The Devils Game

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Hailey and her friends love playing paranormal games to get the scare. Two boys come along, Hudson and Mason. All seven friends play a paranormal gameone morning. Everything goes well, until Hailey plays a paranormal game and forgets to end it the right way. One by one, her friends disappear mysteriously without a trace. What the agitated events come for Hailey is surprisingly shocking. Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the mentioned games or characters such as Satan, Charlie Charlie, and such. I do own my own characters. Charlie’s background may not match or how it was supposed to be. I made it up. Hope you enjoy.

Thriller / Fantasy
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It's the year 2002 as a young girl, Elenor, lived alone in her home as her parents went away to work. It's Saturday as it's her first weekend alone. Elenor had fun and did what normal teens would do when they are alone. Do stuff without parents around that teens wouldn't do when they're around.

Elenor played Solitaire while watching a movie of her favourite kind, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The sun shone through the wafer thin translucent curtains. Lunch rolled around and she went to the kitchen making herself a grilled cheese sandwich. The house phone rang the sound echoing through the apartment.


"Hey girl!"

"Sally, how's it going?"

"Bored out of my mind! What's happening with you?"

"Home alone. My parents are off at work."

"That must be great. My parents don't trust me to stay home alone for that long."

"Why's that?"

"This is what they say and I quote, 'you're too young, Somebody could kidnap you to rape and slaughter you to death.' And I'm like, 'Yeah but all my friends are staying home. I'm fifteen almost sixteen,' " Sally complained.

Elenor laughed.

"Soon enough they will have to let me go. I'm not a caged bird, so they will have to let me fly free."


Elenor flipped over her sandwich getting a plate from the cupboard up above. She got out some strawberries, slicing them in half while cradling the phone between her collarbone and ear.

"That goes to show they care for you."

"I know."

"Just think, I have parents who don't care what I do. For all I know I could be smoking and doing drugs and they wouldn't care. They love me enough they'd be there for me when I'm in trouble, but not enough to punish me if I ever did anything stupid," Elenor explained.

"Well . . . I guess you're right."

It was a moment of silence that felt like it lasted all eternity.

"Hey, I have to go, my mom wants me."


They hung up as Elenor went to watch TV while eating her lunch. The rest of the afternoon until lunch, she danced and sang while blasting music. Hearing a faint knock on the door Elenor opened it to her neighbours.

"We are livid! Turn down the music or there will be consequences," the neighbours hissed and threatened.


Closing the door, Elenor turned down the radio by ten notches, still dancing and singing. A while later, she turned up the music a bit still singing and dancing. The neighbours pounded on her door shouting to turn down the music.

She did.

Around dinner time, She made herself a pizza and stuck it in the oven. When the Pineapple Pizza is almost finished baking, the door released a knock from a visitor. Opening the door, no one was outside in the bright lit hallway, with the blue walls reflecting the light just to blind someone.

glancing down at each end, it was quiet as a mouse in the night. Closing the door, the ovendinged. Taking the warm pizza out, she set it on top of the oven to cool. Someone pounded on the door once again thinking it's the neighbors.

Opening the door no one was out there but felt a sudden chill come into her cozy home. Closing the door once more, she walked back to the kitchen. Hearing a crash in her parents bedroom startling Elenor. Her heart pounded against her rib cage almost hearing the beating.

In horror movies, people make stupid decisions for going to investigate either with or without a weapon. She is one of those people. Grabbing the butcher knife from the knife drawer she made her way to bedroom with the knife pointed outward.

Opening the creaky door, her parents mirror somehow been smashed to smithereens. walking into the bedroom shocked, she covered her mouth gasping the mess. Feeling an ice cold shiver in the room, Elenor suspected a spirit of some sort.

None of the windows are open and the outside world is very calm. No breeze, not even the trees swaying to the beat of the wind a bit.

Her heart rate shot to the roof when a cold bony hand touched her shoulder. It spun her around viciously, seeing a skinny white figure, sharp pointy knife teeth screeching as she screamed for dear life.

Chucking the knife at this mysterious thing then booking it to the front door. The knife went through the demon as it levitated from the ground. Catching Elenor by the shock, he clutched onto her ankles and dragged her from the living room to her parents room, bringing her where no one will ever find her.
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