Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 11: Come Back Home◆

2 years later

It’s been two years since Rosaline had left Xavier. Xavier was nowhere to be found. CIA kept searching him like hunting dogs all these years but they couldn’t find any trace neither of him nor his members. It was as if he got disappeared in thin air.

Vincent and Noah’s relationship was deteriorating day by day as Vincent kept accusing Noah of hiding Xavier away from CIA but Noah always turn nose up at all his allegations. He himself was in a state of turmoil due to Xavier’s sudden disappearance. But they still haven’t informed Rosaline about it.

Rosaline was now working as a designing engineer in Tim Corporation in Paris. It was a company which produces luxurious and ravishing models of commercial cars. It was the second largest car manfacturing company of Europe. Her boss was highly impressed by her skills and talents. Rosaline was a very intelligent and hardworking girl. She always craved for working in an automobile sector so when she got recruited here, she worked with all her might and her skills were highly commendable as she nailed every design.

Rosaline had now moved on with her life and was enjoying her freedom. She finally realised that she was indeed in a toxic relationship with Xavier. She always thanked Rebecca, her best friend for saving him from that freak.

Although Rosaline loved Xavier a lot but his over-possessiveness and obsession over her had shooked her to the core. She knows that she betrayed him but that was the only chance for her to escape and survive. Maybe Xavier will hate her forever for that but he literally left her with no choice.

Rosaline lived in an apartment all alone which was gifted her from the company as a reward for winning the “Best Employee” trophy last year. She had made a lot of new friends there and was now enjoying her new life.

At Tim Corporation, Paris

12:30 p.m.


Rosaline turned around. Her friend Jennifer came running towards her while smiling widely.

“Yes, Jennie”

“Rosa, you know our company is doing a tie-up with Romano Corporation”, Jennifer chirped excitedly. Rosaline’s eyes got widened as soon as she heard that.

" REALLY?, Oh my God!! They are the largest manufacturers of sports cars in Italy. Recently they had organised a grand exhibition of launching Porsche 911 in Amsterdam”, Rosaline spoke while clasping her hands as she beamed at Jennifer.

“Hmm, and you know their CEO, Antonio Romano along with one of his friend is arriving tomorrow. I have heard that his friend is one of the most richest businessman of United States”, Jennifer said.

Rosaline immediately turned stiff as she heard ’United States’. The place where she had left many dreadful memories behind.

“W-When are they coming?“, she stuttered nervously.

“Tomorrow, I told you “, Jennifer said gleefully. Rosaline nodded meekly and looked away.

“Okay, I need to go now. I have to arrange for their cordial welcome ceremony”, Jennifer said. Rosaline smiled at her and nodded. Jennifer then ran away cheerfully while Rosaline kept looking at the door, her eyes clouded with fear and anticipation.

“I hope he is not the one whom I am thinking”

Time skip

At Romano Mansion, Italy

9:00 p.m.

Xavier was in the balcony enjoying the elegant and luscious Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Romanée-Conti Grand Cru while staring at his sweetheart’s picture.

Basically Xavier was with Antonio Romano, mafia leader of the most powerful gang of Italy, “The Wyvern”.


2 years ago

At CIA Headquarters, U.S.

“Long time no see, Wyvern”

Xavier smirked while staring at the guy standing infront of him. That guy chuckled huskily and took of his mask. He was none other than Antonio Romano.

“Hello Mafia”, Antonio rasped.

Xavier got up from the bed and pulled out the drip connected on his hand. He then removed all the tubes from his body. Xavier walked towards Antonio. They both then shake hands.

Xavier and Antonio share good relationships with each other since the very beginning. Xavier used to buy all the weapons from Antonio’s gang as they were the dealer of the most elite and first-rate weapons in Europe. In return Antonio used to give Xavier his trained men for security and issue him licenses illegally to buy weapons.

"Hmm, our Gangsta got a bloody shot”, Antonio mocked him while wiggling his eyebrows.

Xavier scoffed and in a blink of an eye he peeled off the bandage around his chest in one go and threw it on floor. Antonio became shocked by his aggresive behavior.

“Whoa boy!! What the fuck are you doing?“, he said. Xavier didn’t replied him instead he crouched down on the floor and picked up that bandage. He then glared at it with his pitch-black orbs as he smiled devilishly.

“I don’t want this wound to heal ever. This scar will always remind me of the treachery of my love”

Antonio looked at Xavier. He could see the fire of vengeance burning in his eyes. He sighed and nodded.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s go”, Xavier looked at him fiercely.

“No, I need to teach a lesson to someone”, he smirked cynically while his grip on the bandage tightened. Antonio smirked.

And then Xavier murdered Rebecca.

End of Flashback~

Since then Xavier had been living with Antonio. Antonio was also a famous business tycoon of Italy. His company, the Romano Corporation was the leading manufacturers of luscious sports cars. His real identity was hidden from everyone just like Xavier. Black Swan’s gang members Sebastian and Elijah had also started working with Wyverns.

But Xavier was eventually deluging in deep despair. His Empire was completely devastated after the disclosure of his real character. He was castigated by the American media and his ideal image of a lucrative businessman and a respectful person of America was badly mucked up. The police and KIA was on the qui vive so Antonio had to secretly hide him in his mansion.

But that red-blooded stallion was slowly blazing in the fire of vengeance.

Xavier had become too quiet and cold-hearted. He had become addicted to loneliness. Xavier didn’t talked much and kept drinking and smoking alone in his room. Sebastian and Elijah were too much worried about him but Xavier always gave their concern a cold shoulder.

When Antonio’s men found about Rosaline’s whereabouts, Antonio immediately informed Xavier about it. But to his surprise, Xavier didn’t even showed a glimpse of excitement or delight. Since that day Antonio’s men kept spying on Rosaline and used to hand over her pictures which they used to take secretely to Xavier.

Xavier used to stare at her pictures daily for hours with stony-eyed. He never looked at it with love but with anger and hatred.

Present time

Xavier was staring at Rosaline’s photos which were scattered on the table. Suddenly a knock on the door grabbed his attention. He turned around only to meet Antonio who was walking towards him with a serious expression on his face.

“Finally we achieved for what you had been waiting for two years, pal. Our company had arranged the deal with Tim Corporation for our new project collaboration. Time to leave Mafioso”, Antonio said. Xavier smirked and placed the glass of wine on the table.

“But I don’t think she’ll be able to recognize you even”

Xavier scoffed.

“When even I can’t recognize myself then how will she recognize me?”, he spoke in a husky voice while staring at the city lights. Antonio chuckled.

“You’ve really changed a lot, Xavier. Even your voice had turned huskier and more deep. But I think Rosaline will be able to identify you as she love-”

But before he could complete his sentence all of a sudden Xavier flip the table. It got crashed on the wall with a loud thud spilling the opulent wine on the floor. Antonio got flinched as he didn't expected that. He looked at Xavier in shock. Xavier glared at him with blood-red eyes.


He snarled with gritted teeth. Antonio stared at him fearfully as Xavier was literally fuming in anger.

“Calm down dude. I was just saying tha-“, Xavier quickly shut him up by raising his hand in front of his face.

“I have enough of this nonsense. I just know one thing that she betrayed me”, he growled with clenched fists. Antonio still tried to defend Rosaline.

“Maybe those CIA’s agents had forced her or maybe it was her helplessness that she had to do th-”

“I DON’T CARE. SHE CHEATED WITH ME. SHE LEFT ME. THAT’S WHAT ALL I KNOW. UNDERSTOOD?“, Xavier yelled in a thunderous growl. Antonio sealed his lips into a thin line as he knew it was of no use. He looked down in defeat.

Xavier then heaved a deep sigh to calm himself down. He bent down and picked a photograph of Rosaline. He then kissed it lovingly making Antonio frown at his weirdness.

But suddenly Xavier’s gaze turned dark. His eyes got blood-shot, jaw clenched and face dark. He crumpled the photograph between his fingers while his knuckles turned white.

“I loved you with all my heart but you took advantage of my love. I was slowly changing myself for you but you didn’t even gave me a chance”, Xavier smirked sinisterly as he spoke in an eerie tone.

Well that was true though. Xavier was secretly opening an orphanage and an old age shelter home in Chicago just for Rosaline. He too felt guilty of caging her and misbehaving with her, so he was doing all these to ask for her forgiveness.

On the day when the fate changed, Xavier was about to surprise Rosaline about it but he didn’t got the chance since Rosaline not only betrayed him that day but also left him to suffer alone.

Xavier chuckled while remebering those past memories, his eyes turned moist but his rage overpowered his grief. He tilted his head as he started smiling like a creep while Antonio kept staring him with sad eyes.

“You have played with me enough Rosebud but now it’s my time. You have literally enjoyed your freedom way too much but now it’s time for you to...

Come back home"


End of eleventh chapter.

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