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The Devil's Game

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Hailey and her friends love playing paranormal games to get the scare. Two boys come along, Hudson and Mason. All seven friends play a paranormal gameone morning. Everything goes well, until Hailey plays a paranormal game and forgets to end it the right way. One by one, her friends disappear mysteriously without a trace. What the agitated events come for Hailey is surprisingly shocking. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the mentioned games or characters such as Satan, Charlie Charlie, and such. I do own my own characters. This is a new and revised novel from my previous version.

Thriller / Fantasy
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Prologue: May 5, 2004

The students filed out of school once the bell rang. Jocelyn met her friends in front of the big oak tree near the parking lot.

“Are we still up for tonight?” Mina asks.

“I am,” Remy says.

“Of course,” Jocelyn pipes up.

“I can’t, turns out my parents are heading out and need me to babysit my siblings,” Korena replies, texting her mom.

“Boo! Tell your parents that you’ve been planning this for weeks and they suck,” Mina replies.

“Of course.”

“Well, we should get going if we want to beat the traffic,” Jocelyn suggests.

They part ways as the three of them pile into Remy’s vehicle. The traffic in the parking lot is hectic. Mina plays with the radio until she finds a station she enjoys.

They sit in line to exit as they chat about their plan for the night.

“What are we having for supper?” Jocelyn asks.

“I was thinking we’ll have pizza- unless there’s something else you guys would like.”

“Pizza’s good. Although let’s not order from Pete’s Pizza,” Mina said.

“Yeah, I don’t want it until midnight for our food then have it all soggy and cold.”

Remy gags and Jocelyn scrunches her nose. They inch forward until they’re out of the parking lot. They roll down their windows with the music blasting. Remy pulls into Mina’s driveway and kills her engine. They made their way in, dropping their things at the front and headed to the kitchen.

“Alright, Jocelyn, you get the drinks and you,” she turns to Remy, “Can order the food. I need to have a quick shower.”

Mina left and the girls got organized. With the pizza on its way, Jocelyn made the three of them a drink and Remy searched through the movies stacked in the shelves.

“There’s nothing to watch.”

“What about . . . Chicken Run?”

“Yeah, sure, if we were six.”

“When’s the pizza coming?” Mina demanded.

“In about fifty minutes.”

Mina relaxed on the couch, swiping one of the drinks off the coffee table. Jocelyn sat on the opposite side of the couch when Remy pulled out a film. “What about American Psycho?”

“Sure, just put it on,” Mina ordered without looking up from her pastel pink nails.

Remy settled in between the two. Skipping past the trailers, they watched the first five minutes of the film.

The doorbell rings and Remy gets up. Mina glances at the door to a dark skinned boy.

Pushing her out of the way. “Hey you. Why, that’s a big pizza. We won’t be able to finish all this. Would you mind helping us?” She traces her finger up to his chin. Sweat forms on his forehead and he shakes his head, pushing her hand away.

“Sorry miss, I’m only here to do my job.”

He hands her the box and leaves. She scoffs slamming the door, muttering ‘asshole’ under her breath. The two girls snicker from the couch.

“Not my type anyway.”

“I found him cute,” Remy jumps in.

“I thought so too,” Jocelyn agrees.

Mina rolls her eyes. She grabs a plate and digs in with the other two following suit. A few hours pass by and the movie is long done, the three of them surround the counter. Jocelyn plays with her cup and Remy’s on her phone. Mina comes back from the washroom and slumps in her chair.

“This is boring.”

“We could play a game,” Jocelyn suggests.

“What are we, in preschool?” Mina insults.

“Not that kind of game. Search some ideas online.”

They ran to the living room to the computer that Mina’s parents just bought. “What are we looking for exactly?” Remy asks.

“Anything fun and scary. I always wanted to play a horror game.”

Music blasts from one of the speakers nearby, scaring Jocelyn and Remy. “Sorry.” The girls continued their search with no luck. There were suggestions of the different horror games but none appealed to all three.

“What about Charlie, Charlie?”

“That’s so basic. We need something scarier. Something that won’t make us sleep at night.” Mina slumped on the couch and Jocelyn sat beside the desk.

“Hey,” Remy pipes up. “I think I found something”

The two girls rush to Remy and lean forward eager to know the game.

“I found it deep in the dark web.”

“What’s the dark web?” Jocelyn asks.

“I think it’s this website where dark things are. I’m not sure.”

“Cory? Who’s Cory?” Mina asks.

“I don’t know. Let’s read.”

Warning: This is a very dangerous game. Anyone who is harmed in the process of playing, the creators are not responsible. Any injuries may include; bruises, broken bones, bloody noses, cuts, comas, and possible death.

“My god. Are you sure we should play this game?” Jocelyn asks, feeling uneasy.

“Are you afraid of a little game? I’d say let’s play it. It won’t hurt us.”

This game can be played individually or with a group of people. With the specific materials provided below, this game must be played correctly or else it would not work.

The proper materials include;

On piece of blank white paper

A black ink pen only

Five tall black candles

Firstly, find an open space enough for a certain number of people. Set the candles in a circle (2 meters apart) and light them. The player(s) must sit around the candles after lighting them. Once midnight hits, all lights are out. Write Cory in the middle of the paper. Each player must write their name(s) on the paper then drop a pint of blood on their name. Announce this saying twice.

Cory, Cory, I/we welcome you

Cory, Cory make yourself at home

Cory, Cory, you have my/our to take what you desire

Until the end of time

If the sound of the door opening, you are in for a killer time. If you hear a voice, DO NOT answer or you will pay the price. If there is no noise, congratulations. You have survived the game.


“Does it say how to stop or end the game?” Jocelyn asks.

Remy scanned the website again and shook her head. “If we start it we have to follow through.”

“Well that sucks. Let’s play it,” Mina exclaims.

“Are you sure this is safe?” Jocelyn follows Mina as she gathers the materials.

“Are you scared of a game? Seriously Jocelyn.”

“I’m just saying what if it goes wrong or something happens. What do we do if we hear the voice or the door creaking?”

’Would you quit being scared and actually enjoy this? You’re the one who mentioned this.”

“I know, but-”

“Guys!” Remy cuts in. “Listen to this. ’Do not play this game. It has cursed my life and I’m living on the edge, scared that I will die the next morning. He’s been haunting my house and I can’t sleep at night. I swear I see his figure standing at the edge of my bed and watching me sleep at night. I do not recommend playing this game if you want to live to see another day.’

“Here’s another. ’My friends and I were playing the game when we accidentally messed up. He still came and killed my friends and now he’s after me. There’s no escaping Cory once the game is played. You are basically signing away your life to him. Do NOT welcome him into your home and lives.’

’He’s coming for me!’”

“I really don’t want to. This is serious.”

“Oh my god! ‘My son and his friends were playing this game and the next day they disappeared without a trace.’”

“Stop reading the comments. Let’s play the game and ignore it. They could be faking it for attention. Now help me find the materials.”

Remy’s uncertain about this but she follows the two girls in search for the materials. When they didn’t have the black candles they quickly went out. When they returned they set everything up and waited until midnight.

“I don’t know if this is two meters apart but this will have to do since I don’t have a measuring tape.”

“Alright. We’ve got a few minutes until midnight. Let’s reread the rules so we don’t mess up. I’d hate for this to go wrong.”

Once midnight hits the girls lit the candles, wrote their names on the paper and dropped a pint of blood. With the lights turned out, they sat around the candles in the living room.

They closed their eyes and chanted the saying twice as instructed. They listened to any abnormal sounds but nothing happened.

“Well this is stupid.”

“It did say that if nothing happens, then we passed,” Remy says.

“The game’s broken and those people are lying for attention. No wonder this game was hard to find.” Mina left the room with the two girls confused. They were about to pack up when an abnormal sound caught Jocelyn’s attention.

She listens intently.

“Mina? Is that you?”

She follows the sound to a separate bedroom. “Hello?”

A whisper sounds beside her ear. “Jocelyn.” She spins around to nothing. “Jocelyn.”


“Big mistake.”

She turns again to face a young boy with disheveled brown hair and clothes sitting on the ground. “W-who are you?”

He smiles creepily showing his yellow, crooked teeth. “You broke the rules. And now you must pay the price.”


He grabs on her legs and drags her as she screams for her life. Cory laughs maniacally

Mina and Remy sprint into the room to no one. They shout for Jocelyn’s name but no answer.

“Jocelyn! This isn’t funny!”

“Where is she?” They searched the house for her but she never came up.

“Do you hear that?” Remy asks.

“Hear what?”

Remy listened intently to a faint cry upstairs. Mina shouted again when Remy shut her up to listen further. The faint cry grows louder the closer she gets. Mina called for her but she couldn’t hear her.

Remy enters a bedroom to a young boy curled and sobbing on the bed. “Help me.”

“How can I help you?”

The cries stop and the boy slowly turns his head smiling. “Yes.” He unfolds himself and stalks towards her. He rests his hand on her cheek and laughs.

“I’m hungry.”

“There’s food downstairs.”

“I don’t want that food. I want you.”

He opens his mouth wide and sucks her soul out of her. Filling his hunger he lets go of her bleeding cheek that he gripped hard on. Her limp body hit the ground with a thud. Dragging her dead body just as Mina climbed the stairs. “Remy! This isn’t funny!”

“I’m in here,” she calls.

Mina enters her parents room to the young boy standing by the window and looking out.

“Who are you?”

“I’m your worst nightmare.”

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