Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 20: His Crazy love◆

(Warning: 18+ Triggering scenes and mature content. Do skip if you feel uncomfortable)

Rosaline gave Xavier a hard slap on his right cheek. He turned his head and looked at her with a murderous gaze but she didn’t stopped here. She picked up the glass that was kept on the table and splashed the water on his face.

“FIRST HURT ME THEN HEAL MY WOUNDS”, she yelled furiously as she glared him with bloodshot eyes.

Antonio and the others immediately barged inside their compartment hearing the clamor.

“WHAT HAP-“, Antonio immediately shut his mouth when his eyes landed on Xavier whose face was completely soaked in water. He was glaring Rosaline with a deadly gaze.

“Xavier, are yo-”


Xavier blared making everyone flinch. They all stared him in shock as his calm demeanor changed into satan. His face was dark while his eyes turned blood red. He was looking extremely scary and they couldn’t grab the courage to even say something. All three of his friends hurriedly scurried away leaving the poor girl all alone with this Devil.

Xavier shot Rosaline a death glare and immediately grabbed her by her arms. She panicked.

“W-What a-are-“, she couldn’t finish as he started dragging her somewhere along with him.

Rosaline kept shouting when all of a sudden she froze. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers when her eyes landed on a bed.

What the hell? A bed in plane?’, she mentally cussed.

But her thoughts got pulled off when Xavier abruptly threw her on the bed harshly. She landed on her face and quickly turned around. A squeal escaped her lips when Xavier immediately hovered above her and pinned her down on the bed while crushing her delicate figure with his heavy weight.


Words died in her mouth as Xavier smacked her hard making the cut near her lips burst open. Rosaline looked at him in shock. Large fat tears started rolling down her cheeks as she stared him in horror. But he was no more in his senses. He grabbed her throat and started choking her.

“I HAD WARNED YOU NOT TO DISOBEY ME, DIDN’T I?“, he snarled angrily while increasing the pressure. Rosaline started thrashing in his death grip as her lungs struggled for oxygen.

“Xa- Xavier...I can’t....I-I...bre-breathe”

Broken words left her mouth as Xavier was literally strangling her to death. She started feeling dizzy and was about to faint when he removed his grip and slammed his lips on hers as he kissed her madly. She started punching his shoulders but instantly a hard slap landed on her face that made me cry more. Xavier then ripped the sleeves of her gown and started biting her neck angrily. Rosaline screamed loudly to the excruciating pain that erupted on her collarbone as he bit her there hard.

Xavier lost his mind again. Anger took over his brain jamming his senses. He was suffering from some serious anger issues and in the past two years, they had only increased more. Moreover he was now also starting to get strokes which fueled up his anger more whenever he used to loose his temperament. That was also one of the reasons why he couldn’t control himself and had started hurting Rosaline way too much. He kept biting her neck leaving painful angry bite marks all over delicate skin. Rosaline kept crying and shouting but it wasn’t affecting him at all. He continued his monstrous act on her while the poor girl kept crying helplessly under him. She couldn’t tolerate his vile torments anymore and eventually welcomed the darkness with open arms letting him do whatever he wants to do with her body.

~Time skip

At Airport, Italy

The plane soon landed as the rough tires rubbed against the uneven tarmac.

Xavier, Antonio and others soon came outside. Rosaline was in the arms of Xavier as she had already fainted earlier out of fear. He had wrapped her delicate figure in his long coat and was descending the stairs slowly. Her head was buried in his chest and her long hair were dangling in air.

Antonio was watching the entire scene with pity eyes while Xavier carried an unconscious Rosaline towards his black Bentley. Not only him but Elijah and Sebastian were also watching everything with sorrowful eyes. They all were feeling too guilty for the poor girl but no one dared to say anything as they were afraid to face the Mafia’s wrath.

~Time skip

At Knight’s Heritage, Italy

6:30 p.m.

The guards opened the gate for Xavier as he led Rosaline inside the luxurious mansion while he stared at his new house in awe. A small smile made way to his lips as he silently appreciated that heavenly palace with sparkling eyes. It was just marvellous. Xavier then made his way towards the bedroom.

After reaching the bedroom, he placed Rosaline softly on the bed and covered her body with the duvet. Xavier was also tired because of all the unfavorable incidents that had happened today. He took of his shoes. He then took off his coat and threw it on the couch. He also got inside the covers. Xavier grabbed Rosaline by her shoulders and pulled her closer to his chest. He dugged​ his face in her nape inhaling her sweet scent and slowly drifted off into dreamland.

~Time skip

10:00 p.m.

Rosaline stirred in sleep as she felt her throat dry. She startled as she felt hot breathe hitting her nape. She looked up only to find Xavier snoring.

He was in a deep sleep while his hands were wrapped around her waist. She tried to remove his hands off her but his muscular strong arms seemed like steel ropes binding her body in a death grip. After struggling for some time, she finally gave up and stared at him with sad eyes. She was too thirsty but she was unable to free herself. She even didn’t had the courage to wake him up after all the things he had done to her, the only feeling which resided in her heart for him was fear, only fear. Tears trickled down from her eyes as she saw how comfortably he was sleeping after destroying her life.

How calm and composed his face looked when he only gave her pain and tears.

Her teardrops kept falling down on the silk pillows making them drenched in her sad wails and agony. Xavier had completely broken her.

“I hate you”

Rosaline sobbed helplessly while looking at his sleeping face and slowly cried herself to sleep.

Later than she knew that Xavier was awake the whole time.

He was hearing her sniffs and whimpers silently while he pretended to be fast asleep.

As soon her sobs died down, Xavier opened his eyes and looked at her puffy eyes, crimson red nose and dried tear stains on her cheeks. Her neck was painted with angry bite marks and had turned purple. Her wrists were already bruised up. Overall her delicate fragile figure was badly bruised up and was looking too painful to watch.

Xavier sighed heavily. He then grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer. He pecked her forehead and kissed her parted lips lovingly. He spoke softly.

“I am sorry for hurting you. But it is all your fault. You made me like this. You turned me into a beast and a monster. If you hadn’t left with that day I would have never been like this. You don’t know how much I have suffered because of you. You made me insane, a lunatic, a psycho. I am sorry Rosebud but now..”

Xavier smirked and glared her sleeping figure with his psychotic eyes as he spoke in a spooky tone.

“You gotta deal with this Psycho”

His lips abruptly curved up into a creepy smile. His eyes gleamed with a menacing spark. He licked his lips and pressed them on her dried ones as he kissed her hungrily. Xavier gripped her chin and slowly parted her lips to insert his tongue. He started devouring her mouth, he couldn’t get enough of her sweet taste. He played with her dried tongue while the poor girl was fast asleep oblivious to all his sinful acts. His tongue caressed the roof of her mouth. Pleasurable groans escaped his mouth as he kissed her as if his life was dependent on it. He sucked her lower lip and broke the kiss after planting a gentle peck on her swollen petals.

“I will never let you go Rose. You’re my whole life. I know I am not doing right with you but still I can’t let you leave me. People can get rid of their addiction somehow but you aren’t my addiction, Rose. You are my breathe, my lifeline. You’re the purpose of my life. Without you there’s no meaning of my life.”

Xavier then buried her face in his chest and hugged her tightly in his arms. He smiled with teary eyes as he started singing in his sweet voice.

“You’re my star, you’re my savior

Without Rosaline, there’s no Xavier”


End of twentieth chapter.

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