?!"

"Mason please get this bitch off of me."

Megan gasps. "Bitch?! I'm no fucking bitch!"

"Enough!" Mason slammed his fist on his desk gaining the attention of Megan and Ryder. Megan jumped from the sudden action. "Did you just scare me?"

"You will give me and everyone else respect around here. If you dare to disobey me or cause trouble around here, you will be sent down to the dungeons."

"Dungeons? Pft," Megan bursts into laughter. "Dungeons? No one is sending me to the dungeons." She scans the room in disgust. "If anything, this whole place needs revamping. What kind of decoration is this? Everything here is red and it's giving me a headache."

"Stop complaining, this is Hell and that's the colour. Now if you care to explain why you are here annoying my son?"

"You have a son? I'm surprised, you don't look like the father type."

This comment infuriated Mason. His blood bubbled in fury and can feel his fangs seeping through. his wings and horns are itching to appear but he controlled his transformation.

"Don't talk to Mason like that," Ryder steps in defending his "father". He's always found Mason as his father, even if he isn't his biological. Mason has given Ryder everything, to love and education and a home. He's never called him father but they both think of each other as son and father. Ever since Mason told Ryder about his parents and what happened, he's been dying to meet them. God and Satan used to do this thing where the loved ones or the souls get to visit each other after years of not.

It became way too dangerous where souls would vanish and would never appear, so they stopped. That was over five hundred years ago. They forbid it now. Mason did give him a history lesson on that. Since, Ryder has dreamed about the visiting rules coming back but he knows it'll never happen. The topic of his parents tragic death is very sensitive towards him and it will break him down. It's his insecurity.

Everyone their insecurity and he has his. He'll only talk about with Ray, Mason, and Charlie. Those three are the only three people whom he can trust.

"Ugh, I don't care. I've been up all day. Give me a room."

"Demanding it won't get you anything. if you ask nicely then maybe I can lead you to your room," Mason replies sternly, crossing his arms across his chest. "Ew no, I'm not asking politely. I'd rather sleep on rock."


"I'm not sleeping on that!"

"Well you said you rather sleep on rock so here we are," Mason replies. He's taking Megan outside the kingdom into an abandoned area where no soul comes to, where rocks are laid out everywhere. No sign of life in Hell, only red and dark colours with rocks and cement. Inside the kingdom has comfortable furniture, like an actual home up above. "So, either you ask politely or sleep out here."

Charlie and Ryder are cackling in the background.


"Then goodbye."

Mason started to leave when Megan yelled at him. "You can't do this to me!"

"Actually I can!"

"I will tell whoever's in charge here!"

"I am in charge!"

"Where's you supervisor?"

"I don't have one!" Which is partly true. Ray, Mason's father, is his supervisor but he doesn't care what he does.

"Well then."

"Last chance to ask."


"Alright then. C'mon guys lets head back inside."

All three left Megan to suffer outside while they headed back inside. Mason doesn't feel no remorse. It's Hell for god's sake! Anyone can suffer down there.

"Are you actually leaving her down there?" Ryder asks in disbelief yet still laughing from her reaction.

"You kidding right? Mason is for his word."

"I'll get her in the morning. That will teach her for being disrespectful to us."

They walk into the kingdom dispersing to their own ways. Walking into his room, he closed the door heading towards his dresser. Stripping rom his clothes he grabbed sweatpants to sleep in.

Mason's room is a small room with a Queen size bed with red sheets. His closet is small walk in closet beside his black wooden dresser. The black transparent curtains are open revealing the view out into the rocky terrain. Just as he was about to climb into bed his door opened.

He turns around. "Hey Ryder, what's up buddy?"

"I was thinking about mom and dad earlier. Do you have any pictures of them?"

"Yeah. Let me see what I have."

He turns to his closet climbing up onto the top shelf for a box. Taking it down, he set it on the bed for him to look through. As he digs through the box a specific picture catches his eye. The picture where all of them sat at the school after Cory's attack. Having a great time together enjoying peace. Everyone smiling, even him, in the beautiful day. He remembers that day precisely.

"I remember this day. It was a couple weeks after we defeated Cory. Everything was so peaceful."

"You're smiling. I don't think I've ever smile."

"It was a great time. No person went missing anymore. I was happy to be with them. I found my group of friends. I do anything to go back in time to see them again."

"Bring me with you."

"Oh of course. I would never leave you."

Mason felt another presence with him. Glancing to his right, Hudson sits there staring at the picture. "You've kept the picture all this time. I miss those days where we all hung out."

"You guys were great friends?"

"More than great friends. We grew close from the attacks. Mason and I met the others in high school. Of course they didn't really like us-"

"They didn't like you. I was just there."

"Yes, Melody definitely didn't like me."

"I thought You and Melody love each other," Ryder replies.

"Oh yeah but that was when we grew older. She hated me. We weren't the greatest but we did kind of get a long as time went. We all grew close when we had to fight off Cory. Fun times."

"Here, take this picture. That way you'll always have them."

"I- Thanks but I couldn't. It's your picture."

"Take it Ryder, we have our memories of them up here," Hudson pointed to his head, "While you don't have any memories of them. Here's your only way of seeing them."

"Keep it with you at all times if it helps you," Mason replies.

"Thanks Mason." Ryder gave Mason a hug for thanking him to keep the picture.

"You're welcome buddy." Mason hugged back tightly. He doesn't need to lose Ryder.

"You've kept your promise Mason."

"I always keep my promise Hudson. I promised them that I would take good care of their son."
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