Psycho Mafia

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"Please Xavier, let me go" "How can you say that my Rosebud when you know you're only mine, YOUR FUCKING MINE" What happens when Rosaline Browns comes to know on her wedding day that the love of her life, Xavier Knights, is none other than the most wanted criminal, a dangerous mafia of a fearsome gang and not to forget is a sick psycho...... WARNING: 18+

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Author's Note


If you’re looking for some action thriller romantic drama then I would love to welcome you all to my first ever book on this platform ”Psycho Mafia”.

Guys this is my first book. This story is entirely my imagination and the characters are fictious. Any resemblance from the resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locals is entirely coincidental.

The copyright of this book solely belongs to the author and shouldn't be distributed or transmitted in any other form without the consent of the author.

The book contains mature language, abuse and some triggering scenes. It is 18+, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! I won't tolerate any hateful comments so please refrain yourself from doing so.

I am strongly against Plagiarism SO DON'T COPY MY WORK⚠️

I would love if you shower my books with votes and leave interesting feedbacks.

Before reading the book, do note that the book contains:

Mature scenes


●Abusive content


●Some disturbing scenes

So do read at your own risk......

If you're reading this book I would expect you all to read with an open mind. The plot is full of twists and turns that will hook you up with the book till the end.

So are you ready....🥰

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