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◆Chapter 19: A PAINFUL LOVE ◆

(Warning 18+: This chapter contain disturbing scenes and mature content. If you feel uncomfortable, please skip it.)

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

“Then you left me with no choice, Sweetheart”

With that Xavier ripped my dress harshly making me shriek in horror.


I yelled while clutching my dress tightly. But it didn’t had any effect on him as he pushed me on the bed and kept ripping it off. I was crying badly while holding the torn dress tightly to my chest. Xavier started pushing my hands off so that he could undress me but I didn’t allowed him which definitely made him mad.

“LEAVE IT!!” He screamed furiously but I shooked my head in denial.


Xavier’s eyes turned dark with rage. He grabbed my bruised wrists harshly making me yelp in pain. He took that opportunity and slide the dress off my body.


I kept screaming and crying but all my wails seemed deaf for this beast today. I covered my body with the duvet as soon as Xavier bent down to grab the dress from the floor. He then walked towards me but I immediately rushed inside the washroom and locked the door. I crouched down in one corner as I cried hard while staring the door with horror-filled eyes. My heart was hammering wildly in my chest as I was beyond terrified.​ Never in my dreams I had imagined that my sweet Xavier would turned into a monster. He had really gone insane and no matter how hard I try, I can’t fight him. I don’t want to anger him but whenever I am with him, I forget who he really is. I am now regretting making him angry but I also don’t have the courage to face him either.

Suddenly I heard wild thuds on the door. My breathe hitched as Xavier started banging the door furiously.

“OPEN IT!“, he growled fiercely making my blood froze in fear. I feared that the door would come out of its hinges.


I screamed loudly as Xavier kicked the door and barged inside. I rushed to the corner but he was fast enough. He caught me by my waist and started dragging me outside.

“NO!! LEAVE ME!!“, I kept shouting but he pushed me down on the bed and started pulling the duvet off my body.


I clasped the sheets tightly with my hands while shaking my head vigorously. But that hideous Monster ripped it. Xavier pulled me up and started making me wear that damn gown which he had bought.

“WEAR IT!!“, he snarled with clenched jaw. I kept struggling while shaking my head which definitely enraged him.

“I AM WARNING YOU FOR THE LAST TIME. WEAR IT!“, Xavier yelled as he glared me ferociously.


I couldn’t finish as I felt a stinging pain on my left cheek. I placed my hand where he had slapped me and looked at him in shock. His eyes were blood-shot while he was breathing heavily in anger. His veins were popping out from his neck and forehead.

““, Xavier gritted with clenched jaw. I am disgusted with this man. I glared him and shooked my head stubbornly. I got up and started pushing him but he started forcibly dressing me up. I kept screaming and crying but he slapped me whenever I resisted him. After around thirty minutes of his brutal torture, he finally dressed me up in that lavishing gown.

I kept sniffing and whimpering as my cheeks were paining a lot. Xavier must have slapped me at least 16 times. Blood was also soozing from my lips as I kept shivering while holding my cheeks with trembling hands. My head was aching too much. I haven’t eaten a single grain nor drank a drop of water. My throat had turned parched and body was aching like hell. Xavier then got up and made me wear shoes.

My ankles were already straining too much and now these damn heels only worsened the pain. I know he is doing it deliberately to torture me. He didn’t called the stylists to doll me up like that day. I know I must be looking horrible as my tears which were running like a waterfall had ruined my entire makeup. Xavier cupped my face and wiped off my tears. He then carried me in bridal style downstairs. I kept looking down as I don’t want to see his face even.

I loathe him. I loathe him from the bottom of my heart!!!

We then went outside the house and headed towards his limo. The guards opened the door. He placed me gently on the seat and got inside. I didn’t said anything nor moved an inch. I kept looking down all the time while my tears didn’t stopped. Suddenly my head started spinning and I blacked out.

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.

Xavier immediately caught Rosaline in his arms as soon as she fainted. He wrapped his muscular arms around her small delicate figure and dug her face in the crook of his neck.

“Drive”, he instructed the chauffeur who immediately turned on the gas as they headed towards the airport.

Xavier looked at Rosaline. Her cheeks had large red finger print marks and the corner of her lips were bruised up. He slowly started caressing her cheeks while wiping her tears softly.

“Why can’t you understand? Why do you make it tough for me? I don’t like to hurt you but why do you have to be so hard, Rose?“, he spoke while caressing her bruised cheeks. Xavier then kissed her softly on her chapped lips and cheeks. He hugged Rosaline tightly resting his head on hers as tears started escaping his eyes.


Antonio along with Sebastian and Elijah were waiting for Xavier on the airport. They all were going to Italy along with him in a private jet that Antonio had arranged. They can’t leave through passenger airline as it was highly risky because CIA was on the hunt. They were eagerly waiting for Xavier as they need to leave before Noah arrives.

Suddenly their gaze landed on a black limo which stopped a few metres away from them. They sighed in contentment but frowned as they saw Xavier carrying Rosaline in bridal style. Antonio and the others rushed to him.

“Hey Xavier, what’s wrong?What happened to he-“, Elijah said but he immediately stopped when his eyes landed on Rosaline’s bruised face. Her eyes were puffy and her cheeks were red and swollen. It was clear that Xavier had hit her. Elijah fumed in anger and glared him in disgust.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS XAVIER?“, he shouted as he pointed his index figure towards Rosaline’s pale figure.

“None of your business”, Xavier deadpanned.

“HAVE YOU GONE INSANE? YOU’VE STARTED HITTING HER?”,Elijah grabbed his collar and barked on his face.


Xavier yelled in a thunderous growl making him flinched. Rosaline also got startled as she regained consciousness. Xavier looked down at her only to find her shivering in fear looking here and there like a lost kid.

“Xavier, you should board the flight. It’s getting late”, Antonio immediately butt in as he tried to cut off the heated tension growing between them. Xavier nodded and glared Elijah who glared him back in anger.

“Don’t.interfere.“, Xavier spoke with gritted teeth and walked away with Rosaline in his embrace who kept trembling in his hold. Antonio took both of them to his personal compartment. It was magnificent and sumptuous as Antonio was a millionaire himself. Xavier placed Rosaline on the seat gently and buckled her seat belt. He also sat beside her. Rosaline got curled in a ball and started staring outside the window like a sad puppy. Antonio felt bad for her and kept staring at her with guilty eyes. He was happy for his friend as he finally got the love of his life back. He had seen how much distraught Xavier had become when Rosaline left him.

It was true that Xavier was completely doomed after Rosaline had handed him to CIA.

Xavier had lost all his wealth and power since CIA had confiscated his entire property and had damaged all his bases. The man who was once the most lucrative, renowned and one of the richest man of America was in a desperate need for help at that time. Xavier was himself a billionaire but he didn’t had a single penny left as he was completely ruined. If Antonio wouldn’t had been there for him, Xavier would have been on the streets by now. This treachery and forlorn hope had started hollowing Xavier inside as he was slowly bogging into darkness. Antonio had seen everything with his own eyes. That’s why he helped him a lot to overcome from his misery and encouraged him to fight back. The brotherhood between the two guys was laudable. They both shared a great camaraderie as they were childhood friends. But Antonio didn’t had any idea that Xavier’s madness would increase up to this extent that he would start using violence on that poor girl.

Rosaline was sitting in one corner sniffing and whimpering silently. She kept staring outside lifelessly and didn’t dared to look at Xavier which clearly showed that she was scared of him to death. Antonio kept staring at her remorsefully as he was now starting to regret his decision of bringing her back in his cage.

“Done staring my wife?”

Antonio immediately jolted up as soon as he heard Xavier’s raging growl.

“U-Uhmm, me, Seb and Elijah will be next to your compartment only. If you need anything, call me”, he said while flashing him a small smile. Xavier nodded while his eyes were still shooting daggers at him. Antonio sighed. He then patted his shoulders and left.

Soon the plane take off and got disappeared into the white clouds as they all headed towards their new life.

~Time skip

Xavier looked at Rosaline. She was coiled up in her seat crying silently while holding her stomach. She was dying of hunger as she hadn’t eaten anything since two days.


He called her softly to which she flinched but didn’t looked up at him.

“You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. I have ordered a soup for you. Drink it”, he spoke in a firm tone but she didn’t responded. Rosaline glanced at Xavier only to find him holding the spoon in his hand ready to feed her. She looked at him nervously but she was badly famished. Rosaline then turned to him and started taking off the bowl from his hands.

“Open your mouth”

Xavier gritted. She flinched and looked up at him only to find him glaring her. She got frightened and quickly opened her mouth. Xavier then started feeding her while she kept eating silently.

After feeding her the soup, he handed her a glass of water. She slowly held the glass with her trembling hands as her wrists were aching a lot. Xavier noticed that. He quickly held the glass firmly and made her drank water. He took the glass from her hands and took out a tissue paper. He started wiping her mouth gently when all of a sudden Rosaline hissed in pain as soon as the tissue touched the bruise near her lips. Xavier quickly retraced his hands and looked at her. She quietly turned towards the window and started whimpering while caressing her cut softly. Xavier patted her head and slowly pulled her to himself.

“I am sorry. I didn’t wanted to hurt you. Let me see it”, he said softly while removing her hands but Rosaline slapped his hands away and lookded away from him which definitely triggered him. Xavier then harshly pulled her towards himself and cupped her face in his palms. She winced in pain.

“Don’t give me your attitude, got it? When I say something, do it”, Xavier spat while squeezing her cheeks. Rosaline closed her eyes and started crying and hiccuping badly. His gaze immediately turned soft as he watched her crying like a baby. He removed his hands and hugged her.

“Bring the first-aid”, Xavier ordered one of the guards. They handed him the kit. He then broke the hug and looked at Rosaline. He wiped off her tears and made her look up at him.

“I am gonna apply the ointment on your​ bruise now, okay?” he said softly.

Xavier then removed the tube from the box. He took some on his fingers and was about to apply on her lips when....



End of ninteenth chapter.

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