Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 21: A New Trouble ◆

(Warning: This chapter contain some violence scenes. If you feel uncomfortable with such stuffs, do skip it)

At Tim Corporation, Paris

02:00 p.m.

Noah’s P.O.V.


Noah shouted angrily while grabbing Mr. Tim by collar choking him to death.

“P-Please b-believe m-me..I h-have no i-idea where t-they had t-took h-her”, Tim replied while he struggled to breathe.

As soon as Noah heard those words, he slammed him on the wall harshly and started squeezing his neck.

“I had strictly WARNED you to not allow anyone to take Rosaline along with him or her then you MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD... HOW DARE YOU GO AGAINST ME AND SOLD HER OFF!!! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO AM I? WHO EVEN GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DO THAT? SAY SOMETHING, GOD DAMMIT....WHO WAS THAT BASTARD?“, he snarled in anger.

“Sir please calm down. We can’t find her in this way”, Leon interfered as he tried to calm him down.

“THEN WHAT SHOULD I DO?“, Noah growled fiercely making him flinched.

“I HAD ALREADY TOLD THIS FUCKER TO KEEP ROSALINE SAFE BUT SEE WHAT HAPPENED? NOW ROSALINE IS GONE AND I DON’T HAVE ANY CLUE ABOUT XAVIER!!!WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO ANSWER TO BOSS? SPEAK UP!!!” Noah yelled infuriatedly and punched​ Mr. Tim in anger. He instantly fell down on the floor and coughed blood. Noah hovered above him and started showering rain of punches and slaps on him.


Leon tried to stop him but Noah was hardheaded. As soon as they came here Noah understood that he had been fooled as there was no trace of Rosaline anywhere. When he tried to enquire about her from her Boss, Mr. Tim, he told him that there was some guy who came asking for Rosaline but she immediately ran away. Since then there was not​ a single trace of her. When Noah tried to ask about that guy, Tim kept declining that he don’t know his name.

Which was not at all true....

“Sir, he’ll die”, Leon tried to snatch his arms but Noah yanked his hands away.


All of a sudden Mr. Tim punched Noah on his face making him fell down on the floor. Noah got up and was about to hit him when....


“OH MY GOD!!!”

They all became stunned as Tim shot himself on his head and died instantly.

“WHAT THE- WHY DID HE DO THAT?“, Leon looked at Noah horrified. Noah glared at the dead body of Mr. Tim and ran a finger through his canary hair in frustration.

"He was a spy”

Katherine and Leon: WHAT???

They became shocked and kept staring at him with wide eyes. Noah huffed in annoyance when suddenly his phone buzzed.

He checked the caller ID. An unknown number flashed on his screen. He picked up the call.


Noah: Hello

"Got Nothing, Agent?”

Noah balled his fists tightly as soon he heard a satirical husky voice at the other end.

Noah: Xavier

Xavier chuckled darkly making Noah more furious than already he was.

Noah: So he was your man?

He spoke in a dark tone.

Xavier: What do you think?

He said in a mocking tone.

Noah: So you already knew where she was all these years?

He spoke firmly with clenched jaw. Xavier snickered.

Xavier: Right Agent. What did you all thought that I have left my babe in your hands? No...No, Not at all Agent...Rose is MINE... ONLY MINE...Only I can have her, touch her, see her, smell her, feel her, PROTECT HER. You thought that after imprisoning me you’re gonna steal my Doll away.... Wrong move officer, you know that I can sense her next move with my closed eyes also. I don’t know how much your dirty Little Bitch Rebecca has brainwashed my little fairy but don’t worry...Now she is back with her Prince....And I assure you, this time I won’t let you all take her away from me. ′Cause this time I not only have my eyes on her but also I have my eyes on you...

Noah instantly froze on his spot as he heard a beep sound.


Noah and Leon instantly jumped out from the window.


The entire city got shooked as a huge explosion took place which literally devoured the whole building. Large black clouds started erupting upwards slowly turning the azure sky into obsidian.

Noah groaned in pain as his right arm got fractured. He turned to his right only to find Leon laying unconscious on the hard ground.


Noah roamed his eyes around but he didn’t found her.

He panicked as he realized...

“She got burnt alive.”


~Next Morning

8:30 a.m.

At Knights Heritage, Italy

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I was sitting idly in front of the enormous mirror while the stylists were dressing me up. Two of them were making up my hair while the rest two were doing my makeup.

I wanted to scream, run and fight. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to live with him. I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. I want to go back to my parents.

I was missing my parents..

I was missing my Rebecca...

I was missing Jennifer....

I hate Xavier.....

I hate him with all my heart...

Tears kept pooling in my eyes but they kept wiping off my tears with the tissue. One of the stylists looked at me in pity and sighed.

“Ma’am please don’t cry. Your makeup will get ruined”, she said while staring me with sorrowful gaze. I looked at her with teary-eyes.

“H-Help m-me”, I started sobbing as I couldn’t control myself any longer. I can’t bear this pain anymore.

I was hurt, I was hurt deeply.

The guy whom I once loved so much has now become the cause of my misery. I can’t forget how he behaved with me like an animal. How he hit and abused me, tortured me, tormented me. The more I remember, the harder I cry.

“Ma’am, please. Sir will kill us”, she pleaded while caressing my back softly.

All of a sudden my gaze landed on the pocket of her coat.

A phone?

My eyes sparkled with joy. I quickly held her hands while she looked at me puzzled.

“Can you lend me your phone?“, I begged while tears kept escaping my eyes. She looked at me in fear.

“N-No M-Ma’am...I -I can’t..What are you doing-“, she got startled as I went down on my knees and joined my hands in front of her.

“I beg you. Please help me. For God’s sake..Please help me”, I implored helplessly while crying hard. She looked at me softly.

“But Ma’am, Sir would kill us”, she whispered while clutching my shoulders as she crouched down to my level.

“He won’t know. I will just take a minute. Please”

She averted her gaze down and started thinking deeply. I quickly clasped her hands tightly.

“Please, just one call”

She looked at me and then to the others. They all nodded and quickly locked the door. She unlocked her phone and handed it to me.

“Ma’am, do call in washroom”

I nodded and quickly rushed inside the bathroom and locked the door.

I immediately called my Dad.



My heartbeat kept increasing with every ring. I just wished to hear at least his voice. As soon I heard the beep, I sighed in relief. I quickly answered it excitedly.


Rosaline: Daddy!!

"Yes Baby”

My heart stopped as soon as I heard his voice.


But how is this possible??

I clutched the phone tightly with my trembling fingers as I was in a shock. I wasn’t able to speak anything. Words got stuck in my throat scared to leave my lips as I couldn’t understand what just happened.

I flinched as soon I heard his chuckle.

Xavier: So, you’ve started calling me Daddy. Hmm... I see, my Rose has became naughty.

He spoke in his husky voice while chills ran down my spine. Suddenly he ended the call making me confused. I hurriedly went outside.

I became stunned looking at the macabre view infront of me.

All the girls were covered in a pool of blood. The one who had lended me her phone was killed inhumanely. She was strangled to death and had at least five shots on her chest making it burst open. I wanted to throw up so badly but at that moment I just kept staring at them in horror as it was something impossible.

I didn’t heard any gunshots nor any screams then how come it happened? I was inside the bathroom for only freaking two minutes then when did this bloodshed took place?

While I was lost in my thoughts suddenly I jolted up as I felt hot breathe fanning my ears.


I screamed and jumped in fear.

Xavier immediately caught me by my waist and pulled me closer to himself.

“Again planning to escape, baby girl?“, he growled with clenched jaw while staring at me with blood-red eyes.

I couldn’t speak anything as I was too terrified. He was looking so angry and ghoulish. I started crying out of fear.

“Please l-leave me... I don’t wanna live here. Let me G-”

“SHUT UP!!!”

I got startled as he yelled at me fiercely. I looked at him in fear but I screamed as he slammed me on the wall harshly.


He growled with gritted teeth squeezing my arms tightly. I yelped in pain but shouted back.


My whole body got swung to the floor as he backhanded me harshly. He crouched down to my level and grabbed a fistful of my hair pulling it harshly.

“Don’t you dare speak that way with me. You again tried to leave me. You again tried to betray me. Why? How dare you do that? SPEAK UP!!!”

He kept pulling my hair with each words mercilessly. My scalp started stinging like hell. I winced in pain as he made me stand on my feet while pulling my hair.


I tried to remove his steel like grip on my hair as my scalp was burning too much. He loosened his grip and cupped my face. I start feeling dizzy and exhausted as I was crying so much.

“I won’t spare you this time. I was still going easy on you but you keep messing up with me. Now I won’t leave you. You really deserve a punishment, Doll”

My eyes widened as I looked up in his blood-red eyes.


Xavier didn’t left me finish as he started dragging me outside like an animal. I was wearing a flowy gown which was making difficult for me to walk over the stairs. But Xavier kept dragging me like a rag doll. He dragged me all the way through the hallway. I kept crying and screaming as he was pulling me harshly. My arm must have been bruised up by now because of his steel like grip which was paining like hell.

As soon we entered inside a hall he threw me on the floor harshly.

I looked up.

It was a library.

I turned behind only to see Xavier glaring at me fiercely. But I screamed as he started pushing down all the bookshelves one by one scattering all the books on the floor. He took the antique vase kept on the table and threw it near my feet making me jump in fear.


I kept shouting but he kept thrashing down all the books and stuffs violently turning the immaculate library into a complete mess.

There were about three thousand books which were stacked neatly in lavishing glittering freshly painted ebony almirahs and shelves. But that insane beast pushed everything down with his incredible strength ruining it completely.

After about an hour of his madness, he marched towards me angrily while I was still sitting on the floor watching him in horror. He was completely drenched in sweat and was panting heavily.

He grabbed my throat and snarled near my lips while shooting daggers at me.

“You’re gonna clean this mess. This is your punishment. I want this place to me clean till I get back. You are not allowed to eat nor drink anything till you get this place well-ordered as it was. If you dare to step outside without having all the books tidied up, be prepared to face my wrath”

I kept staring at him fearfully. Xavier then slammed his lips on mine and gave me a deep kiss. He pushed me down and got up. He then glared at all the guards and maids who were watching everything with sealed mouths.

“If I caught anyone helping her then I assure you that I would dig your grave with my own hands”, he growled fiercely while glaring at them in rage. They nodded at him in fear. He then shot me a death glare and stormed off.

As soon as Xavier left, I bursted into tears.

“I don’t want to live here. I want to die. Somebody help me please”

I kept sobbing hard while sitting on the cold floor helplessly.

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.


~Time skip

02:30 p.m.

Rosaline was cleaning the library since the past six hours. She was totally exhausted and was walking with heavy steps while carrying a pile of books in her hands. There were countless books and the poor girl was finding it so difficult to arrange them herself. All the almirahs and shelves had been vandalized so she was just keeping the books in one corner. The pieces of the flower vase which was broken by that freak were still lying on the floor. The maids and guards kept watching the poor thing with pity and guilt.


~Time skip

04:30 p.m.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

“Ahh!! I c-can’t”

I rested my head on the wall as my throat had turned parched. I was too thirsty. I was dying of hunger. I was drained out off energy. My head was spinning badly and my stomach was growling. My legs became wobbly and I slided down on the floor while holding the wall for support.


I looked up with half-opened eyes only to see a guy dressed up in black tuxedo staring at me in worry.

He crouched down and handed me a glass of water.

“Ma’am, drink it”

I looked at him in shock.

“N-No, h-he will k-kill y-”

I couldn’t speak as I was panting heavily. I flinched as he put his hands on my shoulders calming me down.

“Don’t worry Ma’am, you need to drink water. Your face had turned pale. You’ll faint. Please drink it”

He spoke gently while staring at me softly. My eyes got filled with tears. I nodded while smiling and took the glass from his hands. My hands were shaking a lot so he put his hands on mine and helped me drink it.

I was too thirsty that I gulped down the whole glass of water in just a second. I closed my eyes in relief and sighed.

“Thank-you so-”


I shrieked in horror as a bullet got pierced through his head splattering his blood all over my face. The glass fell from my hands as I stared at the corpse lying in front of me dreadfully.

I tried to touch him with my shaking fingers when suddenly someone pulled me up by my forearm.

I looked up.

“I told you not to DISOBEY ME DIDN’T I?”

Xavier shouted while tightening his grip on my arm making me whimpered. He appeared all of a sudden infront of me like a ghost. I was lost of words and kept staring him with horror-filled eyes.

He then slammed me on the wall and grabbed my throat choking me. He tilted his head like a psycho and smirked creepily while wiping off the blood from my face with his hands.

“Ready to face my wrath, Sweetheart?”


End of chapter.

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