Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 1: Truth◆

At Knight’s Palace

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

Today is the colossal and grand day of my life. Why? Because today I am going to marry “My Prince Charming”.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rosaline Browns and I am 21 years old. My boyfriend is none other than Xavier Knight, my childhood crush. He is 23 years old. He is a billionaire and the most lucrative and renowned business tycoon of America.

Xavier proposed me last year. And guess what? Isn’t it obvious? I happily accepted it. Who wouldn’t accept if their childhood crush asked them to get married? Funny isn’t it?

I’ve been in love with him when I didn’t even knew the meaning of love. I don’t care if he is rich or not. For me Love means Xavier. He also told me that I am the only girl in his life and he loves me from the depth of his heart.

Right now there are a bunch of makeup artists who are dolling me up. After getting ready, I finally checked myself in the mirror.

“Ma’am you look gorgeous”, one of the stylist complimented me. I blushed at her comment. I took a last look at myself and was about to exit the room when all of a sudden my phone rang.

I checked the caller ID only to see my best friend Nick calling me. Nick is a secret agent working for U.S. Intelligence Agency.

Nobody knew his secret except me.

“You all go. I’ll be there in a few minutes”, I said to the girls. They nodded and left the room. I immediately picked up the call.

“Hey Nick wh-”

“Just open the window, Rosie”.

I flinched after hearing his harsh tone. I immediately hurried towards the window and opened it. Nick then jumped into my room.

“Hey Spiderman!! Good to see you”, I chuckled.

“I have no time for this bullshit, okay? Just take this”, he spoke gruffly as he handed over me a file.

“What’s this?“, I asked him as I was completely bewildered by his behavior.

“Just see”, he spoke in a stern tone. I don’t know but all of a sudden my heart started beating faster. I was feeling so scared.

He then opened the front page of the file. My heart dropped in my stomach. All the blood got drained off my face. My hands started trembling in fear.

“It was a picture of Xavier with WANTED written under it in bold”

I immediately shot my head up with tears streaming down my face.

“What’s this?“, I asked Nick in a shaky voice. He then held my shoulders tightly and spoke while staring in my eyes guiltily. “I know I shouldn’t have done this. But there is no option left to save you now.” I looked at him confused although my heart was thundering wildly in my chest.

“What are you talking about?“, I started panicking. Nick then took a heavy sigh and finally dropped the bomb.

“Rosie, Xavier Knight is a Mafia”, I became stunned by his reply.

“He is not any fucking businessman, Rosie. He is the boss of the world’s most dangerous and fearsome gang “THE BLACK SWAN”. He lied to you. Xavier is madly obsessed with you, Rosaline. He is a dangerous lunatic who will do anything to have you. You as well as your parents are in a great danger. You need to run away from him now”, Nick explained on one go while I kept crying and shaking my head in denial. I was not able to believe the bitter truth.

“NO... he won’t d-“, I couldn’t complete my sentence when suddenly Nick clasped my mouth with his palms making me shut.

“Don’t yell Rosie. I am just trying to protect you. If you scream they’ll kill me”, Nick rasped. My eyes widened.

What the hell is going on?

“But why?And why tell me now?“, I whimpered. He sighed and removed his palm from my mouth.

“Rosie, I have been dying to tell you this since so many years but Xavier always kept an eye on me and forbade me to even meet you. You don’t know, he had even tried to kill me many times but somehow I was able to escape from this beast’s claws. You quickly need to leave, Rosie. We don’t have much time”. He tried to grab my hand but I pulled it away as I was still in a shock.

“No Nick!!I love him and he love me too. He would never-

“DO YOU WANT YOUR PARENTS TO DIE?“, Nick whisper yelled making me gasp in shock.

“Rosie, I can’t explain you in detail now. You need to leave with me and don’t worry about Uncle and Aunty, I will escort them secretly. Then you all need to rush to the airport and leave America quickly. I had already planned everything.” Nick again tried to drag me but I didn’t budged as I was still in a daze. He looked at me back.

“Please Rosaline, I beg you”, he pleaded with teary eyes.

My mind became blank. I couldn’t comprehend anything. He then held my hand and dragged me towards the window forcibly but before we both could leave all of a sudden a gunshot echoed in the room making me jump in fear. Nick fell down on the floor. I couldn’t process what just happened now? Blood started oozing from his head.

“NICK!“, I screamed as I saw his body covered in a pool of blood. I immediately bent down but a strong grip on my right hand pulled me back harshly. I turned around only to see a furious Xavier glaring me ferociously with a...


The reality hit me like a lightning bolt.

So Xavier is really a mafia...

“WHAT DID YOU DO?“, I yelled angrily and freed myself from his death hold. I took few steps back as I glared him with red teary-eyes. Xavier cocked his left brow, his face was darkened with rage.

““, he growled menacingly. He walked closer to me with threatening steps, his eyes never leaving mine.

““, he snarled with gritted teeth. My heart shattered into pieces. So all this was a lie. He kept me in dark for years. The castle of our love was built on a dark lie. I loved him, I trusted him and this is what I got in return.



Anger rushed inside my veins. All of a sudden my fear got replaced with anger.

“SO YOU ARE A MAFIA. YOU LIAR, YOU CHEAT. HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?.. TELL ME”, I screamed on top of my lungs while glaring him.

“SHUT UP!!“, he yelled in a thunderous growl making me froze in terror. I stared him in fear as he lifted his hand and started stroking my left cheek with the gun.

“Babe, I love you very much and I am well aware that you don’t like criminals so how could I risk our relationship by telling you the damn TRUTH?? But this BASTARD ruined everything... Don’t worry we will get married no matter what happen... And I will make SURE OF THAT”, he spoke darkly while kicking Nick’s dead body.

“NO.. DON’T”, I pushed him back with all my strength making him stumble backwards. I then bend down and held Nick in my arms tightly. I looked at Xavier and then grabbing all my courage I spat.

“Never in my life I would marry a murderer,criminal,mafia like you..Never in a million years...YOU FILTHY LOATHSOME EVIL MANIAC... STAY AWAY FROM ME..I HATE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART...GET OUT”, I yelled with tears streaming down my eyes like a waterfall but I immediately regretted saying. Xavier looked up at me. My eyes widened as I saw his blood-red eyes. The temperature of the room dropped and the air around us turned suffocating. His aura turned dour and deadly. I started shaking in fear while just looking at him. His eyes were blood-red, jaw clenched and fists curled up in a ball. His face became dark and he clutched the gun so tightly that blood started dripping from his hand. I was horror-struck.

He then marched towards me with predatory steps and gripped my forearm tightly tearing me away from Nick with one hand. With his other hand, he shot all the bullets in Nick’s chest making me scream loudly. Xavier then glared me infuriatedly and said in a raucous voice which send chills down my spine.

“If you don’t want this to happen to your parents.DO AS I SAY, UNDERSTAND?“, I looked at him in shock. He then threw the gun away and slammed me on the wall harshly. Xavier then tilted his head like a psycho. I started trembling in his hold.

“Don’ GOT IT??...And Yes Babe...You are coming downstairs now...We are going to get married RIGHT HERE... RIGHT NOW”, he spoke in a spooky tone while holding me in a death grip. I continued staring him. My face was damped with tears. He then wiped off my tears with his thumb and started caressing my cheeks.

“Don’t cry. If I see a single drop of tear leaving your eye..Your parents will take their last breathe.. Don’t dare to mess anything up or else say ta-ta to Momma and Papa”, he spoke while chuckling sinisterly. Xavier then left my shoulders and called his guards.

“Clean this mess and you all”, he said while pointing towards the stylists “Change her gown and fix her makeup”, Xavier then looked at me and spoke in a dark​ sinister tone while smirking menacingly “NOW”

He then left the room while slamming the door shut. I dropped on the ground and started crying my heart out. All the girls rushed towards me and tried to console me. They felt pity but no one had the courage to go against him.

“Why Xavier, why?”

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.

~At the wedding

The mansion was decorated beautifully. Xavier himself had managed all the decorations of the wedding. The hall was festooned with white lilies and pink roses as they were Rosaline’s favourite. She had an immense love for flowers so he made special arrangements to decorate the entire mansion with flowers only for his love. The dazzling glittering flamboyant chandelier was the cornerstone of the ceremony. Everything was decked up so majestically and was looking very ostentatious.

It was just the epitome of heaven.

Xavier was wearing an elegant black Armani suit and was looking very handsome. He was talking casually with his friends but his eyes were fixed on the top of the stairs eagerly waiting for the love of his life.

All of a sudden the hall became silent. Xavier’s eyes sparkled with love and joy.

“Rose”, he whispered.

There he saw his gorgeous angel descending the stairs slowly looking stunning in her wedding gown. Her beauty was breathtaking which left him spellbound. She was looking down nervously. Xavier then went towards her and extended his hand for her. But Rosaline didn’t took it. Everyone became puzzled. Xavier slowly held her hand and tightened his grip. A gasp left her mouth but still she didn’t looked up at him. He then pulled her towards himself gently.

“Princess, you look incredibly fabulous”, he whispered in her ear while placing a strand of hair behind her ear softly. Rosaline shuddered by his touch which didn’t went unnoticed by him. Xavier’s eyes softened and he held her hands softly.

“Don’t get scared of me Princess. I would never hurt you. Please believe me”, he said in a sweet voice while lifting his chin up. Rosaline then looked at him with teary eyes. But soon her teary gaze turned into an angry glare him which surely triggered the Mafioso. Xavier gripped her chin firmly and spoke in a stern voice.

“Don’t you dare throw any tantrum here or try to mess anything, Sweety”, he then leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Or be ready to get drenched in your parent’s blood”. Hearing that, Rosaline’s eyes immediately shot up. She looked at him fearfully.

“Please ...Don’t d-“, she was about to broke down but Xavier immediately shushed her by placing his index finger over her cherry lips.

“No Sweetheart, it’s totally up to you. If you play along with me you’ll see your parent’s happy faces but if you dared to play with me then you’ll see your parents’ dead faces”, he growled in her ear leaving her in despair.

Xavier then wiped off her tears gently. Rosaline kept staring him with a broken heart. Her dad then walked towards them. Xavier smiled at him. He then shifted his gaze towards Rosaline and glared her. She smiled back at her dad. Her dad smiled and patted her head softly. He then held Rosaline’s hand and walked with her to the aisle.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I didn’t know what to do now. I can’t say nor do anything. Neither I can’t accept nor flee away. I had never even dreamed that the love of my life, who was my everything will do this to me.

I kept my eyes down as I didn’t wanted to see this hideous monster anymore. I loathe​ him with my whole heart now. He ruthlessly killed my best friend and even blackmailed me for his madness. He is a complete psycho. I never knew that the Xavier I know is this heartless!!

I was literally dying inside and screaming in my head for my Dad to save me from this beast. But I was very scared of him. Xavier for sure had left me petrified from his monstrous act upstairs. I won’t be able to save myself from this demon now but at least I can save my parents from him.

We slowly reached towards the priest and soon the ‘I do’ ceremony began. Then we exchanged the rings.

Everyone then started cheering for us. I looked towards my parents only to see their sparkling eyes glistening with joy. Xavier then held my cheek softly and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I didn’t responded and he didn’t even cared. He then pulled off and stared in my eyes lovingly. I immediately broke the eye contact. He then grabbed my waist and pulled me towards himself.

“Now you’re mine, Rose”


End of first chapter.

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