The Devils Queen

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Chapter seven: outside world

"CHARLIE! Why would you do that?!" Ryder screeches as Charlie blocks him.

"You screwed me over!"

"I know."

The two boys are playing Ticket to Ride. A game to get to the destinations provided. Each player gets 45 trains and must get to their destinations provided on a card. Every player must get rid as much of their trains as possible. First person to lose all of their trains every player must take on last turn. The person with the most points win.

So, Charlie blocked Ryder's pathway to finish his destination as both of them are low on trains.

"You did that on purpose."

"Did not. I just know how to play."

Ryder took his turn then Charlie, who finished his trains.

"Last turn Ryder."

"You bitch," Ryder mumbles as he places his last trains.

Charlie chuckles as he picks up coloured cards.

Both of them count their points when Charlie feels himself being pulled.

"Got to go, being summoned. Finish counting the points and we can play again."

Charlie disappears while Ryder continues to count when Hudson bursts into the room.

"Come on! We're going above!"


Ryder abandons the game, going with Hudson.

"Mason will come soon he just has to finish work."


They head to the teleportation room which they have around five or six around the kingdom. It's to help teleport several souls at once.

When they enter, it's a small round room with a portal and a control panel to work it. The roof is a dome with a small chandelier.

"Joseph! How're you doing?" Ryder asks.

"I'm doing good and you?"


"Where would you two like to go today?"

"Up above in Spruce Grove."


Joseph got worked the control panel while Hudson and Ryder waited patiently.

"Alright, ready to go. You know what to do to come back."

Joseph handed Hudson an orb, which is used to come back, before walking through it.

They find themselves behind the Tri Leisure. The sky is a dark blue with stars peaking through the dark blanket. The moon is bright in the sky. There's a hint of purple in the distance where the sun had set.

A few lights are still on in the houses while the street lamps lights everything up.

"I really love the city at night, it's beautiful," Ryder exclaims as they begin to walk beside the road. Very few cars are out driving since it's pretty late.

"I love it too. It's not so busy."

They walk up to Superstore where they'll meet Mason.

"Hudson . . . About earlier with Cory. . ."

"Don't let him get in your head. Just don't mention anything until we absolutely need to. Mason has a lot on his plate and he doesn't need any more."


Once they get to the parking lot Ryder runs towards the cart parking and sits in the rails.

"You act like a kid Ryder."

"So do you Hudson."

"What? No!"

"Uh-huh, right."

A little bunny hopped through the parking lot and Hudson swooned over it.

"Oh my god it's a bunny!" Hudson pointed while jumping up and down.

"Right, definitely not a child."

Hudson smacked Ryder in the head hard when Mason appeared. "Mason, good, you're here. Did you see that bunny hop by?"

Mason scanned the parking lot shaking his head. "No I haven't."

"Damn you missed him. He was cute."

"You and your bunnies, Hudson."

"I know."

Little did the guys know that Megan was brought along with Mason.

"Mason, why did you bring Megan?" Ryder asks.

"She wanted to come."

"Yeah I want to see my family again."

"News flash Megan, you won't. You're a ghost now. They won't be able to see you but us," Ryder exclaims.

"But . . ."

Hudson shook his head. "Sorry, but no one can see me either. They'll only see Mason and Ryder since they're human . . . Or alive at least."

"Ugh! Great, now I can't even see my family."

"You can still see them but they won't see or hear you," Mason replies.

"Let's take a detour to your home," Hudson replies walking towards the gas station only to realize he has no clue where to go.

"Lead the way Megan."

Megan jogged off getting a head start as the others followed. They head back towards the Tri, then entering McLaughlin.

"My home is just down here," she said continuing to lead the way.

Hudson and Ryder fool around while Mason just follows behind the three. Ryder notices and steps away from Hudson and slows to Mason's pace.

"Mason, my man, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine."

Ryder wraps his arm around his waist. "Mason, is everything okay?"

"No. Something doesn't seem right."


"I don't know . . . Just have a feeling."

"We're here," Megan replies as her and Hudson stop before Ryder and Mason.

"You two go in, Ryder and I need to stay out here."

"How come?" Megan asks turning around to face Mason.

"Because I'm alive. They can see me and Ryder. You two in the other hand are dead and no one can see you."


"Yeah so we'll wait for you our here."

Megan and Hudson walked into the house through the walls.

"Well, what do we do now?"

"Going to the window."

Both walks up to the window that looks into the living room where a couple is sitting on the couch watching the hockey game on tv, or the man is. The woman is cuddling him while reading a James Patterson book.

Ryder could see Megan and Hudson standing in the corner watching the couple. Ryder wasn't good knowing what people's emotions are but he can tell that they aren't grieving for their lost daughter.

Megan walked up to them almost breaking down when she stands behind the couch, reaching out to her mother. Her mother pulled back looking in her direction scowling, only for her is thin air.

Her husband said something inaudible and the she responded confused.

Megan begins breaking down and Hudson rushed to her, holding her tight.

"Poor girl," Ryder whispers as he watches what unfolds in front of him.

"They must have hated her," Mason reasoned.


They kept watching through the window hoping Megan will be okay.

A loud bustling in the forest was heard beside them, Mason turns towards the sound and Ryder caught sight of the man walking toward the window. Ryder yanks Mason down so they're hidden from him.

"What the-"


They listen closely to the bustling while keeping an eye on the window. The man peeks through the window. Every time the man would scan where they're hiding, Ryder would shrink further into the ground fear evident on his face, his heart pound of fear of getting caught.

When the man disappeared from the window, both releases a sigh about to stand up when the front door slams open and the two drop down into the bushes.

"We're fucking screwed," Ryder whispers lowly.

"No we're not."

"What do you mean?"

The bushes rustled again, this time more loudly and faster. Ryder shut up hiding in the bushes.

"Who's there?" The man shouted at the bushes. The rustling stopped suddenly and everything became quiet.

"I know you're there! Show your self you fucking coward!"

Then a click of a gun is what sets Ryder's fear into motion.

"He's going to fucking kill us!" He whispers.

"He won't."

"You have three seconds to emerge from the bushes or I'll shoot!"

"He's gonna fucking shoot us!"

"We're not going to die! Have you forgotten we're immortals?! Yes it's gonna hurt like a bitch but we're not gonna die."

Ryder nodded still panicking.


"Mason, what are we gonna do?"





The bushes rustled again and out came a shadow figure.

Mason and Ryder take a sneak peak through the bushes watching the figure advance towards him.

"What the hell are you-"

Before he could finish his question the figure strangles the man and tightens his grip crushing the neck as blood spurs out.

He lets go of the body as it falls limply. A blood curdling scream sounded from the door. His wife screams as tears flow down her face. Hudson and Megan run outside wanting to know the screams. Both of them catch sight of Ryder and Mason hiding in the bushes.

Mason grabs Ryder's arm as they move to leave. Megan and Hudson escape freely but Mason and Ryder had no luck.

"Mason," the figure rasps out.

He could practically hear the smile forming on his face.

Mason paused and turns towards the figure, who's back is turned towards him.

"How do you know my name?"

He chuckled darkly.

"Mason, I know everything."

"What the hell do you want?"

"You have something of mine."

"Oh do I?"

"Yes. Perhaps, you have someone of mine?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Of course you don't. That's okay though, you will know what I mean soon enough."

At that he disappeared into thin air.
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