Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 10: I am called a PSYCHO for a reason◆

(Warning: This chapter might contain some disturbing scenes, please skip if you feel uncomfortable)

Rebecca’s P.O.V.

After dropping Rose to the airport, I went back to the headquarters. I went to Xavier’s room so as to check up on him. I opened the door but...

To my surprise there was no one.

“What the-”

I was about to take out my gun when my eyes landed on a white piece of paper lying on the floor near the bed. I quickly walked there. I bent down and picked it up from the floor.

My eyes widened as I stared at that piece of paper in horror.


It was written with blood.

I got up and turned back ready to inform everyone when


Suddenly someone stabbed me in stomach. I screamed in pain and looked up only to see a raging Xavier with blood-red eyes and dark face. I hissed in pain and looked down. A knife was stabbed in my abdomen.

Xavier then pulled it off and grabbed my throat.

“You always come between us”, he snarled. I tried to remove his hands around my neck to become free from his death grip but he immediately threw me on the bed and covered my mouth. He then hovered over me. I looked at him in horror as he wasn’t looking normal.

He was looking at me like a psycho, a sick psycho....

Xavier then moved closer towards my face, the sound of his teeth chattering made my heart raced in fear.

“You love to separate me from my Rosebud, don’t you? You used to do it in the past now you’re doing it again?“, he spoke with gritted teeth and again stabbed me. Only a muffled scream left my mouth.

I stared at him with red eyes as a memory flashed in my mind....


6 years ago

At Stanford High School

“Rose, you don’t understand. Xavier is not a normal guy. He is aberrant. He is a dangerous man”, I shouted at the stupid teenager who kept staring at me with teary eyes.

“No my Xavier hadn’t done that. He would never do that”, Rose cried as she pushed me a bit.

“No Rose, I saw it with my own eyes. Xavier himself pushed Finn off the building. He kept punching and kicking him ruthlessly and then he threw him off the terrace”, I snapped at her.

Two hours ago

I was going to the library as I needed to return a book. It was at the third floor. The entire corridor was quiet since it was lunch time.

Suddenly I heard screams. They were coming from the rooftop. I quickly went there. I became shocked as soon as my eyes landed on the barbaric scene infront of me.


Xavier yelled while kicking Finn madly while he kept crying in pain. Blood was oozing from his entire body. He looked numb. I became horrified. I was about to interfere when all of a sudden Xavier picked Finn up from the ground by his collar and....

threw him off the terrace.


Xavier looked back. His eyes were blood-red, jaw clenched and his knuckles were bleeding. His chest was heaving up and down as he was blazing in anger. I was petrified with fear just by looking at him. He started taking predatory steps towards me while pinning me on the spot with his psychotic gaze but I immediately closed the door locking him up there and ran for my dear life.

“I need to inform Rosaline about this right now”, I mumbled as I ran with my entire strength to save my best friend from this maniac.

Present time

Rosaline shooked her head in denial with tears streaming down her eyes, “But why would he do that?”

“Because he heard that Finn was talking with his friends that he likes you”, I said. Rose looked at me in shock.

“WHAT?“, I nodded.



We both turned around. I saw Xavier looking at Rosaline softly making my blood boil in anger.

" My Rosebud, what happened​? Why are you crying?“, he asked in a worried tone while cupping her face. She looked at me. I shooked my head in negative.

“Nothing”, Rosaline replied while avoiding his eyes. Xavier then darted his eyes towards me and glared me.

“Mind explaining?“, he gritted. I clenched my fists tightly and grabbed his collar.

“REBECCA!“, Rose shrieked as she tried to pry my hands off him but I only tightened my grip on his collar. I glared at Xavier who was staring me with a frown.

“Don’t act innocent. I’ve seen you killing Finn, so don’t you da-”

I flinched when Xavier suddenly grabbed my hand and took me towards the principal’s office. Rose looked at him confused and followed us.

When we reached there I saw a boy with his hands cuffed behind his back being dragged away by cops.

“What the hell?“, I was stunned as I couldn’t believe what my eyes just saw. Xavier then looked at me.

“He killed Finn. Ask the officers”, he spoke in a nonchalant tone. I immediately ran towards them.

“Sir, he hadn’t killed him?“, I immediately said while blocking their way. The officer glared at me making me perplexed.

“That boy himself had confessed”, he snapped at me. I looked at that boy in shock. He was looking down while crying.

“Don’t lie, I know-“, I held his shoulders, he was innocent!

“Take me please”, that boy instantly yelled in a broken voice to the cops. They then took him away. I looked behind only to see Xavier hugging Rosaline while she kept crying. He then looked at me.

“Don’t worry, my Rose. I am here”, Xavier smirked while I glared at him with hatred and disgust.

He then cupped Rose’s face and wiped off her tears.

“I love you Rose”, he said while pecking her lips. She smiled back.

“I love you too Xavier”

End of flashback~

Present time

“But what you didn’t knew was that you’re not dealing with a random criminal. You’re dealing with Xavier Knight, a Mafia King, the Leader of Black Swan and most importantly with the most dangerous and WANTED CRIMINAL of America”

Xavier growled with clenched jaw as he stabbed me after each and every word. Tears kept streaming down my eyes.

“And moreover with a crazy lover....”

He chuckled darkly while twisting the knife deep in my stomach. I coughed blood. My vision started turning blurry.

I was about to die!

Xavier then smirked and removed his hands from my mouth. He got up from me from me and said in a creepy tone,

“May you rest in hell..”

He spat and gave me a death glare. With that he jumped out of the window. I kept staring at the open window with blood-red eyes waiting for my death call.

“B-be s-safe R-Rose”

And with those last words I finally closed my eyes.

End of Rebecca’s P.O.V.


~Time skip

At CIA Headquarters


Vincent slammed his fists on the table angrily while glaring at everyone whose heads were hung low in shame.

“Sir, we need to protect Rosaline”, Leon said nervously.

“No!!“, Noah growled.

Everyone looked at him shocked by his words. Vincent glared him.

“What do you mean by ‘No’?? He’ll definitely come after her”, he spat angrily.

Noah then stood up from his chair and walked towards him while running a hand over his blonde hair.

“If we tell Rosaline about this don’t you think she’ll​ get panicked? Moreover we don’t even know where is Xavier?“,he said. Vincent narrowed his eyes at him in a suspicious manner. Noah understood his indication.

“I know what you’re pointing at but I literally don’t know where he is now”

“But weren’t you the one whom Xavier had always trusted blindly?“, Vincent said in his raspy voice. Noah glared him fiercely.

“But you should remember that I am Agent 001, Boss” he spoke with clenched jaw. Vincent was about to pounce on him but Mr. Andrew immediately butt in.

“It’s not the time for any argument. We need to take a quick action”, he tried to clear off the heated tension between the two raging guys who were looking at each other like predators.

“Well for now, we need to trace Xavier. And we all must focus our attention on that only”, Noah spoke with gritted teeth while looking at Vincent with piercing eyes.

Vincent scoffed, “That’s your job, not mine. But I want that Mafioso as soon as possible”

He spoke in a hoarse voice while shooting daggers at Noah. He then stood up from the chair and left the room while shutting the door with a loud bang.


End of tenth chapter.

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