The Devils Queen

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Chapter five: Cory

It felt like hours since Megan has been trapped in the cell, in reality, it's only been almost one hour. She's already bored out of her mind.


"What's your problem?" The soul on her right asked. He looked about forty-ish.

"My problem is that I'm trapped like a prisoner here. I'm not being treated like I should be! Everyone on Earth treated me like I'm an angel."

"Lady, that's nice and all but this is Hell. The royalty don't care who you were up above. No matter what status you were they always have the power over you."

"But still, they should at least show respect."

The guy chuckles darkly. "You are mistaken. They don't give two shits about you. As soon as you start acting up, games over for you."

"Your lucky Mason's coming to get you tomorrow," Cory states blankly still starting down.

"What do you mean lucky?"

"Once your in these cells your basically forgotten. Mason may seem like a good person but trust me, he's not the guy you want to mess with, especially give him attitude," the guy states.

"Well I don't give a fuck about his status. They need to give me respect."

"Well then you won't survive. Not giving them the respect they need then you won't get any from them. That's how it works. I can tell you're new."

"I am."

The two fell silent and it's driving her crazy.

"Alright, before I rip someone's head off, tell me how you two ended up in here."

"Well I was part of the royal guards when I betrayed the royals. I snuck out a traitor from these cells and got caught. I was working with their enemy and here I am."

"Wow, you must've really hated these guys to be against them."

"Well I was the mole. Moral of the story is not to mess with them. Get on their good side."

"Well, no promises but I will try," Megan lies. She could care less about anyone here.

"How about you," Magen turns toward Cory who's sitting there eyes watching the floor intently. He never looked up once.

"How did you get here?"

Cory knew she was talking to him but kept ignoring her.

"Hey Cory. I'm talking to you so answer me."

His head jerked up hating his cold eyes at her.
His left hand twitched before standing up sauntering towards Megan. He stops inches from the bars as they tingle with electricity.

"That's none of your business bitch," he growled.

"Actually, I like it to be. You're clearly in here for a reason and I need to know that information."

"You don't need to know anything about me. All you need to know is don't ever fucking bothering me again," Cory replied lowly dragging towards his bed.

"Well you're in here so you tell me what you did."

Out of nowhere Cory jumped towards Megan reaching his hands through the bars ready to strangle her when the metal electrified him. Jolts of shock ran up his arm making him shake uncontrollably. Once he steps away he falls to the ground breathing heavily.

Megan's mouth dropped. She's never seen great horror of her life. She couldn't believe he was electrocuted. Never feeling so horrid that she'll ever touch those bars as she doesn't want to go through what Cory just did.

It took him three minutes to pick himself back up. Just as he stands he drops to the ground like a worm. Cory starts crawling towards the bed weakly then hoists himself up just to flop on the mattress.

"Now that my dear is why you never want to touch the bars."

"Is.... Is he going to be okay?!"

"He'll be fine. It has happened to all us and we still don't learn."

Just down the hallway they hear another soul getting electrocuted.

"Oh my god! I don't want to be here anymore!" She screamed throwing her hands on her head, scrunching her hair up as she panics.

"Calm down. You'll be out in the morning."

"Yeah well how long until morning?"

"I don't know. This plays mind tricks on you. You'll feel like you've been here for years when it's only been a a hour."

"Why would they do that?!"

"To mess with your mind."

"Why though?!" Megan whined.

"Because they're the devils, lady."


Megan stomped towards the bed aggressively laying down. Closing her eyes, Megan hopes she'll get out of here sooner than later.
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