Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 3: Beast◆


Rosaline’s P.O.V.

“Looking for this, love?“, Xavier said, his voice was strangely calm. I gulped in fear.

‘No Rosaline stay strong’, my conscience encouraged me.

I inhaled a sharp breath and turned around. I looked in his eyes and spoke sternly, “How did you have my phone?” Xavier raised an eyebrow and stared me back intensely. I won’t get scared of him no matter what. I can’t spend the rest of my life with a murderer.

He opened his mouth to say something but I immediately snatched my phone from his hand and practically ran out of the room.

I went back to our shared bedroom. Xavier just followed me behind quietly. I headed to the closet and took out my night gown. I went inside the washroom while clutching my phone tightly in my hand.Xavier was just watching me silently the whole time with his hawk-like eyes. I frowned.

‘Why is he so calm?’

I shrugged it off as I literally don’t have time to decipher his quirky behavior. I immediately shut the door and locked it. I immediately dialed my Dad’s no.


*Ring Ring*

“Dad pick up please”, I bit my lower lip as I was a nervous wreck at that moment. After a few rings the call ended. I huffed in anger.

“He must be sleeping idiot. Who would be awake at this hour of night? I should call Mark”, I quickly called him.

Mark was my friend and Nick’s partner. He also worked in the Intelligence Agency.



“Mark, it’s me Rosa”

“Oh my God Rosa! How are you and where are y-” Mark spoke in a worried tone but I immediately cut him off.

“Mark, please help me. Xavier killed Nick. He forcefully married me while threatening to harm my parents. I am very scared, please...” I couldn’t control it anymore and broke down in tears. I clasped my mouth with my palm tightly so that Xavier can’t hear.

“He-hey don’t cry, Rosa. Listen to me now. I have a plan. Tomorrow you will take Xavier along with you to Starbucks. Me and my entire team will be there. Just make an excuse somehow and get away from his eagle eyes for a few minutes. I will immediately take you away from there and then escort you to the airport safely. Then you’ll board a flight for Paris and immediately leave America. Got it?“, he explained me his whole plan.

“Alright but what about Xavier?“, I asked him in a shaking voice. “Don’t worry about him. Just do as I say”, he assured me.

“Okay, bye Mark I should hang up now”

“Bye Cutie. Take Care”, he spoke softly. I ended the call.

I sighed in relief. Finally I will be able to leave this hell. A small smile formed on my lips. I wiped my tears and turned around.

I froze on my spot. The phone fell from my hand and hit the shining white tiles with a loud thud. I started sweating badly and my body started shaking in fear.

There stood the Devil in front of me whom I despise the most right now.

Xavier was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed on his chest as he stared me with his intimidating eyes. My throat turned parched. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out.

“Done changing love?“, he rasped. I looked at him in shock and confusion.

“WHAT THE- HOW DID YOU GOT INSIDE?“, I yelled fiercely.

Xavier didn’t replied me. His gaze eventually dropped to the floor as he looked at my phone with scrutinizing eyes. He then looked at me back and started approaching me. I panicked. I looked everywhere and found a glass bottle of shower gel. I smashed it with full force on the bath tub. It shattered into pieces. I bend down and immediately grabbed a piece of glass.

“DON’T COME NEAR ME”, I screamed while pointing the glass at him. My heart started beating at an irregular rate. Xavier stopped dead in his tracks.

But everything happened in a blink of an eye.

I screamed as a bullet got fired next to the wall beside my head. I covered my ears instantly in fear making the glass fell on the floor. I lifted my head up but a painful scream escaped my mouth as I was instantly slammed onto the wall harshly. I hissed in pain and opened my eyes only to confront a raging Xavier glaring me ferociously. I started trembling in his hold. His grip on my hands was so tight that it started hurting.

“Xavier stop it hurts”, I cried while wiggling in his hold.

“SHUT UP!!” he said in a thunderous growl making my heart stop. My eyes turned watery and tears started rolling down my cheeks.

“WHO WERE YOU TALKING TO?“, Xavier sneered at my face, his hot breathe fanning my lips. As soon as I heard his words, all the fear which had grasped me earlier faded away and got replaced with anger.

He was the one who lied to me in the first place, broke my trust, hided his mafia identity and even killed my best friend right in front of my eyes ruthlessly. Then married me against my wish by blackmailing me in the name of my parents. But instead of apologizing to me for his evil deeds he got the guts to spy on me and yell at me now??

I am not a scaredy little cat who would fear this monster. I won’t act like a stupid little girl whom he can scare whenever he want to. I glared him and grabbing all my courage, I spat. “DON’T YELL AT ME. I WASN’T TALKING TO ANYBODY”

“DON’T LIE ROSE!!“, he growled and tightened his grip on my wrists. I started struggling in his hold to free myself.

“DON’T SHOUT PSYCHOPATH!!“, I screamed on his face. Suddenly my face got turned to the other side.

He-he slapped me???

My cheeks started stinging from pain. I turned my face and looked at Xavier in shock. His chest was heaving up and down and his breathe turned heavy. His gaze immediately turned soft as soon as he saw my glistening eyes. He loosened his grip a little and asked in a calm deadly tone. “Answer my question. Who were you talking to?” I didn’t replied and kept staring him with teary eyes.

It was the first time when Xavier had raised his hands on me. He always used to pamper me and treated me like his princess. He never raised his voice at me nor ever got angry on me. He loved me too much but today his actions proved that all his love and care was a mere veneer, a fucking charade.

Xavier tried to hold my cheeks but I yanked his hands and ran away from there. He chased me back. I was about to exit the room when he caught me. I started struggling. He turned me around, my whole body swiveled in air as he pinned me on the wall.

“NO LET GO!!’, I started crying as I was too scared of him.

“ANSWER MY QUESTION FIRST”, he snarled with clenched jaw.

“NO I WON’T”, I screamed with tears running down my eyes. Xavier tightened his grip on my wrists making me whimper in pain.

“LEAVE ME YOU BASTARD”, I shrieked as I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. Xavier again slapped me harshly but this time it was more painful than before. I held my cheeks with my hands and started crying badly. He gripped my neck and brought me closer to his face, our noses brushed against each other.

“Don’t you dare curse at me. Don’t you dare disrespect me. Answer my question NOW!!“, he growled fiercely. But I didn’t backed away even. I spit on his face. He closed his eyes in frustration. I took the opportunity and kneed him harshly in his balls. He groaned in pain and stumbled backwards. I pushed him with full force and ran away.

I went inside a random room and shut the door. I was about to lock it when it got pushed wide open. Xavier barged inside the room making me fall on my butt. He closed the door and locked it. I panicked. I rushed to the bathroom as it was the only safe spot but he immediately caught me from my waist and threw me on the bed.

I landed on the bed with my face. I turned back and tried to run but he again pushed me and hovered over me. I started struggling but he grabbed my wrists with one hand and my face with his other hand firmly. Tears kept rolling down but it didn’t affected him at all.

“You don’t understand simple language, don’t you?“, he gritted.

“NO LEA-” Suddenly he kissed me forcefully and put his entire weight on me so that I can’t hit him again.

Damn he is so heavy.

He continued assaulting my lips brutally and I kept sobbing. He then pulled off and glared at me while we both were catching breaths. ”*panting* Speak Up. Who were you talk-”

He couldn’t complete his sentence as I spit back on his face again. He closed his eyes in anger. I again try to kick him but he slapped me hardly. My face got turned to the side. My lips started bleeding. My hair got spattered all over my face. He then removed the hair sprawled all over my face. He gripped my wrist with one hand and held my chin tightly with his other hand making me face him. I stared at him back while crying hysterically.

“YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LIMIT NOW. I AM ASKING YOU ONE LAST TIME, WITH WHOM YOU WERE TALKING TO??“, he blared. I shooked my head in denial and kept struggling.

I will die but not let him break me. I was well aware that if I tell him the truth, he would definitely kill Mark. I had already lost my best friend now I am not ready to lose another. I would defend them even if I have to lose my life today. Xavier glared at me and increased his steel like hold on my wrists. It was paining like hell. I closed my eyes bearing the pain with tears streaming down my face.

All of a sudden Xavier removed his hand from my wrists and cupped my face. I opened my eyes. He was staring at me sadly and said in a soft but firm tone, “You love him that much?” I became confused by his reply.

He sadly chuckled and wiped my tears with his thumb. He then pecked my lips softly.

“You think I didn’t heard your conversation with.....Mark?”

My eyes widened in shock. He smirked evilly.

“How did you-“, I couldn’t believe it. Xavier scoffed and started caressing my cheeks with his thumb.

“Sweetheart this is my house. I had already heard your entire conversation with your beloved friend but I kept quiet just to check your loyalty towards me”, he said while flashing me a cocky smirk.


I glared him and yelled furiously. “THEN WHY DID YOU SLAPPED ME? YOU BLOODY ASSHO-”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!“, he punched the bed beside my head in anger.

“NO.NEVER. YOU MONSTER, I HATE Y-“, I couldn’t complete the sentence as in an instant he ripped my gown aggressively. I shrieked in horror. I try to cover myself with my hands but he slapped me and continued ripping my dress off. I started crying in horror. He then held my wrists and tied them to the headboard with the shreds of my dress. I struggled but he suddenly bit my neck and started sucking it harshly.

“NO, NO XAVIER, STOP PLEASE!!“, I continued screaming and begging him but he didn’t stopped. He continued sucking and licking my neck.

“YOU ARE MINE. ONLY MINE”, he spoke in his husky voice.

I became horrified due to his cannibalistic behavior. I started feeling dizzy due to panic, my throat became parched. Soon the fear consumed me and I drifted into darkness.

End of Rosaline’s P.O.V.

Xavier’s P.O.V.

I knew Rose was planning something that’s why I entered the bathroom quietly. I have access to every corner of my house as the lock is just my presence. I heard her entire conversation with Mark making me boil in anger.

‘How much she is eager to leave me.’

I lost my temper when Rose pointed a glass at me. I immediately fired a bullet near her head on the wall. She continued fighting me back which I didn’t minded as I was solely responsible for it. She kept cursing at me which nobody had ever done before. But the thing that hurt me the most was that she was doing all this just to protect that scumbag from me. I can’t stand this anymore.

She needs to see me only, care for me only, look at me only and breathe for me only....

I kept asking her but she kept denying and fighting back. But when she said that she hates​ me, she woke up the Beast in me. I can’t bear her hate. I never wanted to do this to her but she needs to learn a lesson.

I ripped her wedding gown and started kissing her harshly. She kept on struggling but I held her firmly and continued assaulting her. I was not in my senses anymore. I can’t bear her talking or watching other men apart from me. Just that thought made me mad. She is mine and only mine.

Soon Rose stopped struggling and became still. I got puzzled and looked up. She had fainted. I came back in my senses. I immediately untied her wrists and got up from her.

“Hey, Baby?“, I patted her cheeks gently but she didn’t responded which made me worried. I made her wear my shirt and carried her in bridal style to my room. I gently placed her on the bed and covered her body with the duvet. I looked at her.

Her face was damped with dried tears, her nose had turned crimson-red, her soft wrists were bruised up badly, her delicate lips were bleeding and her pink cheeks were stained with red fingerprint marks. Looking at her petite figure laying helplessly on the bed brought tears in my eyes. I never wanted to do this to her but her concern for other people apart from me blowed my mind with anger and jealousy.

But it wasn’t her fault even. I lied to her. I kept her in dark. But I knew that she will hate me as soon as I will reveal my true identity.

End of Xavier’s P.O.V.

Xavier slowly caressed her cheek with his hands and spoke in a broken voice, “I am so sorry love. I never wanted to hurt you. I love you very much. I will never hurt you ever, I promise.” He leaned forward and pecked her lips softly.

But all of a sudden his gaze turned dark. He stared at Rosaline like a psycho and spoke in a dark creepy tone.

“And I will make sure no one will come between us.



End of third chapter.

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