Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 17: A Monster with a broken heart◆

At CIA Headquarters, United States


“Long time no see, Agent”

Noah: Hi, Xavier.

Xavier smirked as he was impressed to see that Noah quickly recognized his voice although it had turned a little hoarse and deep.

Xavier: Good Morning, Agent 001.

Noah: Guten Morgen, so how may I help you?

Xavier chuckled at his mockery.

Xavier: Wow! you learnt German. By the way I thought I was helping you. How are you? Still playing Judas Kiss?

He spoke with clenched jaw as he recalled his deception. Noah smirked.

Noah: Ah! I have left this job now. It’s kinda boring you know. How’s love life?

Xavier raised his eyebrows as he noticed that Noah dodged his question so cleverly and was trying to play cool.

Xavier: Absolutely fine. You know how much I love my Rosebud but your crummy iity-bitty kept pestering my sweetheart. You are damn aware how much I am scared of them. But no, your bugs keep bothering me which leads me to crush them between my fingers. You must had got the latest breaking news about your ladybug, don’t ya?

He snickered. Noah’s grip on the phone tightened after hearing him. His veins popped out from his neck as he knew that Xavier was talking about none other than Jennifer.

Noah: So, it’s true.

He spoke with gritted teeth. Xavier smiled in contentment.

Xavier: Of course it is.

Noah balled his fists tightly as he tried to suppress his anger.

Noah: Listen Xavier, by committing numerous crimes and murders you are just digging your own grave. You are already under arrest and a legal warrant has also been issued against you. It will just take me only a second and within the snap of my fingers you will be arrested. So stop playing this tom and jerry game and surrender yourself.

He spoke while glaring the glass window in front of him. Xavier chuckled diabolically at his words making Noah blaze in fury.

Xavier: If you are so desperate to catch me then come and take your man. I’ll be waiting for you.

With that he ended the call. Noah threw his phone on the floor harshly in frustration.

“What happened, Sir?“, Leon asked curiously as he looked at Noah who was breathing heavily in anger.

“We need to leave for Paris, NOW!!!”



Romano Villa, Paris

Xavier rested his head on the couch while smiling to himself.

“Someone looks in a good mood today”

He turned his head towards the owner of the voice.

“What’s up Antonio?”

Antonio smirked as he took a seat beside him on the couch. “Well, so how’s Rosaline?“, he said while flashing him a smile. However Xavier’s aura immediately turned dark as soon as he heard him.

“Worrying about my wife?”

Xavier said with clenched jaw as he shot him a glare. Antonio was taken aback by his words as he didn’t expected him to react this way.

“N-No, I was just-” he couldn’t even manage to speak. Xavier simply ignored him and stood up. He took out a pack of cigarette from his pocket.

“Why are you here?” he said while back facing him. Antonio felt a bit hurt due to his sudden coldness but he smiled as he remembered his possessiveness about Rosaline. “I just came to inform you that your deluxe Knight’s Heritage is ready”, he said. Xavier smirked.

“Well that’s a good news”, he replied while the smoke slipped through his lips repleting the air around them with a strong tobacco scent.

“Hmm, it is. But why did you decided to live in Italy?“, Antonio asked him. Xavier scoffed and sat down on the couch. He then crossed his legs and spoke while puffing out the smoke.

“Because that is the place where I am going to build my new Empire”, he replied while smiling to himself in a sinister manner. Antonio nodded.

“But how come Noah is still not able to trace you? Doesn’t he know about me? Moreover why aren’t you doing anything to him, Xavier? I mean he is as much at fault as Rosaline. But you are torturing her and you aren’t doing anything about Noah. Aren’t you angry about the fact that he was CIA’s spy and because of him only you got destroyed?“, Antonio shot questions at him in one go.

“It is because I already knew that Noah was Agent 001.”

Xavier replied him blankly. Antonio’s eyes turned wide as saucers. He looked at Xavier incredulously.

“WHAT?? THEN WHY DID YO-” He couldn’t complete as the words got stuck in his throat. He kept staring at Xavier dumbstruck. Xavier sighed. He then crushed the cigarette in the ashtray. He finally looked at Antonio.

“Yes, I knew it from the very beginning. I started having my doubts on Noah when he used to excuse himself frequently by saying that he had to attend some urgent calls. Whenever we used to defeat these CIA bugs I could see the darkness and anger in his eyes as if he didn’t enjoyed our success. Do you remember the day when CIA blasted our base in Chicago?“, he said. Antonio nodded.

“I was a bit too shocked when I was apprised about this attack by Sebastian. I mean how come anyone can enter my base like it is his garth and explode my area. I then took this matter in my hands. I secretly appointed my trusting some men Lucas and Caleb to look into this matter keenly. After four days, Lucas told me that Noah was the last person to leave the base when the explosion took place. When I asked Noah regarding this, his answers weren’t satisfiable and when I discussed with Sebastian and Elijah to take a revenge on CIA, Noah was the only one who was against this mission. Since that day I started stalking and spying him. And one day I caught him talking with Rebecca and Mark in a dark alley. They both were addressing him as Sir. When I dug further I got to know that Noah was none other than Agent 001”

Antonio kept listening him shockingly as Xavier explained him the entire truth about Noah.

“Then why did you let this all happen when you know the DAMN TRUTH, XAVIER? You let yourself got destroyed willingly? WHY?” Antonio shouted in pure rage as he stood up from the couch. His temper shot up after knowing that Xavier let them defeat him when he was already aware of everything.


“What?” Antonio said as he looked at him in bewilderment. Xavier then took a deep breathe and looked at Antonio who was staring him sternly.

“I love Rose very much. She is my life. I know everything but still didn’t reacted because I know that even if the world will stood up against me, she would never betray me. I know how much hate I received from others but I didn’t cared about it because I had her. I had her love, her care, her happiness, her smile, her faith. You don’t know how much I trusted her. But she also left me and ran away. That day when Noah was bashing her, I knew he was up to something. But I kept defending my love as I was madly in love with her. But when I saw her with those CIA’s bastards, my heart got shattered into million pieces. I lost my trust, my faith, my hope and most importantly my love”

Antonio became shocked. Tears started escaping from Xavier’s eyes as he kept talking about Rosaline while reminiscing her treachery. After two years, Xavier showed an emotion except hatred and revenge. Antonio’s gaze turned soft as he stared at his best friend whom the entire world calls as ruthless and heartless was today sobbing in front of him like a child. Xavier was completely wrecked from inside. No matter how hard and tough he tried to act in front of others but deep down he was deeply hurt by Rosaline’s betrayal.

Antonio then walked towards him and sat beside him. He patted his shoulders and wiped his tears with his hands.

“Don’t cry, Xavier. You got her back. Now you both can again start your new life and-” Antonio immediately stopped himself as Xavier tilted his head and glared with blood-red eyes. He looked at him in fear as his gaze kept turning darker and darker with every passing second.

“New life?” Xavier snarled with gritted teeth. Antonio gulped in fear. All of a sudden Xavier started chuckling darkly while tears kept falling from his eyes. Antonio was horrified to see him like this.

Xavier was really behaving like a psychopath!

“You are right, my friend. We will definitely start a new life. Everything will be new. New country, new mansion, new guards, new maids, new relationship and new ME!“, Xavier rasped as he wiped the tears with the back of his palms.

“W-What do you mean?“, Antonio stuttered as he shivered thinking what will this psycho do with Rosaline. Abruptly Xavier stopped chuckling. He sealed his lips in a thin line and clenched his jaw.

“You don’t need to know. I don’t like interference in my private life”, he gritted. Antonio averted his gaze down.

“But why did you lied to Noah that he can catch you here?“, he scowled. Xavier snorted.

“So, what had you expected? That I should tell him to catch me in Italy because I am gonna live there with Rosaline now and I am gonna start my new business there. Noah would have happily arrested me after that. Are you really a Mafia leader, Romano”? He mocked him. Antonio glared him in anger.

“I can’t go back to America as my image is badly vandalized over there. Also I can’t live here because by now they ( CIA) all must had found out about my baby. It’s Hobson’s choice really since I am only left with Italy. And talking about you, Noah would never doubt you because he don’t even know you”, Xavier said as he smirked at him. Antonio’s eyes widened at his response.

“WHAT? You never told him about us”, he yelled in shock. Xavier shooked his head in denial.

“I always keep some of my truth untold. There are plenty of mysteries which haven’t been revealed yet as I never told anyone about them. I had never trusted anyone more than my Rosebud. But she was a simple sweet girl who does not know anything about Mafia World. Noah was also a bit jealous of my Rose as I trusted her more than him. I actually trusted her more than myself” Xavier said, his voice cracked at last. He balled his fists tightly as again the past memories started flashing in his mind. Antonio noticed it and immediately cut him off pulling him out of his trance.

“S-so what now?” He stuttered. Xavier looked at him sharply.

“That’s why I told you to build my new home in Italy. Noah will come here and I am gonna fly there. I along with Elijah and Sebastian will again build our enormous and unbeatable Empire. And this time I am not going to lose.” Xavier growled while grinding his teeth.

“You are unbelievable Xavier. I am gonna give you my full support. I will be always there for you”, Antonio smiled at him and patted his back. Xavier then looked at him and nodded.

“Alright then. We’ll leave for Italy today itself”, Xavier said.

“Okay I’ll arrange everything. See you soon”, Antonio replied. They both then hugged each other and eventually Antonio left.



Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I am starving like hell. My hands are hurting badly. It’s so dark and spooky here. I am too scared. I kept twisting my hands to get rid of this damn chains but it is just worsening the pain. My wrists would had been badly bruised up by now. My tears aren’t stopping at all. I can’t scream for help as my mouth is sealed. I was lying on the cold coarse ground while crying silently. No one came to help me. I don’t know for what am I getting punished. I just took a stand for myself and ran for my life. Xavier says that I betrayed him but what he was doing with me, was that right?

I closed my eyes slowly as I was too tired and hungry. I literally felt I will die today.

~Time skip

9 hours later

I jolted up as I heard a loud bang. I opened my red, eyes and looked at the door only to see a silhouette of a man.



End of seventeenth chapter.

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