Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 16: Beginning of HELL◆

(Warning: 18+, Disturbing scenes. If you feel uncomfortable, do skip)

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I froze in my spot. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw the lifeless body of that maid laying on the cold floor whom my own husband had murdered. I rushed towards her but Xavier immediately held my arm from behind stopping me.

“Don’t ruin your clothes. Now go and make breakfast”, he spoke in an indifferent tone.

Seriously, this man has a stone heart!

I glared him furiously and snatched my arms away from him.

“You will never change Xavier. You will always remain the same sick PSYCHOPATH WHOM I LEFT TWO YEARS AGO!!!“, I yelled but in an instant my face got turned to the left as Xavier backhanded me. The impact was so strong that I couldn’t maintain my balance and fell down on the floor. I held my throbbing cheek with my right hand and looked at him with teary-eyes.

“I am saying for the last time, go Sweetheart and do what I say”, he growled with gritted teeth. But this time I didn’t obeyed him. I shook my head denial and stood up from the floor.

“NO, NEVER. I am not scared of you. I won’t listen to a MONSTER like you. I am leaving right now”, I screamed while glaring him with the same intensity. Hie eyes darkened with rage as he clenched his jaw. He was definitely becoming pissed by my rebellious attitude. I turned around and started walking towards the entrance when


I heard another gunshot which made my heart jump in fear. I turned back and saw another maid lying on the floor covered in a pool of blood. My eyes widened in horror as I looked at Xavier in disbelief. But his face remained impassive as he stared in my eyes directly, daring me to defy him again. A hidden caveat was glistening in his psychotic eyes which made me go off the deep end. I rushed to him and grabbed his collar.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?“, I shouted on his face but instead he grabbed my hair and pulled it as he made me look in his blood-red eyes.

“I had already told you that you will do whatever I’ll say. See, just because of your stubbornness, two innocent people got killed”

My eyes widened. He chuckled at my petrified face.

“I d-didn’t d-do a-any-anyth-“, I couldn’t speak as fear and remorse hit me hard.

Because of m-me, they died?

Xavier smirked as he enjoyed my helplessness. He stroked my cheek where he had slapped me earlier. He traced the gun towards my jawline and lifted my chin a little making me look at him.

“Yes baby, because of you only they died. Listen to me and I won’t kill anyone and if you don’t-” He sneered while pointing the gun at another maid who was shivering with fear. She looked at me and pleaded me to save her with tears streaming down her face.

“No, please don’t”, I implored as I myself started sobbing. Xavier chuckled darkly.

“Then listen to me always”, he rasped.

I nodded my head vigorously. Xavier smirked and release me. I immediately turned my heels and ran towards the kitchen while wiping off my tears with the back of my palm.

~Time skip

After 30 minutes

I didn’t know where the food ingredients were kept in the kitchen. I looked at the maids but they kept looking down as Xavier had strictly instructed them not to help me. I don’t know what to do so I chose the simplest recipe which I can prepare in such a short time.

I made banana pancakes as it was Xavier’s favorite. I made sure to make it tasty, just the way he likes. Maybe eating his favorite dish may lighten up his mood a little and would lessen his psychopathic tendencies. I quickly made a fresh orange juice. I placed all the dishes on the tray and practically ran towards the dining room making sure not to spill the contents on the floor. I kept the tray on the table and hurriedly started arranging the plates for him.

“You’re late”

I startled by his sudden appearance. I looked to my right only to see Xavier staring me blankly with his arms crossed over his chest. My mouth turned dry. He then started walking towards me with predatory steps. I could feel my heart hammering in my head.

“I am sorry...I didn’t know where were the ingredients.... I-”

“Sshh”, I flinched as he placed his index finger on my lips.

“There is no need to cry over the spilled milk”, he smiled cynically and with those words he took the plate from the table and threw it on the floor.

“What did you-”

“SHUT UP!!“, he yelled in a thunderous. Chills ran down my spine as I looked at him in shock.

“I TOLD YOU TO PREPARE IT IN 10 MINUTES, DIDN’T I?“, Xavier snarled. I clenched my fists as I tried my best to control my temper.

“But how can I prepare in 10 minutes”, I said with gritted teeth and the next moment, I felt a stinging pain on my cheek as he smacked me again. I closed my eyes and bit my lips to not to cry.

“HOW DARE YOU YELL AT YOUR MASTER?“, Xavier bellowed in rage. That was the last straw. I turned my face towards him and glared him in disgust and anger.

“I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE, YOU FREAKING ASSHOLE!!“, I shouted. His jaw clenched but before he could do anything, I immediately made a dash towards the main gate. A shrill cry escaped my lips as Xavier grabbed my hair from behind pulling me back. I started crying as it was hurting as hell.

“You are one and I think I need to teach you some manners”, he growled in my ear. He then started dragging me somewhere.


I kept screaming and crying but my wails seemed deaf to him as he kept dragging me like an animal. It was really difficult for me to walk in these high heels and my ankle soon started straining. He then took me downstairs, it was sort of a basement.

Xavier then threw me on the floor roughly. I quickly placed my palms on the ground to protect my face. I looked up. The room was hella creepy. All sorts of sharp tools were hanging on the wall. A repugnant smell hit my olfactory bulbs making me scrunch my nose in disgust. The walls were coated with dry blood stains. Goosebumps ran all over my body, my lips wobbled as I cried silently.

My breathe hitched as soon as I heard some clanking sound behind me. I turned behind only to see Xavier standing behind me while holding a rusty iron chain and a duct tape in his hands. My heart stopped. My blood turned cold as I looked at him in horror.

Xavier started walked towards me, the sound of his boots hitting the cemented floor resonated inside that dark room. His eyes never left mine as he took long strides towards me while I kept crawling backwards in fear.

“P-Please, don’t....“, I mumbled as I kept moving backwards. I flinched as my back met with something hard. I look behind only to see a wall. There was no escape now. I am trapped. Xavier then crouched down in front of me. I kept staring him with wide eyes. He then lifted his hand and took my wrists but I immediately snatched away my hands from him.

“NO, DON’T!!!“, I cried and quickly tried to get up but he immediately slammed his hands on both sides of my head as he caged me between his muscular arms. All my bravery disappeared into thin air. I am stuck now and there’s no one around whom I can scream for help. I was feeling myself too defeated and vulnerable. I looked at Xavier. There wasn’t any ounce bit of sympathy in his eyes. I clutched my hands to my chest and started crying loudly. I was now completely at his mercy.

“LET ME DO IT EASILY ’CAUSE BABE I ASSURE YOU, YOU WON’T BE HANDLE MY ROUGH WAYS”, he seethed on my face making me cry more. Xavier then grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back with chains. He then grabbed my face in his right hand and with his left hand, he put the tape on my lips sealing them. I kept crying the entire time looking at him helplessly but he wasn’t moved by my tears at all. He then got up and stormed off the room not even sparing me a single glance. I rested my head on the wall as I started crying my heart out.

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.


At CIA’s Headquarters, United States


Noah shouted fiercely at his men who were standing with their heads hung low in shame.

“Sir, we have searched everywhere but we couldn’t trace Xavier Knight’s location. I don’t think he is in Paris”, Charlie, one of the officer replied.

“Sir, calm down. I think he is right. Xavier isn’t in Paris. If he had been there we would have definitely tracked him down by now”, Katherine Swift, Agent 014, tried to calm Noah down who was blazing in anger. Noah instantly shot her a death glare making her startled.

“If Rosaline is there then Xavier will be there for sure. There is certainly no doubt in that. You all are underestimating him. Don’t forget he is the leader of the most powerful gang of America. He is unbeatable”, he gritted. Katherine scoffed.

“Unbeatable, My ass. We all had caught him before, Sir. If that stupid Rebecca would had been a little careful that Gangsta would had been behind the bars of CIA today”, she spoke arrogantly while rolling her eyes.

Noah’s jaw ticked after hearing her cocky response. He started walking towards her. Katherine got startled and started moving backwards. Her back met the wall. She was about to move away when Noah caged her between his arms. She looked at him in fear. He then smirked wickedly at her pale face.

“Don’t forget Agent 014 if Rosaline hadn’t agree to betrayed Xavier and if I hadn’t back-stabbed him, you all would had never been able to arrest him. Despite of all your tacky efforts, Xavier never even allowed you all to meander around him. You won’t be able to touch him if her love hadn’t cheated on him. You all brainwashed Rosaline by assuring her with your safety crap that’s why she left him. Xavier was just shocked to see the betrayal of the love of her life that’s why you all had been able to put your hands on him. So stop earning your Brownie points for promotion by chanting your hogwash”, he growled.

Katherine averted her gaze down in shame and embarrassment. Noah then glared her and removed his hands from the wall. He then shifted his gaze from her and looked at Charlie.

“Have you found anything about Rosaline?”

Charlie gulped. He then looked down and shooked his head in negative. Noah huffed in frustration and ran a finger through his silky locks.

Suddenly Leon entered the room. He frowned after noticing the pandemonium. Noah looked at him sharply.

“Don’t you know how to knock or is this your style to barge inside anyone’s room without permission?” he spat angrily. Leon quickly lowered his gaze and bowed at him.

“I am very sorry, Sir but it was urgent. I have got some information about Rosaline” Noah’s eyes widen at his statement.

“WHAT? Speak up”, he immediately shouted but his eyebrows furrowed when Leon lifted his head and looked up at him nervously.

“She’s missing”

Everyone present in the room gasped in shock. Noah glared him and shouted in pure rage.


“Sir, Agent Jennie has been shot dead”, Leon replied.

Yes, Jennifer was an Agent send by CIA to protect Rosaline. Jennie befriended Rosaline so as to keep an eye on her and used to report all the details about her to Leon. Noah made sure to keep this fact hidden from Rosaline as he wanted her to live a normal life and also this could have been risky as Xavier was out on hunt for her.

Katherine looked at Leon in shock. “WHAT? WHO DID THAT?“, she couldn’t stop herself from screaming.


Noah gritted. Everyone looked at him in shock who was glaring in space with burning eyes. All of a sudden his phone rang. Noah checked the caller ID. It was an unknown number. He picked it up.



“Long time no see, Agent”


End of sixteenth chapter.

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