The Devils Queen

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Chapter six: father and son

Mason makes his way up to the centre checking if everything has been cleaned.

As he makes his way down, his thoughts wondered about how Auggie might have seen someone. If that's true, who would be up on the lights? Why would they be on the lights? He gets it that Auggie is endeavouring but it's dangerous for anyone to be up there. Auggie could have harmed himself. Luckily no one got hurt.

Mason walks through the doors as they're finishing up placing the light back up, hopefully securing it better.

"How's it going?" Mason asks one of the trainers.

"Good, boss. Just securing the light so it doesn't fall again."

"Good." Both of then eye the workers as they finish placing the light in its position. The light flickers before dying out.

He sighed. "Of course," he mumbles.

"I want the light changed then everyone go continue what you were doing," Mason orders. A lot of "yes boss" echoed through the room. "Make sure nothing like this happens again."

Entering his office he shuts the door before heading to his chair, immediately starting on the paperwork.


When Ray entered the room he found his son sleeping on the desk, papers scattered on his desk. He knows how hard Mason works every day. Ray's impressed at Mason's hard work and is very motivated to get his jobs done.

Ray is more than impressed with at what Mason is capable of. Although he's extremely different from the rest of them.

Ray knows not to mess with Mason because he's not who he appears to be.

Tapping the desk Mason hasn't stirred.



Ray lightly shakes him awake. "Mason."

He stirs slowly lifting his head. Meeting his father's eyes he sits up straighter stifling a yawn.


"Mason. I see you have been sleeping."

"Sorry, father."

"No need to apologize. You've been working extremely hard recently."

Mason nods silently. Ray sat himself down in the chair in front of his desk, pushing his glasses up. "Son, I have set your coronation date. It'll be on October 31."

"Halloween? Wouldn't that be the busiest day of the year we have?"

"Yes. But not this year since everyone knows it's your coronation."


Silence lingered until Ray thought of something.

"What happened out in the centre?"

"Auggie thought he saw someone up on the lights. He went up there and the lights fell. No one was up there and no one got hurt."

"He didn't bother telling someone?"

"I don't know. He just thought it'd be quicker to make sure this person was okay."

"Make sure he doesn't do it again."

"I made sure of it."


"Father, about Megan . . ."

"What about her?"

"She's . . . She's unlike any other we had. She's demanding and rude. What do we do with her if she doesn't get her act straight?"

"Throw her in the cells."

"I already have. I'll take her out in the morning."

"Now why would you do that?"

"To see if she'll change her attitude. If she doesn't then I'll just leave her."

He nods still trapping Mason's gaze with his.

"Well she's your responsibility, not mine. I don't care what you do."

"Of course, father."

"Well I better get going, just wanted to stop by to see how you're doing."

Ray got up from the chair ready to leave but paused as his hand touched the handle.

"By the way, a little birdy told me how you're scared about ruling this kingdom."

"I-I'm not scared, just . . ."

"Right, come with me."

Ray didn't look back to know his son would follow his command. They walk through the darken halls with the fire lighting up the way.

Every guard stands ready at their posts, bowing their head slightly as the Devil himself walks by, along with his son.

Ray approaches a massive red and silver metal door as the two guards open the door for them.

"This here son will soon be yours," his father exclaims as he sits on his throne. Ray transforms into Satan with his red body and brown sac like robe. His horns sit heavily on his head while his fangs show.

"And changing into your form will allow you have more control. Your subjects will automatically bow down as they know you will not be messed with in your form."

Mason nods having a blank expression.

"Son, you will not disappoint me or fail your subjects. I've raised you well and you've seen what we can do. You'll be fine."

Mason nods slowly looking over the throne. It will soon be his.

"You are different from anyone I've ever met Mason. You have a heart for everyone, just like your mother."

It pained his heart talking about his wife. Seven years after Cory's attack, his wife was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was devastating for the both of them as Mason was very fond of Molly, his wife. You could say he was a momma's boy.

After she died Mason wouldn't talk to anyone for months. Even Ray couldn't get him to talk.

Ray was harsher on his subjects. Everyone was scared of him worried if they messed up a little bit, they'd get sent to the cells. It was a hard time for everyone.

Mason did come around eventually talking to people slowly. After a couple years after her death he finally opened up again.

In that time though he had to take care of Ryder. Since he was just a toddler, Mason couldn't abandon him fully so for his comfort he took care of him like normal, just wouldn't talk to anyone.

It wasn't a fun time for any of them.

Eventually it got better and everyone was back to normal, but Mason couldn't leave her like that so when ever he could, he's visit her grave.

They did attempt to bring her soul to hell but couldn't. So they gave up and moved on for good.

Ray and Mason remembers her and will visits her grave.

"I know," Mason whispers glancing at the ground.

Ray sighs getting up was over to his son. He never does this but he can tell Mason is stressed about this. Once in a blue moon he hugs his son. Mason wraps his arms around him hugging him back.

Mason is a few inches shorter than Ray but it doesn't affect him.

"Mason," Ray backed away from the hug, resting his hands on his shoulders, "it may not seem like I don't care for you but you know I do. Your my only child and I don't know what I would do without you."

Have faith son, Ray thought even though he will never say it.

"Now, run along and do what you need to do."

"Yes, father."

Mason turns around descending to his office without looking back.


Mason has worked all night in getting the paperwork done.

Now he was about to train the souls when Hudson barges into his office.

"Megan! Are you going to get Megan?!"

"Shit I forgot."

"Dude, let me get her please," Hudson practically begs.


"Because I want to go down to the cells and retrieve her. Plus you've got training."

He hesitates before allowing Hudson retrieve Megan. "Fine, but only because I trust you."

"Yes!" He fist pumps the air before leaving.

Mason rolls his eyes while mumbling "he's such a child," before leaving to train.


As Hudson runs down the halls towards the dungeons doors, Ryder walks around the corner surprised by Hudson running.

"Dude, where are you going?"

"To the dungeons."


"Because we can let Megan free. Mason was supposed to but he's training."

"Yo I want to come."

"We'll come one then."

They both book it down the hallways towards the door. After getting through the several doors they come to the hallways of cells.

Lost souls sit in their cages either talking to their neighbours or not bothering at all.

"Oh my fucking god, how many souls are there?" Ryder asks.


"How did they get in there?"

"Several crimes or disobeying the royalty ended their asses here."


"Yeah. You wouldn't believe some of the crimes some committed."

Hudson grabs the keys then they make their way down the never ending halls.

"Once you're in here, you're never getting out," Hudson added out of nowhere.

"Then how come we're retrieving Megan?"

"Because Mason said so."

Appearing in front of her cell they noticed she's curled up in a ball rocking back and forth.

"Megan," Hudson replies gaining her attention.

"Oh thank god you're here!"

"Don't thank god, thank Mason. We're here to take you," Ryder answers.

Hudson begins to unlock the cage when Cory peaks over watching what's occurring in front of him.

"Pst, boy come here."

Ryder glances over at Cory's direction. He points to himself without uttering a word.

Cory nods signalling him to come closer. He gets up from the bed walking towards the cell door being careful not to touch it.

"What's your name boy?"

"Umm . . . Ryder."

"Ryder," Cory tests out his name. Shivers run down Ryder's spine as his name is being said creepily by him.

"I'm sorry but who are you?"

"Why I'm Cory. You must have heard of me."

His name sounds familiar, Ryder thinks.

"Umm, I don't think so," Ryder says unsure. He starts backing up a bit.

"Oh don't be scared. I just want to say something. A secret."

"A secret?"

"Yes, I just want you to know. You look trustworthy enough."

"Umm yeah?"

"Come closer," Cory waves him over.

Cautiously Ryder walks over to the bars. Cory unexpectedly grips his shirt pulling him close without touching the bars.


"Dude get the fuck off of me!" Ryder screams while twisting every direction to break free.

"Let me fucking go!"


Hudson rushes to Ryder's aid breaking him free. "THEY'RE COMING AND YOU CAN'T DO ONE DAMN THING ABOUT IT!"

"Let's get the fuck out of here," Hudson suggests.

"Agree," both Ryder and Megan replies in unison.


Hudson slams the doors closed trapping the psycho Cory inside.
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