Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 24: The Biggest Mystery ◆

“Who said that?“, Xavier said while flashing him a smug smirk. Antonio looked at Xavier confused.

“Xavier but you only said that you were sending Rosaline back to America?”

Xavier scoffed at his words.

“I will never in my dreams send my Rosebud away from me”

Antonio’s eyes widened in shock.

“WHAT? So it was all an act”

He stared at him in disbelief. But Xavier smirked in return and nodded.

“You know Antonio, my Rose is so cute and innocent. When she told me that she is scared of me, I couldn’t believe it. I love her so much but I don’t want her to be scared of me. That’s why I decided to do a little drama so as to gain her trust back”, he replied in a calm voice.

All of a sudden Antonio lost his cool and lashed out at him angrily.

“This is the limit, Xavier. You are playing with her emotions. You think everything is a joke? Have you ever thought what would happen if Rosaline comes to know about all this? How much she’ll get hurt? Are you insane or what?”

Xavier shot him a death glare instantly and spat.

“I think I had warned you not to interfere in my personal life, didn’t I?”

Antonio shooked his head in disappointment.

“Alright I won’t say anything. But remember, playing with her heart and feelings is not good Xavier. You will regret this. I warn you”

Xavier stared at Antonio emotionlessly. His words fell on his ears but didn’t affected his heart a bit. He scoffed and looked away.

Antonio then heaved a heavy sigh to calm his temper down. He then looked at Xavier who was staring outside the window enjoying the view.

“I guess you haven’t told her about her best friend?”

Xavier shooked his head while still staring outside.

“But what about the evidences? I am sure CIA will have some proof against you. What will you do about it?”

All of a sudden Xavier looked at him. He smirked evilly making Antonio confused.

“Don’t worry. He’ll take care of that.”


At CIA Headquarters, America

9:00 a.m.

Noah barged inside the Head’s office slamming the door shut behind him with a loud thud.

It took three months for him to heal completely. Leon was still unconscious. The doctor had told Noah that Leon is still in coma and there is a very rare chance of him waking up in the near future. His brain was severely damaged and his whole body was paralysed.

Noah was burning in rage with Vincent’s decision of throwing him out of CIA. This decision was seriously against his will and was completely unfair as he was not an ordinary secret agent. Being the top Agent and the most skilled and experienced officer, Noah couldn’t digest this huge insult by none other than his head.

Noah was well aware that Vincent doesn’t like him a bit. But he was free from doubt that Vincent was much eager than him to see Xavier behind the bars. He had seen how much frustrated he would become whenever they get failed in their mission to catch the Mafiaso.

So what happened to him to change his decision about capturing the Gangsta all of a sudden?

Vincent was sitting on his chair while reading a file. He looked up hearing a loud angry roar.


Noah yelled in a thunderous growl while his whole body was raging in fire.

“Noah Miller, what are you doing here?“, Vincent looked at him with stern eyes.

Noah banged his fists angrily on the table while glaring him with blood-red eyes.


He yelled on top of his lungs while Vincent kept watching him blankly.

Vincent then smirked and stood up from his chair. He put his hands inside the pockets as he approached Noah slowly.

“First of all I can fire you as I am your BOSS...And secondly I can close this case”, he said.

Noah raised his eyebrows as he walked towards him with threatening steps.

“Reason?“, he gritted with clenched jaw.

“Sorry, not in a mood”, Vincent replied while shrugging his shoulders.

Noah’s blood boiled in anger. He grabbed his collar harshly and shouted at him.


“What if I say yes?”

Noah looked at him with wide eyes. His grip on his collar slowly loosened. He was in a shock, complete shock.

But how is this possible?

Noah smirked at his panic-stricken face.

Then all of a sudden the door bursted open revealing the one and only...

Xavier Knights

Along with




Noah was shocked. He couldn’t understand what the hell was going on infront of him. He kept staring at them with wide eyes as according to him both the girls were dead.

Then how come they all were standing infront of him and were even smiling at him?

He kept staring at Katherine and Jennifer as he felt betrayed. But suddenly a sound of loud claps gathered his attention.

Xavier stood right behind him. Noah turned back and shot a death glare at Xavier who was smiling at him wickedly while clapping his hands.

“My my, what do we got here, Agent 001 or shall I say ex Secret Agent? The one who was so loyal and dedicated towards his job. The ‘Artful Dodger’...How come you weren’t able to recognise your traitors? Say something.. Mr. Miller. The audience wants an answer”

Xavier threw him a cocky smirk. Noah turned his gaze towards Vincent.

“What is all this?”

He asked in a raspy voice as he was utterly shock but he tried to remain calm.

Vincent smirked.

“Well see Noah, Xavier and I have been friends since highschool. I knew he was a Mafia and was madly in love with Rosaline. I knew all about his illegal activities but kept quiet because...”


Noah repeated while shooting daggers at him.

“I am the Black Swan’s Spy working for CIA.


Noah was stunned. He became completely beffudled by his reply. He kept staring at him with round eyes.

“He is my man”, Xavier spoke from behind making Noah startled. He looked at him confusingly.

“But how? This is not possible”

Xavier chuckled at his words along with Vincent while Noah kept staring at the two tall brunettes in shock.

“Don’t you remember, I have always my eyes​ on Rose and on you too”

“SHUT THE-“, Noah growled at Xavier but abruptly stopped in midway when it clicked him.

He recalled what Xavier said to him the day the blast took place.

“You know that I can sense her next move with my closed eyes also”

Vincent: Also he always keeps an eye on Rosaline. He can sense her next move even with his closed eyes.

Xavier: And I assure you, this time I won’t let you all take her away from me. ’Cause this time I not only have my eyes on her but also I have my eyes on you...”

Noah froze on his spot. It all made sense to him now. How come Xavier always knew CIA’S next step beforehand. Why didn’t he ever came to get his men back who were locked inside CIA’S bars and how come he was able to hide whenever CIA tried to capture him?

It was all Vincent since the beginning. He was the one who always helped Xavier to escape away before the cops comes to catch him. No matter how much CIA tried to destroy his bases and confiscate his weapons, Xavier always seemed to be unbothered about all this. And the day Xavier escaped, Vincent put all the blame on Noah when he was the one who planned everything.

Noah became furious. He marched towards Vincent and grabbed him by his collar.

“Then why you always accused me of escaping him away when I didn’t even do anything?”

He snarled with clenched jaw making him cackle huskily.

“Because I was the one who helped Xavier escape that day”

Noah looked at him in disbelief.


Vincent nodded and pushed him back making him stumble backwards.

“Tsk Tsk...Are you that idiot, Agent? Don’t you ever try to contemplate how the hell someone was able to break the heavy security of CIA? How Xavier was able to escape so easily? It was all because I had planned this. I made Xavier escape from CIA’s claws. I had appointed Jennifer for Rosaline’s’s protection. You thought Jennifer was working for you? Baby, she was working not for you but for Xavier. Jennie was the one who told him about Rosaline’s whereabouts. Katherine was the one who was informing your every detail to Xavier so that we can keep an eye on your every move and in the meantime also keep you in a lie that we all were working with you. We are with you. Moreover I had stopped you for two years from catching Xavier till he gets alright, till he becomes stable and gets his position back. I deliberately kept you in suspicion in everyone’s eyes so that all the officers will think that you are the one who helped Xavier. And about your firing order, I framed you for helping a criminal that’s why you got thrown out of CIA. It was all me since the very beginning, Noah Miller”

Noah was shocked, hurted and deceived. His gaze dropped to the floor as he was stunned to hear all this.

“So this was all planned since the beginning?”

“Yes my friend”, Xavier smirked.

Noah looked at Xavier and then at Vincent.

“You both acted in front of everyone”

Vincent nodded.

All of a sudden Noah felt a stinging pain in his neck. He turned around and saw Xavier standing beside him while holding a syringe in his hand. Noah looked at him horrified but soon his eyelids turned heavy while his vision turned blurry. He fell down on the floor with a thud as he fainted. Vincent looked at Xavier in shock.

“What did you do?”

Xavier looked at him with piercing eyes.

“I don’t have a whole day alright, I need to leave too. Take him away”, he snapped.

Vincent looked at him and nodded. He then called his men and they took an unconscious Noah to CIA’s cell.

“I am happy that you got your Rose back”, Vincent said while smirking at Xavier. He smirked back and they both then hugged each other.

“Alright. Have you cleared all the cases against me?”

Vincent nodded.

“Yeah, you can come back to America now. Everything is under control. But still you have some papers left to sign”

Xavier raised an eyebrow and looked at him confusingly.

“What papers? I have already signed all of them”, Xavier said as he looked at Vincent with raised brows.

“N-No...They are related to orphanage. You have to go to Chicago “, Vincent replied as he smiled at him nervously.

Xavier looked at him suspiciously but still nodded.

“Okay I will go. Thanks by the way”

“It’s alright. Katherine will accompany you. See you soon Gangsta. I hope you have dropped all your illegal activities”, Vincent said.

“Yeah. I have transferred all the money to Rosebud orphanage”

Yes, Xavier had donated all the money he got from the deal that he made with the Black Lucifer to the orphanage which he had opened in Chicago. Xavier had even given it the name of Rose as he always wanted to do that for her. Vincent had helped him in all this.

Vincent was impressed with Xavier as he had stopped doing all the illegal stuffs and was now working for the welfare of the society.

“I hope you stay this way only. And take care of Rosaline”, Vincent spoke, his tone dropped a bit while his eyes turned a shade darker.

Xavier frowned a little at his sudden change in demeanor but still nodded and smiled.

“I shall leave now”

He then put on his goggles and eventually left.


2 days later

At Knights Heritage, Italy

9:00 p.m.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I was in the library reading a book. Xavier was still in U.S. He had told me that he’s busy with something and wanted to give me a surprise. I was happy as I was too excited about his gift.

All of a sudden I felt a presence behind. I turned around and saw Sebastian.

“Yes Seb, you need something”

He smiled and ruffled my hair.

“Nothing Princess, I just came here to check in you”

I smiled back at him and nodded.

“Alright then come. Let’s go in living room”

He nodded. We both started leaving but suddenly I got hit with something on the head. I fell down on the floor and blacked out.

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.

As soon as Rosaline fell, Sebastian picked her up. He carried her in his arms and headed out the mansion from the back yard. He put her in his car and buckled her up.

Sebastian then clicked his earpiece and spoke in a deep voice.

“She is unconscious. I am bringing her. Don’t you dare touch him.”

With that the call ended from the other side.

~ Time skip

Sebastian brought Rosaline inside an abandoned building. He placed her on the chair and turned around to see a tall brunette sitting while back facing him.

“I had brought her. Now leave him”

The guy chuckled huskily and turned around.

“Of course, you can take him. Besides I don’t have any interest in him either. After all I got my price.”

Sebastian looked at him in disgust and turned his gaze to Rosaline.

His eyes welled up as he saw the innocent girl sleeping on the chair soundly.

“Listen she is like a sister to me. Don’t you dare hurt her”

The guy nodded.

“You may leave now.”

Sebastian glared at him. He then called this men and took the wounded Elijah along with them.

The guy bend down and stared at Rosaline. He caressed her face and kissed her cheeks softly.

" I have waited for you for so long. Now I won’t. You made me insane the day I first saw you. But now we will be together. You would forget about that Asshole and move on with me. You are mine and you only belong to..............

Vincent Valentino”


End of chapter.

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