Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 2: Escape?◆

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

Xavier and I cut the wedding cake and damn that was so extravagant. We fed each other and everyone clapped for us. Suddenly a guard came and whispered something in his ear. He glared him and immediately walked away leaving me alone.


I did a little victory dance in my mind as finally I got freedom. I instantly held my Mom’s hand tightly and dragged her to a corner.

“What’s wron-“, I didn’t let her complete. “Mom, I am in danger, please help me”, I said quickly holding my tears. She looked at me puzzled. “Why? What happened?“, she asked holding my shoulders tightly. I looked at her and tried to tell her the truth.

“Mom, Xavier is a ma-”

“What happened Babe?” Suddenly a deep voice startled me.

Oh God no!!!

I stayed rooted on my spot not daring to turn back. Xavier then back hugged me and placed his chin on my left shoulder. “What happened Mom?“, he asked my mother in a raspy voice sending chills down my spine.

“Xavier, Rosa was say-“, I instantly cut my mother in midway and turned around facing him.

“I was just nervous. You know I have to leave my parents now”, I replied while sobbing a bit. Xavier looked at me. He smiled and cupped my face wiping off my tears.

“So what? You have me and it’s not like...You are leaving them forever”, he rasped, an evil smirk got plastered on his face. My eyes widened and more tears started flowing down like a river. Mom then removed his hands from my face and hugged me tightly. He glared at her making my heart skip a beat.

“Sweety, Xavier is right and besides he will love you more than us”, she cooed in my ears.

“No Mom, no one can love me more than you and Dad, literally no one”, I sobbed while holding her tightly as I didn’t wanted to leave my Mom. I found myself safe and secure in her warm embrace. I didn’t want to go to that monster anymore. I always longed for this day and wanted it to become the most memorable day of my life but fate turned it to the most dreadful day of my life. Xavier then caressed my hair. I flinched by his touch and tightened my hold around her shoulders.

“Sweetheart let’s go now. The guests must be waiting”, he said while patting my head softly. Mom broke the hug and wiped my tears. Xavier grabbed her waist and they both left.

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.

Rosaline kept crying silently. Her Mom found it a bit fishy as she was literally crying her heart out. She tried to think that maybe it’s all the anxiety and wedding stresses but one thing didn’t went unnoticed by her.

The pain in her daughter’s eyes...

Mrs. Brown’s P.O.V.

When Rosaline brought me here and said in a panicked voice that she is not safe, I became worried. I could see her glossy eyes trying to tell me that something is not right. But all of a sudden Xavier appeared out of nowhere making her blanched. When he asked her the reason she quickly said that she will miss us. I became emotional as she was our only child and today she had to leave us.

I clasped her in my arms. She hugged me tightly and started sobbing badly. But when Xavier separated us I found pain in her eyes. Something was bothering her.

Something was telling me that she is in danger...

End of Mrs. Brown’s P.O.V.


Everyone was settled all around the dining table and were enjoying the wide varieties of delectable comestibles. Rosaline was staring at the food hopelessly. Xavier kept stealing small glances at her time to time but her head was hung low and she was eating her food wistfully. He looked at her upset face but didn’t said anything.

~Time skip

“Now it’s time for the married couple to do a romantic dance on stage”, James, one of Xavier’s close friend, announced while beaming at the married couple. Xavier smiled. He held Rosaline’s hand and took her to the dance floor. He held her waist, intertwined their fingers and started moving his body in rhythm to the music. Rosaline kept looking down and matched his steps slowly. She was staring in space and anyone can tell from her gloomy face that she wasn’t happy at all.

Soon Xavier’s patience started running off. He was losing his temper. He had enough of her unresponsiveness. He couldn’t tolerate the silent treatment she was giving him anymore. All of a sudden he grabbed her cheeks with his right hand making her look in his raging eyes.

“I have enough of your nonsense, Rose. Behave properly or-“, he growled ferociously but Rosaline immediately cut him off in midway.

“Or what? Hmm, Xavier Knights? Or what? You had enough of my nonsense. Well I should be the one lashing at you not the other way around”, she spat while shooting daggers at him. His hold tightened on her but she didn’t backed down either.

“You made my life a living hell and now you have the audacity to yell at me. Listen Mr. Mafia, by power, force and by using your dirty sinful tactics you will be able to have my body but you will never be able to have my soul and heart”, she gritted out with clenched jaw. Xavier kept glaring at me fiercely but she continued.

“’re a murderer,a criminal,a psychopath. You don’t have a heart,you ruthless devil. And I will always hate you-”

But before she could complete her sentence, Xavier cupped her face harshly and started kissing her forcefully. She kept struggling in his hold but he grabbed her waist tightly with his other hand and pulled her closer towards himself. He continued kissing her aggressively, pouring all his anger in that wild kiss while Rosaline kept sobbing trying hard to free from his death grip. He then broke the kiss abruptly and looked at her with his murderous eyes.

“If you know me this damn much then you should also remember to behave properly and don’t dare to talk shit about me. My love, now that you are well aware of my identity so let me remind you how dangerous I am”, he snarled.

“You don’t need to remind me. I had already seen your hideous act, Monster”, she said while glaring him with teary-eyes.

“Ah!! That was just a trailer Babe. I can be more monstrous than that. Now LISTEN..Try to act as a lovey-dovey couple as we are and put a fucking smile on your pretty face... Don’t you dare disobey me otherwise I won’t hesitate to shower you with your parents’ blood. Understood??“, he said with gritted teeth making her gasp in horror. Rosaline nodded fearfully.

“Words”, he growled.

“Ye-yes”, she whimpered.

“Smile”, he again spoke in a deadly tone. She smiled a little. He then wiped off her tears and placed a soft kiss on her bruised lips.

“Now that’s my girl”, he said happily and again started kissing her. Her heart was bleeding in pain but he just cared for his happiness.

“Kiss me back Babe”, Xavier spoke in between the kiss. Rosaline responded slowly making him lose his mind. He started devouring her mouth like a hungry wolf. Soon the sound of claps and whistles started echoing in the hall.

Rosaline started becoming out of breathe and pushed back his shoulders. Xavier then pulled back and rested his forehead on hers, both of them painting heavily. Rosaline kept staring at the floor trying hard not to cry. Xavier again leaned forward and tried to kiss her but a voice halted him.

“Dude you have her now. At least for now spend some time with us”, Noah, Xavier’s best friend spoke in a mocking tone. Rosaline looked down, her cheeks turned red due to Xavier’s hungry kiss and his friends frivolous remarks.

“Urgg!! Okay”, Xavier replied irritatingly. He then pecked her forehead and held her hand as they both headed towards the living room.

~Time skip

“Okay, so we both should leave now”, Rosaline’s Dad said while patting her head gently. “Yeah. Driver!!“, Xavier shouted. Rosaline started panicking. Just the thought of being alone with him scared her to death.

“Please don’t go”, she said in a broken voice not wanting her parents to leave her with this devil alone.

“Princess, what are you saying? We have to go now”, her Dad spoke completely baffled by her words. Rosaline shooked her head in ‘No’ and cried while clasping his hand tightly. Her parents started getting worried as they both saw her sobbing like a child.

“Sweety, is everything okay?“, her mother inquired as she looked at Xavier with dubious eyes.

Xavier’s jaw ticked as he couldn’t tolerate this drama anymore. He grabbed Rosaline’s left hand and pulled her towards himself. He wiped her tears with his thumb and cupped her cheeks. He squeezed them a bit as in a warning manner and glared her.

“Babe I will take care of you. Mamma and Papa must be tired now, let them rest or...shall I make them rest forever?“, he whispered the last sentence in a creepy tone making her shiver in fear. Rosaline pleaded him with teary-eyes. Xavier chuckled and pecked her lips. He then buried her face in his chest.

“Dad, Mom you should go now. It’s getting late and also you don’t have to worry about Rose since you both know how much I love her”, he chuckled while hugging her tightly.

“Yes of course son. We are blessed to have you as our son-in-law. We shall leave now”, Mr. Brown said and patted his shoulder. Xavier nodded and flashed them a small smile. They both then left while Rosaline kept sobbing in his embrace. Xavier then broke the hug and carried her in bridal style to the bedroom.

Rosaline stared him sadly. She felt so defeated, hopeless, sad and angry. Her mind became blank. She couldn’t contemplate anything now. She never knew the Xavier whose one smile, one glance used to make her day, now his presence was only enough to make her tremble in fear. But she was too exhausted. Her head was aching like hell. She rested her head on his chest and fell asleep.


Xavier’s P.O.V.

We reached our bedroom. I looked at Rose and saw that she was in a deep sleep. I smiled and placed her on the bed gently. I looked at her. Soft pink lips, long nose, sharp jawline, fair milky skin and delicate body. She was looking absolutely gorgeous.

I removed her necklace, tiara and other ornaments softly. Then I removed her sandals and covered her with the duvet. I pecked her lips softly and then headed to the washroom to change my clothes.

I changed into a simple white tee and black shorts. I laid beside my sweetheart placing her head in my chest and wrapped her fragile body in my arms tightly. Soon I drifted into dreamland.

End of Xavier’s P.O.V.

~Time skip

At 2:00 a.m.

Rosaline’s P.O.V.

I opened my eyes slowly. Xavier was laying next to me. His hands were on my waist holding me tightly. I tried shaking him up a little to check whether he was asleep or not. He didn’t woke up which means he was in deep sleep.

Thank God!!!

I slowly removed his hand and got up. I put a pillow under his hand so that he wouldn’t have any suspicion.

My phone??

I immediately ran away from his room to the room where he killed Nick because there only I had used my phone lastly. I need to call my Mom and Dad now to help me escape this hell.

I got inside the room and started searching. I checked all the drawers and cupboards hastily but I couldn’t find it anywhere.
“Where the hell it is?” I stood there recalling where I kept it the last time but all of a sudden a hand came in front of me from back holding my phone. My eyes sparkled in joy.

“Thank God I fou-” I froze. My breath hitched as soon as I saw....

‘His bracelet’


I started trembling in fear and shock. Xavier leaned forward, his hot breath fanned my ear as he spoke in a husky voice.

“Looking for this, love?”


End of second chapter.

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