Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 12: Rendezvous with a Known Stranger◆

At Tim Corporation, Paris

9:15 a.m.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I was stacking all the files neatly making sure there should not be any flaws. I was too excited for the meeting of our company with Romano Corporation.

I am a huge fan of Antonio Romano. He has always been my role model. I love sports cars and the Romano Co. were the top manufacturers of cars like Porsche 911 and Porsche 718 Boxter. At such a young age, Antonio Romano has established his empire so well and productively​.

While I was lost in my own thoughts, suddenly Jenniefer barged inside the room making me flinched.

“What are you doing here? Let’s go, they had arrived”


I immediately grabbed my tab from the desk and rushed outside.

The entrance was blocked by all the staffs, media reporters and guards. It was too boisterous and rambunctious​. The situation was getting out of control and of course it would be because Antonio Romano was a huge name in the automobile industry.

Suddenly a ravishing black Lamborghini stopped near the main gate. Jennifer and I smiled at each other widely and rushed towards the entrance only to get a glimpse of the handsome magnate.

And there he was!

‘God, I’ll die. He is too handsome’

Antonio smiled at everyone but then he turned his head and looked to his right. I got perplexed and followed his gaze. A tall guy with charcoal hair and tan skin stepped out of the car. He was wearing a white shirt along with black pants. Few buttons of his shirt were opened giving a clear view of his toned chest. His sleeves were folded up to his elbows giving a perfect view of his tattoos. His neck was also covered with dark body art and his face had a lot of piercings. He was for sure handsome and brawny, the veins displayed on his neck and arms clearly defined it but he didn’t look like a businessman.

Who is he?

I tried to get a clear view of him but my vision got blocked as they both were literally hedged by countless men in blacks.

“Urgg!! I can’t see anything”, I whined while jumping in air dying to see the second man.

“Stop it Rosa. You’ll see them in the conference room”, Jennifer snickered while looking at me jumping like a kid. I pouted and was turned around.We both started heading inside the building when

“Excuse me Miss.”

I turned around.

“You dropped your handkerchief.”

I looked up only to see the same dark guy staring me while holding my handkerchief​. I got a weird sensation in my stomach just by looking at him. He looked like a bad guy.

But his eyes?

The way he was staring was too intimate and creepy...

I quickly snatched my napkin from his hands. I mumbled a small thanks and practically ran inside the building.


~Time skip

11:00 a.m.

Inside the conference room

The meeting started. Everyone was too focused with the heated discussion going on about our project.

Our company was the producer of commercial cars but I suggested our managers to design a latest technology hybrid vehicle which would be designed only for racing purposes. I was too much impressed by Romano Co. so I also wanted to work with them. Since our company didn’t had any taste in sports cars so I persuaded them to make a deal with Romano Co.

I was a little bit skeptical when they immediately accepted our offer. I mean how can a top notch company of the world can accept an offer of a random automobile company so easily? But my passion and longing suppressed my apprehension as I always wanted to work with Antonio Romano.

Antonio was talking with our managers about the deal. I was staring him all the time like a loon. I know I may sound like a creep but it was like my dream came true. But I need to act professional otherwise what we he think of me? I immediately composed myself and looked up but all of a sudden my eyes landed on that dark guy. I came to know that his name is Ace.

I don’t know but I felt as if I know that guy. Obviously I haven’t seen him ever. Jennifer told me that he is the richest man of U.S. but his looks tells something else. He is Antonio’s frined but he is as he looks like a goon. Moreover why did Antonio brought him here? For what purpose?

Ace was too quiet and kept a stern look on his face throughout the entire meeting.

“So, Mr. Romano do you accept the deal?” Mr. Tim, our CEO said.

Antonio looked at Ace for a consent. We all looked at him confused. He gave him a curt nod. Antonio smirked.

“Deal!“, he replied.

We all breathed a sigh of relief and looked at each other happily. Jennie hugged me out of happiness. I chuckled.

“But, I want something”

Everyone immediately​ turned around hearing a deep husky voice.

That voice!

I turned back only to see Ace standing in front of me. I got startled and immediately moved back.

“Yes Sir, what do you want?“, Mr. Tim said while eyeing me suspiciously.

Why is he looking at me like that when I myself don’t know what’s happening?

Ace stared me when all of a sudden his lips curved into a diabolical smirk. My heart started palpitating wildly as I saw his eyes glistening with evilness.

“This girl”

My eyes widened in shock.


I looked at him in shock. Not me but everyone gasped at his words.

“What are you sayin-“, Jennifer yelled at him but he immediately raised his index finger at her face and glared her. She shut her mouth instantly.

“NO!! I don’t accept your offer”, I spoke sternly while staring at him fiercely but he just smirked at my response making me confused.

“Cancel the deal, Antonio”

We all looked at him petrified. “W-What are you saying?“, Mr. Tim looked at him in shock and panic.

“My friend wants her and if you can’t give her to us, then forget about your deal”, Antonio snapped at him. I looked at him in disbelief.

“No! Why are you doing this? What do you want from me?“, I said in a broken voice trying to control my tears.

“We are waiting for your call, Mr. CEO”, Ace said while glaring me completely ignoring my question. I looked at Mr. Tim with pleading eye. He looked at me sadly.

“But what do you want from he-”


All of a sudden Ace yelled in a thunderous growl making my heart drop to the pit of my stomach. His raucous roar echoed inside the room making everyone look at him in fear. I looked at my boss while tears of anticipation and dread started embracing my cheek.

“Sir pleas-”


My breathe stopped. Everyone become stunned by his answer.

“NO, HOW COULD YOU-“, Jennifer shouted angrily but Antonio cut him off.

“Then it’s final”, I curled my fingers in a fist and glared him.

“NO, I DON’T AGREE WITH IT”, I screamed. I walked towards him with a heavy heart while he kept staring me with a flat face.

“I have always adored and respected you but today I understood that all glitters are not gold. You filthy businessmen can only play with the feelings and emotions of a person. For you everything in your life is nothing but a DEAL!“, I yelled with tears streaming down my face and stormed off the conference hall without sparing a single glance at that beast.

But I could feel his eyes boring holes in my body from behind.


End of twelfth chapter.

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