Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 13: CAPTURED◆

(Warning: 18+, triggering scenes. Do skip if you feel uncomfortable)

At Highstay Apartment, Paris

9:00 p.m.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

After that hurtful incident at Tim Corporation, I immediately came back to my apartment. Jennie kept calling me, I know she was worried for me but I was so pissed. I was in no mood to talk to anyone so I simply rejected her calls and switched off my cell.

Currently I was laying on my bed ruminating about that humiliation which I had to go through at my own company where I worked my fingers to bone by a mere stranger. That Tim himself told me that I was an asset for his company but today he decided to throw me away just for that stupid deal as I am a piece of trash. And that Antonio Romano, whom I had always admired my whole life, he even supported his friend’s rubbish condition. I was stunned to see his real face. A sad chuckle escaped my lips. Guess, I judged a book by it’s cover. But the thing which was bothering me the most was that Ace guy.

'Why did he even put forward such an absurd condition that had nothing to do with the business deal? What does he want from me?'

I don’t know him but he seemed familiar.

“But what is his full name? He didn’t told that.”

'Ace? Richest man of United States?'

“How come I’ve never heard of him before? Whatever, I think he is a manwhore. How come Antonio Romano befriended him? Hah, these businessmen, what do they even think of themselves? If they are rich, powerful, famous that doesn’t give them the right to insult a woman, to treat people below them like a garbage. Bloody,sick, shameless rich brats. I will never forgive them for what they did to me. Moreover that bastard, I curse him to rot in hell. Because of that freak only, I lost my dream job. Sick asshole” , I babbled while angry tears escaped my eyes. I kept throwing profanities at him when all of a sudden I jolted up as the doorbell rang. I frowned.

“Who will come at this hour?”

I made my way to the living room and opened the door.

My eyes widened in shock. I was confronted with the man whom I despise the most right now.

“Hi, Baby girl”

Ace was standing right in front of me. He was wearing a white loose tee along with black sweatpants. I was shell shocked by his unexpected presence that too in my own house. I kept staring him without even blinking. Ace smirked as he noticed me eyeing him up and down.

'Oh no, Did he came here to forcibly take me with him? But how come he even came to he know that I live here? Did Tim told him? Will he really take me along with him?'


I panicked and immediately tried to close the door but he pushed it open with his hands and barged inside. He then closed the door and locked it.


I was instantly slammed on the wall as Ace held my shoulders in a tight grip and glared me.

“You are coming with me”, he spoke while moving closer to my face. I was right.


I started screaming for my life, “HELP!!! SOME-Mmmfff”

All of a sudden he slammed his lips on mine and started kissing me wildly. I froze as I didn’t expected that. My heart started pounding like a jackhammer as I was beyond petrified. He started chewing my lips as if he wanted to eat them. I jolted when he bit on my lower lip. A metallic taste burnt my tongue making me gasp in horror. Taking the advantage he entered his tongue in my mouth and started devouring me alive. I started struggling like a mad woman, I can’t let him do that to me. I started punching his chest and shoulders but he pinned me on the spot and kept kissing me hungrily. His grip on me was way too tight, I felt my blood supply getting cut off my veins. My muscles started aching due to his brutal grip. But that beast was lost in his own pleasure. Sinful groans started escaping his mouth as he started giving me open mouth kisses. I tried to grab his hair as I tried my best to fight him but I was in no match against this hulk. Ace pressed me hard on the wall and kept kissing me like a madly. It was as if his life was dependent on it. He wasn’t even giving me a chance to breathe. I started​ pushing his shoulders as I was losing my breathe.

After 10 minutes of a long lustful kiss, he pulled off. I looked down while galloping large ounces of air. Tears kept streaming down my eyes. He himself was breathing heavily. I flinched as all of a sudden he cupped my chin lifting it up a little and crashed his lips on my neck. He started sucking and biting my neck harshly.

“N-no p-please....AHH!!!“, Ace bit on my neck hard and started sucking the same spot. By now I was crying and sobbing loudly. I was too terrified. I was feeling too helpless, scared and alone. Scary thoughts started running my mind thinking what this monster can do to me. I tried my best to push him off me but his wanton hands groped my body tightly and started touching me inappropriately.

And with that I closed my eyes and a name slipped my lips unknowingly.


Ace immediately stopped his vile actions and left me. I had my eyes closed while tears kept falling down. I was shivering badly. After finding myself free, I slowly opened my eyes only to find him looking at me with a shock expression. I pushed him a little but he didn’t budged.

“Please leave me. I beg you”, I sobbed while pushing his shoulders but Ace pulled me more closer to his face and whispered near my lips.

“Who’s Xavier?”

His eyes had a glint of taunt.

My eyes widened but soon my fear got replaced with rage. I glared him and quickly kicked him in his private part. He groaned in pain. I pushed him a little and immediately rushed to unlock the door. But to my dismay, Ace immediately slammed his right hand on the door and spun me around pinning me on it. I looked at him in horror as his eyes were blood-red and he was burning in anger.

“ANSWER ME!“, he yelled ferociously making me tremble. I panicked and screamed my lungs out.


He again shut me off by crashing his lips on mine harshly. I tried to kick him again but he grasped a handful of my hair and pulled it making me yelp in pain.He took the opportunity and shoved his tongue in my mouth swallowing my screams and wails. I sobbed in the kiss as he traced his other hand below my waist and squeezed my butt making me shriek. I started moving my head vigorously but he kept tightening his grip on my hair. My saclp started stinging hard. I was sweating badly, my heart was hammering in my head and my breathing turned shallow. I felt like dying. Slowly my struggles died down. My hands fell onto the sides and I leaned on the door unable to bear my own weight.

Suddenly he broke the kiss and glared at my face dampened with tears. I looked at him with half opened eyelids as I was completely exhausted. My eyelashes were soaked and I could only see his blurred figure.


He growled while pulling my lower lip with his teeth as he leaned forward to capture my lips in a chaste kiss. I looked at him in fear and bewilderment when all of a sudden I felt a stinging pain in my neck. My eyes widened in horror but Ace just smirk at me and kissed my left cheek. Black dots started appearing in front of my eyes. My vision turned blurred. I felt a soft touch of lips on my forehead and with that I blacked out not before hearing his last words.

“Sleep well my Rosebud”


End of thirteenth chapter.

Thank you guys. Guys this is a dark romance book, if you feel uncomfortable PLEASE DON'T READ. I have already warned you all so do read with an open mind as it's just a book. Don't take these things to heart, I am just telling you for your own sake as things would go harsh from next chapter. You may feel uncomfortable so please skip instead of cursing the author 😉 and refrain yourself from throwing hateful comments. 🤗

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