Psycho Mafia

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◆Chapter 4: Forgiveness◆

~Next day

8:30 a.m.

Rosaline's P.O.V

I woke up with a severe headache. I squinted my eyes a bit trying to adjust to the bright light. Suddenly I felt a hand caressing my hair softly. I looked up only to be met with two black orbs staring me worriedly.

He was none other than my dear husband...

Xavier Knights

He flashed me a soft smile while he kept caressing my head.

"My Rosebud, are you feeling good now?", he said softly. I stared at him blankly when all of a sudden yesterday's dreadful events flashed in my mind making me scream in fear.

I jolted up and pushed him away making Xavier land on the floor. I got up from the bed and immediately rushed to the door when the world around me started spinning. I closed my eyes and clutched my head but before I could comprehend, I blacked out.

End of Rosaline's's P.O.V.

Xavier's P.O.V.

I flinched and looked at Rose in shock. She started screaming all of a sudden making me flinched. She pushed me and ran towards the door when suddenly she froze on her spot and grabbed her head with both hands. My heart stopped.


She was about to fall on the floor but I quickly ran towards her and caught her in my arms. Her eyes were closed. She had fainted. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I stared at her unconscious figure. I carried her in bridal style and gently placed her on the bed. I then called my family doctor, James. Although I never allowed any other man to touch my Rose but James is like my brother.


~Time skip

"What had happened to my Rose?", I asked James. He didn't responded instead he shot me a death glare. I sighed as I knew the reason behind his anger.

Both her cheeks were badly swollen and were stained with long, red fingerprint marks. Her lips had a deep cut and were bruised badly. Her both wrists had turned blue and her neck were blemished with purple hickies.

James walked towards me. "I thought you love her?", I was taken aback by his question.

"What are you saying? Ofcourse I do. She is my life. I love her very much", I replied sternly.

"THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL LOVE??", he yelled on my face furiously as he pointed his index fingers towards Rose. I looked down in shame.

I slowly lifted my head up and looked at him while tears filled in my eyes. "Jamie, my Rosebud hates me now. She knows the entire truth. That Nick turned my love against me. In fact they are planning to steal my baby away from me. I love her very much, Jamie. I just can't let her go. I'll die without her", I spoke while crying badly.

End of Xavier's P.O.V

James's gaze turned soft as he saw Xavier crying like a baby. He was well aware of Xavier's immense love for Rosaline. He truly loved her with all his heart. But he had never even imagined in his life that Xavier will turn this much possessive of her. He hugged him immediately. Xavier hugged him back and sobbed in his embrace.

"Xavier, we all know how much you love Rose and she also love you very much. But you should had told her about your real self", he spoke in a sad voice.

"She would have left me then", Xavier replied in a broken voice. James sighed.

"No Xavier, Rose truly loves you. She would never do that. I am well aware of both of your love and care for each other. But dude, the cornerstone of your love is a lie. You gained her trust and win her heart by keeping her in a lie, by building your fake identity of a dynamic, charming and powerful businessman. Moreover when she got to know the truth through whatever means, what did you do? Instead of apologizing to her, you not even killed her best friend in front of her but also blackmailed her to marry you. And now when she fought back you hit her? Just look at the poor girl, Xavier", he snapped at him.

Xavier slowly turned his gaze towards Rosaline who was lying on the bed with IV's attached all over her body. He couldn't help but cry more staring at her helpless state.

"This is not at all right Xavier!! This is not the Xavier we know", James said in a disappointed tone. Xavier felt guilty after hearing his words. It was the truth though. He then broke the hug and wiped his tears.

"You're right James. I am really very sorry", he said while lowering down his eyes in shame. "No, apologize to Rose, not me. Promise me you won't ever hit her again or scold her. Don't turn your pure and soft love into madness and obsession. Don't let your rage took over you so much that you end up hurting her or even worse", James replied, his voice was dead serious.

Xavier became stunned by his reply. He knew what James was trying to imply. He immediately started shaking his head in denial.

"I would never do that. I also never wanted to hurt her", he spoke while his eyes clouded with fear. James looked at him. He grabbed both of his shoulders and squeezed them.

"I know you hurt her without even knowing. That is definitely going to happen if you don't control yourself now. Don't turn into a monster Xavier. Me and Rose love our sweet and cute Xavier not the ruthless and psycho mafia", he tried to make him understand. Xavier nodded.

"I promise you James. I'll change. I will ask for her apology. I will even beg for it. But please tell me about her condition." James smiled at him. He then patted his shoulder.

"She is having a fever. I had given her the medicines. If she woke up and get scared of you, try to comfort her first and when she becomes a bit stable then apologize. Rosaline is a sweet and kind-hearted girl. She will understand. And also she loves you Xavier", he swiggled his eyebrows at him. Xavier averted his eyes from him with a soft smile as his cheeks turned pink. James chuckled.

"Mmm, someone is blushing?", he teased him. They both then broke into laughter. Xavier smiled and hugged him due to happiness and excitement. James chuckled and returned the hug.

"Take care of Rose and yours too. You both are just married so enjoy your happy married life", he said with a smile. Xavier nodded. They both talked for sometime and soon James left.

~Time skip

At 4:00 p.m.

Xavier was sleeping beside Rosaline holding her hand when all of a sudden he felt some shuffling beside him. He opened his eyes and found her waking up. He immediately sat up and held her hands tightly.

"Rose, you're awake. How are you?", he spoke softly, his eyes were sparkling with joy.But as soon as her eyes met him, she jerked back immediately. Xavier felt hurt as he noticed fear in her eyes for him. He tried to hold her cheeks but Rosaline turned her head to the side and started sobbing making him panick.

"He-hey Rose-"

"No st-stay a-away",

Rose kept moving backwards shaking her head in fear but Xavier immediately grabbed her and pulled her in a hug tightly. She started yelling and crying loudly but he just tightened his hold.Soon she gave up. She was too weak and tired. She cried her heart out in his embrace while Xavier held her tightly and started rocking back and forth to calm her down.

After a while Rosaline finally calmed down. Xavier then broke the hug and looked at her. Her eyes had turned puffy and red. He cupped her face and wiped her tears with his thumb. He looked in her eyes. She stared at him back painfully and sadly turning his eyes watery. Xavier then kissed softly on her pale chapped lips. He slowly pulled off and rested his forehead on her caressing her cheeks gently.

"I am sorry. I am very sorry my love. I shouldn't had done this to you. I am really very sorry",he cried. Rosaline then looked at him. She removed his hands making Xavier confused. She then laid down on the bed and closed her eyes. After some time she drifted off to sleep. Xavier watched her sleeping with guilty eyes. He felt hurt noticing her coldness towards him. He then wiped off his tears and left the room quietly.


It has been two days since that incident. Rose didn't uttered a word. She always seemed lost and kept staring in space emotionlessly. She was becoming too weak and pale. James used to come to check up on her. He gave her injections so that she can sleep soundly. It was for the betterment of her weak state. He told Xavier that she is in a temporary trauma but there is nothing to get worried about.But Xavier was becoming restless. He used to spent time with her 24/7. He didn't left the house for two days at all. He always tried to talk to her but she never responded to him.

Two days later

At 9:00 p.m.

Xavier entered the room with a tray of food. He looked at Rosaline and found her sitting on the couch next to the window. His heart ached as he saw her staring outside the window like a lifeless soul. Her eyes were empty and her face was blank.Xavier slowly placed the tray on the table and walked towards her. He stroked her hair softly but she didn't responded. Xavier then sat beside her and held her hand."Baby??", he spoke softly.

No response

His heart turned heavy with remorse. He squeezed her hand and started sobbing.

"I am very sorry my Rosebud, I know I shouldn't had done that. I know I am an asshole b-b-but it's just that I love you very much. I know I kept you in dark for years and hided my real self from you but Baby, I was afraid...afraid that you'll leave me. You'll get scared of me knowing that I am not the cute Xavier whom you love so much but a dangerous mafia who is the boss of the most powerful and cruel gang of the underworld. You would have ran away from me", he spoke in a broken voice. Rosaline still didn't responded him.

"You know Rose, I don't have anyone except you in this world. After Dad handed me this empire, few days later he got shot by the rival gang" Rosaline became shocked after hearing his words. She looked at him with wide eyes.

"Yeah I lied to you about his death also. It wasn't any accident", he confessed while lowering his head. Rosaline glared him. Her blood boiled in anger.

How many lies he had told her? How much he had hided from her and is still hiding? Rosaline felt herself as a fool falling for a liar and a cheater. She harshly jerked her hand away from his hold but Xavier hugged her immediately. She kept struggling and pushing him but he started crying while hugging her tightly.

"Please forgive me. I love you very much Rose. I also apologize for killing your friend Nick but I couldn't help myself when I saw you running away with him. I got scared...scared that he will take you away from me. But still I shouldn't had done that. I am really very sorry. Please forgive me baby. I won't be able to live without you...I will never hurt you I promise...I am sorry Baby", Xavier started bawling her eyes out as he sobbed like a child.

Rosaline's P.O.V.

Hearing Xavier crying like a baby in my embrace brought tears in my eyes. I was very angry at him for what he had done but hearing his sincere apologies made my heart ache in pain. He was acting like the boy for whom I had fallen in love. I forgot that he is the same ruthless mafia who had killed my friend and acted like a monster towards me. I was very angry and scared of him but I also love him very much. I broke the hug gently and cupped his face wiping off the tears.

"Xavier, I also love you so much. But promise me you'll never hurt anyone nor kill anyone. I'll forgive you only at one condition", I spoke sternly.His eyes glistened with joy. He cupped my face and chirped, "What?? I'll do any-"

"Leave your mafia empire."

Xavier became shocked by my words. He slowly removed his hands from my face and looked down.

"Rose, I can't leave it", he whispered sadly. His reply made me upset. Xavier looked up, he noticed the disappointment on my face. He then held my hands tightly and spoke while staring in my eyes deeply.

"But I promise not to do any illegal stuffs from now on. I'll work only for the betterment of the society. I will do all the good deeds through my business like how you wished​." My eyes sparkled in joy hearing his words. I immediately hugged him "Thanks Xavier. I know you'll change", I smiled. Xavier broke the hug and cupped my face.

"First promise me you will forgive me", he scowled. I chuckled as he was looking like an angry little kid."I forgive you. I love you very much", I pinched his cheeks. He smiled.

"And I love you more than anyone in this world", I started crying out of happiness. Xavier wiped my tears and kissed me deeply. I responded back. We then stared in each other's eyes lovingly.

Xavier then made me eat the food and helped me in taking my medicines. He then laid me down on the bed. He also laid beside me and wrapped me in his arms while placing my head on his chest. His one hand was wrapped around my waist and other hand was caressing my hair softly. I also wrapped my hands around his waist. After sometime my eyelids turned heavy and then I drifted off to my dreamland.

End of Rosaline's P.O.V.

Xavier looked at Rosaline who was sleeping soundly beside him. He smiled and held her right cheek as he caressed it softly.

But all of a sudden his gaze darkened. He started smiling creepily...

"Finally I got you back Rose"

"His love knows no bounds and limits...No rights or wrongs...No rules or regulations...All it knows how to keep her by his side forever...Either by Hook or Crook"


End of fourth chapter.

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