Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 14: Back in the DEVIL'S CAGE◆

(WARNING: Triggering scenes and Mature content 18+, do watch on your own risk)

Unknown place

8:30 p.m.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I groaned and slowly opened my eyes only to be met with a huge flamboyant chandelier dangling over my head. My eyes widened. I groaned in pain as I felt my head throbbing. I clutched my head and massaged my temple a little to soothe the excruciating pain. I looked and found myself in a deluxe bedroom. The room had huge walls which were painted in beige color. The windows were also large and were covered with large heavy curtains.


I panicked and immediately tried to get up but abruptly got pulled back making me fell down on the bed. My brows furrowed in confusion. I looked behind.

“Oh my God!!”

I was handcuffed to the bed.

‘No, no, no, no’

My heart started beating at an irregular pace. Soon incidents of past started flashing in front of my eyes.

Ace? His brutal acts? I fainted. That means he drugged me?

Sweat beads started forming on my forehead. No, I can’t let him do this with me. That sick psychopath had the audacity to kidnap me. My breathing turned irregular. His intentions aren’t good. He even molested me. I started tugging on the cuffs hard trying to free myself.

“HELP!!! SOMEONE HELP!!!“, I shouted while tears of apprehension and helplessness started rolling down my cheeks. I pulled harder on the restraints which only bruised my wrists. I cried, screamed but no one came for my rescue.

After around ten minutes the door burst open with a loud bang making me jump in fear. I titled my neck towards the door, my eyes glimmered with joy as I waited patiently for my savior but my hopes died in midway when my teary-eyes met with the same pitch black orbs.


Ace came inside and locked the door. He then turned around to face me. He was still in his old clothes but what surprised me was his eyes. They were empty and icy cold. His face was stoic. He stared me blankly while I stared him in horror. All the past scenarios started running in my mind like a cassette tape. He started walking towards me. My senses immediately turned on alert mode as soon as I saw him advancing me.

“Please, don’t. Leave me”, I started screaming like a maniac but Ace remained unbothered by my outburst. His gaze was still cold while his steps were calculative.

I stated crawling back on the bed. Ace stopped near the bed sizing me up with his shrewd gaze while I gawk him, watching his every move. I was alarmed yet scared at the same time. Tears kept escaping from my eyes as I was too terrified of him.

The mattress slowly sunk down as he sat beside me. I moved to the corner and looked at him in fear.

“Why so scared, Hun?“, he spoke in a mocking tone.

“Please leave me. I am married​“, I spoke in a broken voice while wiping my never ending tears with the back of my palm.

His eyes widened in shock after hearing my reply. A spark of hope ignited in my heart noticing his reaction. I nodded my head vigorously to assure him. But all of a sudden the corner of his lips curved into an evil smirk making me confuse.

“To whom?“, he whispered softly. I took a deep breathe. My heartbeat automatically slowed down to normal.

“Xavier, Xavier Knights” I immediately replied. Ace then moved closer to my face. I immediately backed away from him.

“The Mafia whom you had betrayed?”

He spoke in a stern voice while glaring at me. I looked at him in shock.

“I didn’t betra-”

A shriek escaped my lips when all of a sudden he slammed his fists beside my head on the headboard making me shut my eyes tightly. I opened my eyes and looked at him only to flinch back in fear.

All of a sudden his eyes turned blood-red and his face became dark.

“DON’T LIE!!!”

He growled with clenched jaw. I shooked my head in denial while tears kept flowing from my eyes like a waterfall.

“I am not lying. I haven’t be-”

Ace didn’t let me finish as he immediately grabbed my cheeks tightly and pushed me on the bed. He then hovered over me. I started thrashing and screaming in his hold.

“You are a bloody con artist, Rosaline. You left him to suffer alone. He got destroyed because of you. And now you even got the guts to FUCKING LIE ON MY FACE!!”

He yelled fiercely as he squeezed my cheeks harshly. I screamed in pain. I kept shaking my head but he immediately got off me. I was still in a daze when all of a sudden he took off my handcuffs. He then grabbed me from my right forearm and pulled me from the bed.

“Ace, lis- AHH!!“, I screamed when he grabbed a chunk of my hair and started dragging me outside. I kept screaming as it was hurting like hell. I couldn’t even take a look of my surroundings as he kept dragging me like an animal. A painful scream escaped my mouth when all of a sudden he pushed me on the floor. I turned back and looked at him in shock.

“From now on she is the maid of the house. She will do all the household chores. And I warn you all...NO ONE WILL HELP HER, UNDERSTOOD?”

He yelled at all the guards and maids. They nodded immediately in fear. I got up and glared him.


I yelled furiously. He glared me and marched towards me angrily but instantly I ran from there. I looked around to find the exit. My eyes sparkled as soon as I saw a huge wooden door. I quickly turned my steps and made a dash towards it.

“GUARDS, CATCH HER!!“, A thunderous growl boomed in the entire hall making my heart jump. I hastened my steps but soon his soon his guards caught me.

“NO, LET GO OF ME”, I shouted and started kicking my arms and legs in air like a mad woman. Ace then grabbed me from them. I kept struggling in his hold. He then pulled my hair making me look at his raging orbs.

“Listen to me or else-”


I didn’t let him finish and spat on his face. His orbs immediately turned dark and his chest vibrated in fury.

In a blink of an eye, he swung me on his shoulder like a rag doll and started walking somewhere. I panicked and started punching his back.


A sharp pain erupted in my stomach when Ace kicked something with full force making his shoulders collide with my stomach. I lifted my head slightly. He brought me inside a different room. Ace then closed the door with a loud bang and automatically the door got locked.

I felt a bile emerging in my throat and my breathing turned difficult. I was feeling light headed when all of a sudden I was thrown on the bed. I landed on the bed on my face. I turned around and looked at Ace in fear. I tried to get up but he instantly hovered over me.

“Why are you doing this? What did I do to you?“, I sobbed while trying to get out his grip.

Ace then caressed my cheeks with his one hand and with other he started stroking my hair.

“Something which you should had never done”

He snarled with clenched jaw while glaring me fiercely. I looked up at him confounded.

“You can’t escape from me, baby girl. So, it will be better for you to obey my orders. Work for me as a maid and I won’t hurt you. But if you dare to go against me...I won’t hesitate to-”

He rasped near my lips while trailing his hands down to my neck and then to my cleavage. I screamed in horror.

“NO!!! PLEASE!!!”

“Then listen to me”, he sneered.

I started crying hysterically while looking at him in fear. He wiped off my tears and cupped my face in his palms.

“The rules are simple- Obey me and you won’t get hurt. Don’t you dare disrespect me ever and....Never try to escape”, he then gave a slight lick on my lower lip making me whimper.

“Or you’ll get the worst punishment of your life”

I looked at him with sparkling eyes. He then kissed my jawline and spoke in a deep voice.

“Do you understood?“, He glared me. I nodded in defeat.

Ace chuckled. He was for sure enjoying my helpless state. He leaned forward and was about to kiss me but I instantly slapped him hard on his cheek.


I yelled furiously as I glared him with loathe and disgust. He scoffed.

“Then where is he?“, he mocked me.

“Don’t interfere in my personal life. You don’t have any rig-”


He cut off me as he growled loudly at my face making me flinched.


I shouted back in pure rage. Ace then chuckle darkly. I bit my lower lip to control my sobs but he pulled my lower lip with his thumb freeing it from captivity and started rubbing his thumb on it. I started moving my head vigorously as I continued to fight him back but what he said next made my soul leave my body. I froze as I stared him horrified.

“You still haven’t recognized me,

my Rosebud?”


End of fourteenth chapter.

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