Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 15: Change?◆


Rosaline’s P.O.V.

“You still haven’t recognized me, Rose?”

My blood turned cold. Chills ran down my spine. It felt as if cold water was splashed right on my face.

‘Oh My God!’


It came out as a mere whisper. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The reality from which I had been running away for the past two years was now staring me mockingly. I had never imagined that the dreadful and hideous memories which I had buried deep down in my heart would struck me like a lightning bolt, crumpling down my life like a piece of paper.

Xavier caressed my wet cheeks with the tip of his cold fingers and whispered near my lips.

“Yes, Sweetheart. I am back”

Tears started escaping my eyes as I looked​ at him sadly. I slowly held his face in my trembling hands. Xavier looked at me in shock as he didn’t expected that.

“W-what happened to you Xavier? Why have you become like this?“, I said while caressing my fingers over his tattoos and piercings.

‘He wasn’t looking like my Xavier?’ Now he really looked like a gangster whom I hated the most’

“What have you done to yourself? You don’t look good. You don’t look like my Xavier. Yo-”

I couldn’t finish my sentence when suddenly Xavier slammed his lips on mine. I became shocked and started pushing his shoulders but he didn’t budged. I started moving my head sideways but he pulled my lower lip harshly digging his teeth in it making me yelp in pain.

Xavier then broke the kiss with a sloppy sound and glared me while I stared him in horror.

“I have become like this because of you. I have destroyed myself because of you. You dumped me and ran away”, he growled gripping my face tightly, his fingers squeezing my cheeks painfully.

‘But that isn’t true’

I grabbed his hands and jerked them off my face.

“Don’t try to frame me, Xavier. You are at fault here, not me. And I didn’t dumped you, you were the one who lied to me, hid your real self, killed my friends, hit me multiple times and even you have sexually assaulted me. I was too scared of you that’s why I ran for my life”, I screamed on his face.

He was taken aback with my words. Taking the opportunity of his frozen state, I pushed him off from me and ran away. I went inside a random room and locked the door. I couldn’t control myself anymore and burst into tears.

“Why doesn’t he understand?”

I slide down on the floor while crying my heart out.


~Next day

8:00 a.m.

I woke up as I felt glittery rays of sun embracing my face. I squinted my eyes to adjust my vision to the bright light. I opened my eyes slowly and found myself on the bed. Even my body was draped with a silky turquoise duvet.

‘But I was on the floor. How did I ended up here?’

I scanned this fancy room admiring it when I heard the sound of door creak.



Xavier had cut his hair short and had also removed the piercings he had on his left brow and lower lip. He was wearing a black Louis Vuitton suit and was looking very handsome and hot.

Unknowingly a smile crept on my face as he was just looking like my Xavier. But to my surprise he smiled at me back. He then came inside the room and approached me.

Xavier then sat beside me. I kept staring at him quietly. He then raised his hands and cupped my right cheek in his palm.

“How are you?“, he said while staring me softly. I don’t know but all of a sudden my eyes​ got filled with tears and I crashed into his arms. I started sobbing. Xavier didn’t said anything. He wrapped his arms around my back and hugged me tightly. He started patting my head softly calming me down.

After 15 minutes of bawling my eyes out, I broke the hug. He wiped off my tears and pecked my forehead.

“Feeling Okay?” I nodded while my gaze was still down. Xavier hummed in response and made me look at him.

“Wait here”, he said and left the room. I was completely baffled by his sudden demeanor but then he entered the room with a plastic bag in his hand. He closed the door and came near me. He then handed me the bag. I looked at him confused.

“Take a look”

I took the bag from his hands and found a box inside it. It was wrapped up. It looked like some sort of gift. I smiled and looked at Xavier. He chuckled and wiggled his eyebrows indicating me to open it. I unwrapped the box and saw a beautiful gown. But?

It was the same dress that he had bought for me when we went to the mall that day where I met Vincent.

Xavier then took the gown from my hands and placed another box on my lap. It was also a gift. I excitedly unwrapped it quickly and saw...

A beautiful ruby and diamond pendant necklace.

I looked up at Xavier with teary-eyes. He smiled and sat beside me.


“What, why? Can’t I give gifts to my beautiful wife?“, Xavier snickered but frowned as I averted my gaze down while more tears dripped down from my eyes.


“But I don’t deserve it”, I mumbled guiltily but he heard it. He sighed and wiped off my tears with his thumb.

“Stop it now. I don’t want to see tears in your eyes. Get up and get ready. I’ll be waiting for you, my Princess”, he said. I looked at him bewildered but he chuckled and pecked my lips.

“Xavier, but you said last night that I bet-”

He immediately placed his index finger on my lips making me quiet.

“No more talking. First I want you to get fresh up and then come downstairs. We’ll discuss this later”, he smiled at me. Xavier then got up and opened the door. Four maids entered the room.

“Doll up my baby and send her downstairs”, he ordered them to which they nodded. He then smiled at me and left the room.

‘What happened to him all of a sudden?’

~Time skip

9:00 a.m.

The maids did my makeup and hair. I checked myself in the mirror. I looked gorgeous but I was a bit confused as why Xavier had gifted me such fancy things? Is he going to take me out somewhere?

I slowly descended the stairs not to trip over the steps because of this heavy silk gown. I saw Xavier in the living room sitting on the couch. He was doing some work on his laptop. I walked towards him.

“Xavier”, I called him softly.

He looked at me. He kept the laptop on the table and stood up.

“You look stunning babe”, he smirked as he eyed me from head to toe. I blushed and looked down. He chuckled.

“Okay now go and prepare breakfast”


But I thought we were going out?

I was befuddled by his words.


“You heard me”, Xavier said nonchalantly. He then turned around and walked back to his previous place.

“10 minutes”, he rasped as he sat on the couch and took his laptop kept on the table.

“What?“, I said while staring at him with furrowed brows. I nearly jumped on my spot when Xavier abruptly threw the laptop on the floor with a loud thud. I looked at him in shock but he stood up and yelled furiously making me startled.

“WHAT WHAT? ARE YOU DEAF OR WHAT? I said to make breakfast for me and it should be prepared within 10 minutes. UNDERSTOOD?“, he roared while glaring me fiercely. I was stunned to see his eyes burning with rage.

“Why would I make breakfast for you? Especially how can I make it in this dress?“, I retorted while pointing towards the extra large, wavy gown that he made me wore. But to my surprise, he just scoffed at my words.

“That’s not my problem. And besides, I want you to dress up like a Barbie Doll ’cause you’re my Doll”, he snickered as he took long strides towards me.

I look at him in shock, “What do you mean?”

Xavier chuckled darkly. He lifted his right hand in air and started caressing my cheeks with the back of his palm.

“Yes baby, I had always loved you with my whole heart but I don’t think you deserve my love. Did you thought that I had forgotten about your treachery? No baby and I think now it’s time to show you my real self. Now I am gonna play with you in the same way you had played with me. And now I would really treat you like my real Doll”

His words ran chills down my spine as I stayed rooted on my spot. That means he wasn’t giving me gifts rather was dolling me up to behave like one too. My eyes got filled with tears. I could hear my heart shattering. He started leaning in but I quickly pushed him back and yelled furiously.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN?“, I shouted but I got startled when suddenly Xavier took out his shiny silver gun tucked in his pant and pointed it at a maid.

“Xavier, What are you doing?” I shivered in fear but he kept a straight face.

“Go or else I’ll shoot”, he spat, his tone was cold while his face was expressionless.





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