The Devils Queen

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Chapter four: Auggie

Mason woke up to banging on his door. Groaning at his disturbers he covered himself with his blanket. The banging continued as he pulls the pillow over his head to drown out the banging. The banging increased irritating Mason.

Groaning he slipped out of bed yanking the door open glaring at the person who dare disrupt his sleep. "Boss, there's been an accident down in the training center," a security guard soul said.

"I'm coming down. Be there in five."

Closing the door he got ready as fast as he could. Mason booked it down the hallway as fast as he could towards the training center. In his mind is what kind of accident happened?

As he was about to turn the corner to the center Charlie and Hudson appeared. "Mason, Megan is outside demanding to speak to you," Charlie spoke.

Mason stopped sighing in frustration, of course.

"I'm a little busy. Tell her to meet me in my office in one hour and I will talk to her. In the meantime, I don't need her to bother me," Mason commanded.

They both nodded and vanished. Mason opened the door revealing souls gathering around someone. He glanced around the building wanting to find what had happened.

The dummies of the people had fallen over onto the fake rooms creating a massive mess. That's not the worst part. Part of the lights from the ceiling had crashed down near the demons.

"Great," he mumbled. Just what he needed. "What the hell happened?" he asked sternly hoping he would get a straight answer. He hates how people drag on without getting to the point. It wastes his time and their time.

"I'm sorry boss. I was practicing my scare when I went up onto the light. The light wasn't secure enough when it snapped and smashed into the rooms. I'm so sorry." A kid who was practicing his scare came forward. He knew who the kid was.

"Auggie, why did you go on the lights?" Mason asked as calm as possible. Auggie was one of the strugglers who needed help a lot. He gets it now just need to work on his scare. Poor Auggie just wants to prove he can do it. His whole life he wanted to prove to his family that he isn't a burden. He's been bullied by other kids about how pathetic he was. His family disowned him for being himself. Auggie had built up the anger and finally released upon those who hurt him. He first started on a murdering spree on his bullies. He got his revenge then killed his family. He felt good but then regret everything.

When the police had a lead towards him, he ran from the cops successfully until he got caught. He took the gun he had and shot himself. His soul landed in Hell, even though he would have made it to heaven. The killings defined the fact where his soul would go. He's a good kid. After his story got around in Hell everyone assumed that he just wanted to end everything to be over with. Auggie's a broken kid that wanted love. Mason felt bad for him on a level since he didn't have a good life. Ever since Auggie came to Hell he's changed to his old self, trying to prove that he's worth it.

"I saw something up there."

"What did you see?"

"I swore I someone up there needing my help."

"You saw someone up on the lights thinking they needed help?"


"Then why didn't you tell anyone? The professionals could've went up there to check."

"I just thought . . ."

"Well then, was anyone up there?"

"No, but I found this."

Auggie passed him a piece of paper. Taking it Mason stuffed it in his pockets.

"I've got to go. Help clean up and I want this place back to how it was," Mason commands as he turns around stalking away to meet Megan.


"I demand that I get proper service! No one treats me like that!" Megan demands as Mason steps into the room already giving him a headache.

She turns around as soon as he slammed the door. Charlie and Hudson had kept her entertained while he was gone.

"Mason, thank god you're here. I can't stand her," Hudson said.

"Yeah, and I feel myself being summoned. I've got to run." Charlie vanished dealing with some stupid kids wanting to play with him.

"Hudson you may go."

He nods leaving the room. Mason gladly sits in his chair crossing his right leg over the left. "What do you want that you had to bother my men?"

"I need a better place to sleep. The rocks were very uncomfortable!"

"Well you didn't ask nicely."

"Who gave you the authority to do that to me?!"

"Actually, we are aloud to do that. This is Hell after all. We're not nice and we defiantly don't let demanding bitches do whatever they want thinking they can get away with it."

"Bitches?! I'm not a bitch! Who do you think you are?!"

"Your next king. So I would watch it if I were you. I could send you down to the cells and you would be sorry," Mason growled in a low voice.

"King? You don't look like king. If anything you look like a weakling," Megan laughed.

Mason wasn't impressed. He needed to teach her a lesson. Taking deep breaths he thought of an idea.

"You want somewhere nice to sleep?"

"Yes for the last time."

"Come with me."

Mason lead the way out of his office into the long corridors. "This place is confusing."

"It's only confusing if you make it."

Continuing down the long dark hallway he turned right opening the steel red door. Typing in the passcode the door creaks open revealing a long hallway of cells, being lit up by the electricity shocks. He grabs the keys making their way down. After passing the first hallway they turn right into another set of cells.

As they pass one, a soul touches the bar hoping to get closer but instead is getting shocked, draining the energy out of it.

"Why are the bars shocking the souls?"

"It prevents them from trying to escape."

As they pass the cells the souls carefully reach out attempting to snatch Megan. She jumps in fright sprinting towards Mason. "Don't touch me!" she screeched.

"Don't worry they won't touch you," Mason calmingly said. One dark soul caught Megan's eye. As he unlocks the door for her to go in, in his peripheral vision, Megan walks up to the bars.

He let her examine Cory who lays in excruciating pain. Ever since Satan has thrown Cory in the cell, he's been trying to escape. Not learning from the first time, he attempts to break down the bars with no luck.

Mason would feel horrible about the boy but after his rampage two centuries ago, he could care less. Mason is different in the underworld, he cares for anyone. He's always been like that. Except for those who disobeys him and Satan, and Cory is one of them. He would kidnap innocent souls trapping them in an underground cells and would feed off of them after a while.

It was a terrifying event that traumatized a lot of people. Mason can still remember it clear like it happened yesterday. It took awhile for him to get over it.

"Who's he?"

"Cory," Mason deadpanned. At the sound of his name, Cory jerked his head up glaring daggers Mason's way.

"Mason," he growled.

Megan turned to face Mason who's glaring daggers towards Cory. Grabbing onto Megan's arm he pulls her towards the cell.

"How long will I be in here?"

"In the morning I'll check up on you. If you don't change your attitude then you'll be here longer. I doubt you want that."

Megan glared harshly at him. He pushed her in then closing the door locking it. The bars immediately electrified.

"Remember, don't touch the bars unless if you want your energy to lower down."

At that Mason left without a second glance.
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