Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 22: Broken ◆

At Knights Heritage, Italy

Few hours before

4:00 p.m.

Xavier’s P.O.V.

I came back home a little earlier. I was in a happy mood since Antonio and I had made a huge deal with the Black Lucifer, Mafia Gang of China, of around 150 million dollars. It was related to trafficking of drugs and weapons like assault rifles, machine guns, shot guns, snipper rifles etc. Me and Antonio had now started working together. Although I doesn’t wanted to nor I was liking it but he persuaded me a lot so I had to agree. I was just now thinking how to start my own business and I think this deal is gonna prove as a boon for me.

I can’t call my old men to work with me now as Noah would instantly recognize them. So I have to make my own army with fresh faces. There is a long way for me to go now.

I entered the hallway. A maid instantly came towards me. I gave her my coat and started heading towards my library to meet my Princess.

“Has she eaten anything?“, I asked her firmly.
She shooked her head while looking down.

“No Sir but Ma’am has turned too pale. She will faint now”,she replied in a sad tone.

I nodded my head and immediately went towards the kitchen. I fetched a glass of water and immediately ran towards the library.

“I shouldn’t had punished my Princess this harshly. What if something happens to her?” I panicked and rushed to the library.

“Baby, I-”

But what I saw next made my blood boil in anger. I gripped the glass tightly in my hands as my jaw got clenched.

“Ma’am, drink it”

“N-No, h-he will k-kill y-”

My grip on the glass tightened as I saw Rose talking with a guard. But I lost my mind when I saw him touching her shoulders.

“Don’t worry Ma’am, you need to drink water. Your face had turned pale. You’ll faint. Please drink it”

He spoke gently while staring at her softly. Rose also nodded while smiling at him and took the glass from his hands. Her hands were shaking so he held her hands and helped her drink it.

That’s it....

The glass got broken because of my death grip. It’s pieces pierced into my skin turning my hand bloody. But it didn’t had any effect on me as I was more furious to see her smiling at him while he smiled at her back.


I immediately cocked my Titanium Gold Desert Eagle and aimed at his head.

“Thank-you so-”


My Rosebud became horrified as his blood got splattered all over her ruining her pretty face. She was in a shock and tried to touch his dead body but I dashed towards her and immediately pulled her towards​ myself.

End of Xavier’s P.O.V.

Present time

4:45 p.m.


Rosaline shrieked as Xavier threw her in the bath tub. He took the showerhead and turned on the cold water splashing it over her.


She screamed as he started rubbing her face harshly with his hands.

Xavier was not in his senses anymore. He was beyond furious. He was burning with rage. He was already pissed off so much with Rosaline and now when he saw her with other guy it only added fuel in his raging fire.


He kept shouting fiercely at her while rubbing her body roughly. Rosaline was crying badly as she was too scared. Her body started to ache as he was rubbing it so harshly.

Xavier threw the showerhead on the floor and pushed her down on the bath tub. Rosaline looked up at him in fear but he was just glaring at her furiously.

In no time he ripped her dress.


He torned her dress leaving her in undies while she kept crying horribly.

Xavier uncuffed his shirt and folded his sleeves upto his elbows. He bent down and picked up the showerhead from the floor. He himself got inside the bathtub and started rubbing her shoulders, collarbones and back roughly.


Rosaline kept shouting and crying but it had no effect on the lunatic who kept rubbing her soft milky skin harshly with his rough hands turning it all red.

“I had warned you not to look at any other men, not to allow anyone to touch you, didn’t I? Then why?? WHY? WHY?? WHY???”

Xavier thew the showerhead on the floor harshly as he screamed ferociously. Rosaline became startled and looked up at him.

The view left her horrified.

Xavier’s eyes had turned blood-red and jaw was clenched tightly. He tightened his fists angrily while his chest started heaving up and down. His body was shaking with anger. He shot Rosaline a death glare making her soul leave her body. She screamed as he grabbed her through her hair and pulled her out of the tub. He started dragging her outside.

Xavier threw her harshly on the bed. Rosaline turned around and started crawled behind on the bed. He threw his tie off while glaring at her. Rosaline immediately understood his intentions as he tore his shirt inhumanely and started walking towards her. She immediately covered herself with the duvet and started trembling in fear.

“Xa-Xavier...I-I c-can e-explain....”

She kept crawling backwards but a gasp left her mouth as her back hit the bed.

“What will you explain? I have already seen everything with my own eyes”, Xavier snarled.

She screamed in horror as Xavier grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards himself. He hovered above her and pinned her down on the bed.

“You keep flirting with other guys while I just keep thinking about you”, he gritted.

Now that was it.

As soon as Rosaline heard those words, she screamed loudly out of frustration. She pushed Xavier back and crawled backwards while shouting fiercely.


Xavier got taken aback at her sudden outburst. But his gaze turned soft as soon as he saw her crying.

“I was dying Xavier. You just locked me up when it was not even my fault. You lied to me in the first place. Then too I gave you a chance. But what did you do?? Tell me...”

She jumped from the bed and immediately went towards him. She started hitting his rock hard chest with her small hands while sobbing hard.

“You know how much I am afraid of bloodshed and violence. But still you kept killing people in front of me. I was horrified, Xavier. I became scared of you. You caged me here. You snatched away my freedom. You are punishing me for a crime which I didn’t even committed”

Xavier’s gaze immediately dark after hearing her words. He pulled her towards himself and yelled fiercely.



Xavier immediately froze on his spot as soon as he heard that. He couldn’t believe it. He kept staring at her in shock while she kept crying badly.

“I am scared of you, Xavier. You are a monster. You hurt your own wife. You keeping hurting me not only physically but mentally as well. I am tired now. You want to lock me up here while you go around doing your criminal activities. You say you love me. But you don’t”, she cried. Xavier immediately cupped her face while shooking his head vigorously.

“No Rose. I love you”, Xavier spoke in a helpless tone. Rosaline glared him. She yanked away his hands and slapped him harshly.


Xavier looked at her in shock as hot tears started rolling down his cheeks.

“You said that I was flirting with him. But tell me what did you saw? You left your wife whom you claim to love more than yourself to die alone, depriving her from food and water for more than eight hours. And when a person tried to help me, you killed him by saying that you had forbade me to talk to anyone. That I was flirting with him? What is wrong with you? You were not like this, Xavier. You used to love and care for me but now you only hurt me”

Rosaline fell on the floor as she bursted into tears. Xavier kept watching her shockingly with tears streaming down his face.

“I am tired of this life. I don’t want to live now. Please kill me God. I would rather die than to live like this”

She started sobbing hard while banging her head on the floor.

Rosaline was completely broken today. She had lost all her hopes now. She was tired of getting hurt by the person whom she once loved with all her heart.

Xavier slowly crouched down to her level. He grabbed Rosaline by her shoulders. She looked at him sadly. He then wiped her tears and cupped her face.

“I am sorry”

But he got shocked as Rosaline jerked off his hands and stood up. She covered herself with the duvet and started leaving the room. Xavier panicked and rushed to her.

“Rose, I am-”

She raised her hands in front of him making him stop.

“I am tired of your apologies now. I am sick of giving you chances while you kept breaking your promises. You kept playing with my emotions and heart. Now Please for God’s sake, if you have a little concern for me, if you have ever loved me just please, please leave me alone. I am sick of your games now. If you can’t let me go at least leave me on my own. Please”

Xavier didn’t said anything and slowly removed his hands off her. Rosaline turned around and started leaving the room.

But as soon as she held the door knob, she fainted.



~Time skip

7:00 p.m.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

“You’re awake”

I opened my eyes and looked at Xavier who was staring at me with swollen eyes. I tried to get up but he immediately held me and made me sit properly.

“How are you feeling?”

I didn’t said anything and moved my gaze away from him. He sighed and cupped my face making me look at him.

“I am sorry for hurting you, for breaking your heart, for shattering your hopes and promises. I am really sorry”

I didn’t said anything. He then kissed my lips softly and pulled off looking at me with his teary-eyes.

“Don’t worry. I have already packed your luggage”

My eyes got widened at his statement.


He nodded sadly. I looked at him in confusion while a lone tear escaped his eyes. But his next words were enough to make my heart stop.

“I am finally letting you go Rose”


End of​ chapter.

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