Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 9: Judas Kiss◆

At Knight’s Empire


Noah snarled as he threw the newspaper angrily on the table. Sebastian sighed.

“Calm do-”

“HOW CAN I? NOW EVERYONE WILL COME TO KNOW ABOUT US. AREN’T YOU SCARED SEBASTIAN?“, Noah shouted at him, furious at his impassive behavior.

“We aren’t scared of anything, Noah. What’s wrong with-“, before Elijah could completely Noah grabbed his collar immediately.

“ARE YOU ALL OUT OF YOUR MIND? THIS FOOl LITERALLY REVEALED HIMS-“, he shouted in pure rage but Xavier cut him off.

“Calm down dude”



A loud thunderous growl echoed in the room making everyone flinched. Noah looked at Xavier with wide-eyes as this was the first time he had raised his voice at him. Xavier marched towards him angrily and grabbed his collar choking him.

“I.WARN.YOU.DON’T.YOU.DARE.SAY.A.WORD.ABOUT.MY.ROSEBUD”, he spoke with gritted teeth while glaring him with his blood-red orbs. Noah looked at him in shock. Elijah immediately snatched his arm away from Noah and pulled him back.

“You both just take it easy. It’s not the time to fight now, Xavier. Those CIA’s minions are on the qui vive. And right now we really need to clear the mess that they have created”, he tried to calm down the raging beast.

Xavier smirked after hearing his words making him bewildered. He grabbed the remote kept on the table and switched​ on the television. Sebastain, Noah and Elijah looked at the chyron flashing on the screen keenly that stated-

“Renowned businessman Xavier Knight was seen shooting a man while.....

But their eyes widened as soon as they read the next words.

trying to save his wife from a goon.”

They looked at Xavier agape. But he just smirked in return and plopped down on the couch. Noah narrowed his eyes at him.

“How did you do that?“, Noah said. Xavier smiled deviously.

“Power of money brother. It is really capable of changing things from true to false, from right to wrong”, he said. They all smirked. Noah then sat on the chair and looked at him.

“But still Xavier, I don’t trust that girl”, he spoke in a serious tone. Xavier glared him.

“See dude, all the Agents are risking their lives just to protect that girl. Don’t you smell something fishy?“, Noah said as he wiggled his brows. Xavier frowned.

“Are you doubting my love?“, he gritted. Noah rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“Lover boy, I know you love your Rosebud very much but don’t trust her blindly. It really doesn’t make any sense that the two best Agents of CIA showed up out of somewhere just to save Rosaline when everyone knows that you won’t harm her”, he snapped at him. Xavier turned a bit stiff by his words.

“Spill the beans”, Elijah said as he looked at Noah with a pissed expression.

Noah then heaved a deep sigh and was about to speak when suddenly Xavier’s phone buzzed. He checked the caller ID. It was John, his personal bodyguard. He picked it up.


Xavier: Hello.


Xavier: WHAT!!!!

He yelled furiously while getting up from the couch.

His eyes turned red as soon as he heard those words. Xavier tightened his fists curling them up in a ball as he tried to calm himself down.

All of a sudden they heard gun shots. Xavier immediately cut the call. They all headed outside while loading up their guns. Xavier darted his eyes towards the entance. His gaze darkened as he saw the man who was smirking at them evilly.

“Hello my Gangsta”

Vincent spoke in a mocking tone.

Behind him were all the other Agents of CIA aiming their guns at Xavier and his members. Xavier looked outside the window and soon the sounds of choppers and sirens started echoing which clearly meant that....

They were trapped.

On the other hand Xavier was blazing with fire. He wasn’t angry because he got caught but because they took Rosaline away from him.

“”, Xavier snarled with gritted teeth. His members looked at him in shock. Vincent just smirked at his words.

“Why don’t you just ask her if she wants to come back to you or not?“, he snickered.

Xavier frowned at his words. Vincent then turned his face to the right. Xavier became stunned.


There stood Rosaline at the doorway along with the cops looking at him with teary-eyes. Xavier’s blood ran cold.

“ROSE, WHY ARE YO-“, but before he could finish Vincent butt in.

“Rosaline?“, Vincent spoke earnestly. She looked at him. Vincent nodded his head while Xavier kept ooking at them confusingly. Rosaline then heaved a sigh. Her next words left Xavier shell-shock.

“Arrest him”

Xavier couldn’t believe his ears, “Rose, what are you saying?”

Meanwhile Elijah removed his gun from the holster secretly, he was about to shot her when suddenly someone shot him from behind. Elijah fell on the floor with a loud thud. Xavier and Sebastian immediately rushed towards him. They bent down and grabbed his body. Xavier placed his hand on his bleeding wound. Xavier and Sebastian turned around and saw

“Noah while...

aiming their gun at the both of them”

Xavier’s eyes widened in realisation when he noticed smoke rising from the tip of his gun.

Vincent smirked.

“Good Job, Agent 001”, he chuckled. Xavier and Sebastian became shocked. All the blood got drained off their faces.

“Noah, you’re Agent 001”, Xavier mumbled as he could barely speak. Noah smirked.


Real Identity:

Noah Miller

- 25 years old

- Agent 001

- Famous as ” The Artful Dodger”

“You treacherous!“, Sebastian shouted as he glared him with pure anger. Noah shot him on his chest instantly.

“BRO!!“, Xavier yelled as he catched him quickly. Noah then handed a file to Vincent. Xavier’s eyes widened.

“Xavier, he handed our important documents”, Sebastian spoke while coughing blood. Xavier looked at Noah with teary-eyes.

“Since when?”

Noah looked at him with a poker face, “Since always” Elijah glared him.

“So it was all a plan from the beginning, right?“, he growled. Noah smirked and nodded his head.

“Me talking shit about Rosaline was a plan to keep you distracted so that we can blow off your mansion, blasted your bases and handed over your entire information to police so as to issue a legal warrant to arrest you”, he spat. Xavier kept staring at him painfully since today,

the two most important people of his life broke his trust.

Suddenly Rebecca cocked her gun and shot Xavier right on his chest. He fell down on the floor.

He clutched her chest tightly with his palms and looked at Rosaline with tears streaming down his eyes. Rosaline also looked at him but she immediately turned around and walked away from there. The cops then handcuffed Xavier along with the others and dragged them away.

Xavier was bleeding very hard. He saw Rosaline standing along with some officers. She was looking down but the moonlight illuminated her face reflecting her sparkling tears. He then moved towards her slowly and spoke in a raucous voice which was enough to run chills down her spine.

“You’ll regret this, Rose”

Rosaline looked at him in shock. Xavier smiled slyly making her heart drop. The cops then dragged him towards the car. Xabvier gave her a last glance, his eyes burning with rage and pain and soon he left.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I saw him slowly disappearing away from my sight while crying quietly. I know I betrayed him but I was so scared of him. His love had turned into a dangerous obsession.

But I was feeling guilty too. Suddenly Becky held my shoulders from behind. She turned me around and wiped off my tears. She hugged me tightly. I started crying in her embrace. She patted my head while calming me down.

“Sshh don’t cry. Everything is over now. You’re safe”

After a few minutes I calmed down. She then cupped my face and wiped off my tears, “You’re okay?” I nodded and looked at her.

“But I betrayed him. He would never forgive me”, I said as my heart was burdened with self-loathe and guilt. Her gaze suddenly turned dark. She looked at me angrily.

“What he was doing wasn’t also right, Rose. Stop loving him so much. At least now you should took your blindfold off and start believing in reality”, she snapped. I averted my gaze down. She heaved a deep sigh.

“You’re leaving America”

My eyes widened, “WHAT?” Rebecca smiled and nodded.

“B-but Xavier-”

“No Rose, not this time. You need to move on. Stop worrying about him now”,she spoke in a raging tone.

“B-but what if he catches me again? And what about my parents?“, I asked her in scared tone.

Becky then clutched my shoulder tightly while looking in my eyes deeply.

“He won’t be able to escape under the claws of CIA. We have a very strict security system. You are now CIA’s responsibility. Moreover you’re my friend. You don’t have to worry now. And your parents will be safe. I assure you. Now, you just go and live your life as you want. You should care about yourself and stop worrying about others. Just live your life girl and leave the rest to your friend”, she smiled at me. I smiled back and hugged her.

“Thank-you so much Becky” She chuckled and pulled off the hug.

“Okay now, let’s go”, Rebecca then drove me to the Airport safely. I hugged her and then we bid each other goodbye.

Finally I am free.....

I stared at the city lights which slowly started fading away as the plane take off. Tears welled up in my eyes knowing that I was finally leaving my hometown, my friends, my family and most importantly my love behind whom I betrayed...


I was in the library reading a book. Suddenly the book dropped from my hand as I heard a loud bang. I immediately came running outside only to see cops fighting with Xavier’s guards.

What’s happening?

I squealed when someone held my wrist turning me around. “AHH!”

“Sshhh it’s me V”

I opened my eyes and saw Vincent. Suddenly one of Xavier’s men was about to shoot him but he immediately pulled his trigger and shot him right on his head. I shrieked in horror as I saw him lying in a pool of blood. V noticed me panicking and immediately dragged me outside.
Becky came running towards me and made me sit in the car.

“Rose, don’t come outside”, she ordered me and slammed the door shut.

I was shaking in fear as I have never seen so much violence and blood-shed. Tears kept falling from my eyes as I recalled that man’s corpse with his skull bursted. It reminded me of Mark. I closed my ears while crying loudly when


A loud explosion shooked the entire city. I felt my heart would come out of my chest.

The colossal and deluxe Knight’s palace shattered down like a pack of cards. The beautiful glittering sky got slowly coated with dark black clouds as the opulent villa blazed into flames.

Becky opened the door of the car and got inside. I looked at her completely dumbfounded. Words didn’t came out of my mouth as I was stupefied. She coiled me in her arms as she saw me numb with fear, “Don’t worry. It’s over now.”

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.

The blazing fire slowly took gigantic form. All the guards and maids got charred in that gargantuan fire which slowly devoured the ‘Dreamy Palace’ which Xavier had once built for her beloved.

End of flashback~


At CIA Headquarters

Xavier was admitted in CIA’s hospital. He was lying on the bed with tubes connected all over her body.

Suddenly a guy dressed up in all black came inside the room while shutting the door quietly. His face was covered with a black mask. He approached Xavier slowly. Xavier opened his eyes and looked at him.

The guy smirked.

Xavier smirked at him back and spoke in a raspy voice,

“Long time no see Wyvern.”


End of ninth chapter.

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